Dionne Warrick BANKRUPT. Has 20k Per Month Income, But $10 left after Bills.

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Listen, this sh!t right here does not even sound right. I’m sorry, if you are making 20k per month, and you only have $10 left after expenses, it sounds to me like you need to MOVE! Chile cheese Dionne, I’m more than sure there are some lovely senior citizen APARTMENTS you can move into just as long as you make 3 times the monthly rent. Considering you can’t pay your bills, you might need a co-signer too, but still.

Y’all Dionne really pulled. In March 21st, the “That’s What Friends Are For’ singer filed bankruptcy papers in New Jersey. Most of the alleged “negligent and gross financial mismanagement” Warwick referenced occurred in the late ’80s through the ’90s. Lying ass heffa! Miss thing smoked up half her money and bought magical gold hair dye from a leprechaun with the other half. Miss Girl  listed her average monthly income as $20,950, with expenses totaling $20,940. Chile, catch these T’s.


For those of y’all who are feeling bad for Dionne and wondering where the hell all her money went, STOP! That heffa has plenty money. She only filed bankruptcy after finding out that she owed 10.2 million dollars in back taxes. The legal move is actually an attempt to get the debt discharged or reduced. Rich people do it all the time. He publicists is citing fiscal mismanagement as the reason her tax debt is so high. Her publicist also stated that over the years Dionne has tried to offer re-payment plans, but they have all been rejected. That’s probably because the heffa was trying to pay those people $100 per month, the same we do Sallie Mae for them damn student loans.

I know most of you remember Dionne Warrick’s hit song “Say A Little Prayer For Me”. Well oblige her, she needs it. Perhaps she can get a couple gigs on the Las Vegas hotel circuit, or maybe even jump on celebrity apprentice. Better yet, she should do a reality tv show. Hell everyone else is. A reality television show with Dionne Warrick, Aretha Franklin, and Cissy Houston gossiping, shopping and buying Geritol would be hilarious!

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68 thoughts on “Dionne Warrick BANKRUPT. Has 20k Per Month Income, But $10 left after Bills.

  1. Dionne Warwick is one of the members of the old school called “Survival”. At the ripe age of 73, I do Not believe that
    Ms. Warwick will end up sleeping on a park bench any time within our lifetime. Whether she is in “serious debt” or just have a “cash flow problem” , I do Not believe that she will be missing any meals, having to use public transportation, or end up in a homeless shelter begging for bread. I can easily believe that Ms. Warwick has
    traveled the world and has been welcomed at home and abroad. Even with having to live on less , I still see her as a woman of distinction who will be receiving the best advice at a cut rate price. PEACE!!

  2. I do not feel sorry for this woman, I mean the moment she started doing the Psychic FRAUD Network, I lost all respect for her. When critics (black ones that is) started to question Dionne about PFN and her christian/religious back ground, she was quoted as saying: “It is a paycheck” that was proof right there, that she was nothing more than a modern day hustler, pimping dumbAZZZ people like hoess on a corner for money!

  3. I though she could see into future, see what happens when u rip poor black folks off, u reap what u sow.

  4. She missing that Whitney money now huh? She need to get her a sugar daddy or claim somebody baby on those taxes. #DumbCelebs

  5. And Zero Fucks was Given!!! So tired of hearing about people who had buckets of cash going broke. Learn from those sob stories and learn to manage your money.

  6. Downsize Mrs. Warrick the rest of us have to when we live beyond our means! I mean what kinda of bills do u have if u get 20k a month and then after u pay ur debit u have $10 . I need to be ur financial adviser I can cut all that down real quick!

  7. Quentin or Funky Dineva Ross…. Now Now Now… this is a senior citizen black woman, a legend who has paid her dues- and if she fell on hard times or continues to fall on hard times, that is between her and the creditors. I get it, why they say black people are ignorant and killers of each other with the lashing tongue and thought-provoking words. You prove them right. Dionne don’t deserve to google her name and see you bashing her in the midst of her trials. So what!! So What! she makes that much and has to shell it out because she tours all across the world and back; has a staff and management and a band of people to pay. Those families have to still eat. That could be their only means of salary. Dionne Warwick, like Liza Minnelli is a class act and considered a small business owner. You have to pay the employees, if ten dollars is all she has from month to month, so what– she paid her dues and those people that work for me deserve to be paid in order to maintain. Maybe, she is not as selfish or drug-laced as you mention. Were you there? Were you born? Were you born heartless? One of these is becoming true to me….. YOU are heartless, and it is far beyond Wendy my dear, you may need to switch your blog over to Bitchie.

