Did SuperHead leak the nude photos of Love & Hip Hop’s Rich Dollaz? We Think So. Here’s Why

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It ain’t no secret that Love & Hip Hop New York’s Rich Dollaz is having a super sized problem this week with the leak of his naked pictures. When in the midst of a scandal that even Olivia Pope can’t fix, you need a super hero. Well Just when we thought all hope was gone, SuperHead to the rescue. In the wake of Rich’s picture fiasco most celebs have remained pretty silent. There is one particular ho that stands out from the rest. Enter Karrine Stephens, AKA SuperHead. SuperHead took to twitter in what initially looked like support of Rich Dollaz and this drama. As her tweeting progressed, it began to look more like she was taunting him and making a mockery of his penis. At one point she even goes on to say “Can you guys please tell @RichDollaz to please stop sending me pictures of his pretty a** d!ck! Plzzzz”and “Oh…@RichDollaz the last d!ck pic was epic. Can you rub some baby oil on it and send me another.” Hmmmm, something in the milk ain’t clean.

The net is swarming. Some people have been vocal about suspecting Erica Mena having something to do with the leak of the photos. In the midst of being a suspect Erica hasn’t even said anything. So why is it SuperHead, someone who has no obvious connection to the situation been more vocal about it than Rich and his PR team. Is this a psuedo confession? Does this scandal have Karrine Stephens written all over it, or is SuperHead just trying to attach herself to this drama in an effort to sell them t!red a** books? You be the judge. Check out all of Karrine’s tweets along with more details surrounding what other celebrity nude pics where included in email along with Rich’s nude pictures. 


The real gag is, in the emails that I received from the person who leaked Rich’s photos, they also included nude pictures of 4 other celebrities and stories to accompany each guy. One of the other guys being Method Man. With the admission by Rich Dollaz himself that at least 1 of the pictures is him, and we know good and got dang well that the other picture is him thanks to the IDENTICAL bedding in the background, it’s made me revisit the notion that the pics of the 4 other gentlemen are legit as well. Follow me  for a second here. Who else would have a vault of nude pictures of pretty popular black male celebrities? No tea no shade, some video girl or someone like SuperHead. Chile, I may need to call Olivia Pope because I smell a big ole SCANDAL coming on.

Check out SuperHeads so called attempt to rescue Rich Dollaz:

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 7.28.18 AM


Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 7.27.38 AM

You tell me, does this sound like a woman who is trying to come to the defense of her friend, or does sound like an someone trying to taunt a man she put on blast?  I don’t know. Perhaps I’m connecting dots that don’t exist?

Rich Dollaz (Love & Hip Hop) Put On BLAST. NAKED Photos leaked. NSFW

What are your thoughts?


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40 thoughts on “Did SuperHead leak the nude photos of Love & Hip Hop’s Rich Dollaz? We Think So. Here’s Why

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  2. ummmmm isnt she married?lol so im leaning towards her posting these piece of shit ass tweets are “help”

  3. First off its superhead what did you expect this might be the start of book #2. Rich didn’t you learn anything from the dudes in the first book.

  4. There is nuthin wrong with the size of that right thur- put some motion in the etion and its a good night. Its enuff to make erica lose her ever luvin mind aint it???!!

  5. Another clear example of winning ass hoes…It just never ends with this slut bucket… And these ninjas can’t get enough…smh..She ain’t got no walls and he ain’t got no dick..PATHETIC

  6. Erika, How can you deal with that tickler…. -___- Notice Erika hasnt spoken up about that yet….Chile I’d be shamed too BOL!!!

  7. Dear Men, If you have a stubby pecker please & I repeat please dont put your peter on film…Thank ~Women who laugh at lil wennie dude who dont have swing time!!! #Yes Rich Dollaz we are clownin dat ass!!!! ROTFLMAO

  8. Rich Dollaz is such a coke-head alcoholic. We’re just watching him fall apart on national t.v. He needs to get to a rehab like real soon.
    And Karrine needs to grow up.

  9. she sounds OD thirst, as open as her joint is, I can’t imagine why she fronting like she wants that small package, smh, she’s a hot mess and so is Dollaz,

    on another note, work from home, FREE as well a other multiple streams of income, I will help you , and show you proof of income , only for SERIOUS folks, email me FreedomAndFunds@gmail.com

  10. wow !!! I mean really superhead wow!!! rich is guilty as hell thats his dick all day long he is messy what he thought supper head was not going to have fun with the pictures !! hello !!! she did a tell all book next will be a tell all book with pictures of everyones dick in it she is just sitting back collecting them for her next book no names and faces just dicks lol boy oh boy rich im speechless

  11. Most people are proud when they graduate college, buy their first home/car or make their first million this broad is proud to be a Jezebel!


    • Where I’m from whores are not respected. I’ve never known of a real woman to give superho props for anything. The woman is sick mentally and physically. She’s a mother and look how she handles herself. You have to really hate yourself to wanna be known as a whore.

  13. Tell Rich it’s no big deal he can continue on with his life of being a nobody….Ain’t nobody got time for that

  14. omg … i just noticed that damn zebra print pillow and a purple scarf in the background…. lmao… wow (rich dollaz vioce)” i had lost some weight and wanted to show it off” lol…. maybe he was checking the fct when u lose 30 u gain an inch of penis…

  15. Um… did one of Rich’s balls not drop down? His sack looks like something was missing. I don’t know… (Asking for a friend)

  16. The only person I am more concerned about is her son. Baby boy somewhere in the corner shaking his head at his momma.

  17. head is durrrrteee, i thought she was getting married to the dude that was on family matters…i guess some girls have to always be in t he spotlight or head light…dollar dude you gotta come up. you getting whipped to quick ..dayummmmmm

  18. LOL – She sho sound like it! She tauntin da hell outta him. They both so pathetic. LOL – I’m wit terry land, dat lil baby pecker was not impressive AT ALL! Please – even white boys got bigger peckers den dat! LMAO

  19. Yes Gawd bitch u connected them dots.. sad that she get gratification out of exposing people.. punk ass whore!!

  20. Dudes are still f*cking with her knowing she got nasty womens disease??? No comment on the pic. None at all.

  21. He had an accident yall and had to have some peni removed. yall leave mr. Stubby alone #lies

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