  8. In Tamar’s voice “Bitch Get Your Life”. Damn shame…How is it when your broke you can budget the hell out a $100 bill but when you get rich you turn dumb as F*ck!!! She deserve that…she did….

  9. reggae remix- Me ahh Guh Say a Likkle prayahh 4 uuuuu …if we see her walkin down the street n she starts to cry well all know why lol just kidding this is terrible them lil Nastty wealthy old ladies need to get together in thier finest droopy sequince jackets and have a few rent party luncheons and banquets for miss dionne she cant go out like this no Gawd smh…

  10. She should turn off the cable gets some rabbit ears and a converter box her ole stupid ass could qulify for the 40 dollar voucher

  11. $20,000 a month not bad, and to have 10,000 left after paying your bills, girl stop! you’re blessed!

  12. 20K a month equals to 240k a year and she can’t make it off that? really. I got a plan for her. She can move down here to the ‘Sip (Mississippi that is) with me. I’ll get her a lovely double wide for about 20K and a lovely acre of land for about 5k her light bill will be $80 a month, $13 for water, $100 for directv, I will be her assistant for a cool grand a month. I know someone selling a 2012 Cadillac Coupe Deville 1 old white lady as the owner, 38K miles on it fully loaded for 7k. and she can bank the rest at the credit union. I’ll even throw in a few trips to tunica to the casino with the rest of the elderlys and she will be sitting pretty.

  13. Saw this yesterday. $10 left after paying her bills. LOL.. Why didn’t she clean her own house and answer her own damn phone! No one was calling anyway.

  14. Well her bills paid hell some ppl can’t even pay bills …. First thing first … 10 left over a month will add up … O_o

  15. I’m just going to say it. She can’t sing! It always sounded like she had a mouth full of snuff and was smoking 10 Virginia Slims at the same damn time.

  16. Now I love me some Dionne Warwick. She is the Queen Mother of Pop music, but dayum, she and her psychic friends didn’t see this coming 20+ years ago?! This is why I say, whether you are a celebrity or an average Joe/Jane, either TAKE CHARGE OVER YOUR OWN FINANCES or QUIT LYING ABOUT THEM! But I find IMPOSSIBLE to believe that being a pop/R&B legend and after a successful 50-year singing career, you only have $1,000 left in the bank… Honey, Ms. Warwick done pulled a Martha Stewart and set up a secret account…

  17. 4k for an assistant…I can b ur assistant for half of that! It aint like the one u have has u doing anything anyway!

  18. Dionne already tried the celebrity apprentice thing and couldn’t hang because she had to go take naps an/or retire early. Ll

  19. i know people and myself who got less than this and still make it work by the grace of god, so i don’t feel bad she better go get a real job now, for some reason i don’t feel bad for people who once had it and then just let it go to waste. i have been working since i was 18 so all i can suggest is that she try and do the same.

  20. LOL @ Kymmy! “Lying ass heffa! Miss thing smoked up half her money and bought magical gold hair dye from a leprechaun with the other half” Funky D is a mess *dead*

  21. She needs to downsize her lifestyle…she has a $5000 mortgage and pays $4000 for an assistant…there is no need for that

  22. Her ass lying because she don’t want to pay that 10 mil in tax’s she owe the govt. I bet she didn’t see that in her future LOL

  23. sick of people that have had opportunity to make so much and sqander it away… does she even have any children? where is the fake psychic network money? so many questions.

  24. This is called living beyond your means…it is VERY easy to survive on $20K per month…but you don’t need to spend $20K per month if that’s all you are taking in. SMH.

  25. Her, Aretha and Patti should do “Got 2 Be Real,” like for real… and let Patti LaHelle write for em. PROBLEM SOLVED.

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