EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes photos of Joseline Hernandez sexy photo shoot with Derek Blanks

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Joseline is layed out dead-to-da-floor bish. Get you a piece. Yesterday (12/5/12) The Love & HipHop Atlanta breakout star had a photo shoot with celebrity photographer Derek Blanks here in Atlanta and The Doll was able to get her hands on a few pics from the shoot. From the looks of some of these poses, I am not sure if modeling is or should be in Joseline’s future. Check out the pics and you be the judge.

I’m not really sure what it is Joseline is giving right here, but whatever it is she is selling, I’m not buying… Ana Nicole Smith Realness?????

I am really feeling this dress!!!

 Chile are they doing this photo shoot at Mama Dee’s house on her “amenities”?


ughhhh Joseline was doing so good, now she done reverted back to looking like a man. Listen, whatever sissy is styling her and doing her makeup, you have got to be conscious that she has very strong features. Everything on Joseline is over exaggerated. Big ole jaw bone, big ole booty, big ole knees, big ole shoulders, big ole calfs, big ole everything! That being said, style this woman accordingly! Thanks ~ Management

[WATCH: My Hair Is Layed Like Joseline Hernandez]

I’ve been in the company of Joseline multiple times and let me tell you one thing, quiet as its kept, mama is breathtakingly beautiful and her body is sickening bish! Trust mama really is a bad bish. I’m not convinced these pics do her justice. Perhaps when Derek Blanks finishes doing his computer magic on them she will be serving high fashion realness.

One thing I will say, mama’s hair is layed. I can spot a Gail Hudson wig a mile a way, and that is a Nasty Gail Hudson design. Werq Miss Gayle! For those of y’all who don’t know, Gail is the stylist responsible for Cynthia Bailey’s hair looking MUCH BETTER this season on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta…




What are your thoughts on the pics?


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10 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Behind the scenes photos of Joseline Hernandez sexy photo shoot with Derek Blanks

  1. Coming from a gay mans point of view, a man none the less ….. EEEWWWWW, she is a tragic mess in these pictures. But she is a pretty girl tho..

  2. Everything about this photo shoot is wrong. The angles are wrong, the poses are wrong, wardrobe, makeup and lighting. Just does not make her look decent at all. Maybe photoshop will help. Then again these are only SOME of the pictures.

  3. What the hell it’s up with Joselyn’s knees tho? They’re not just big, sum ain’t quite right about them…beautiful chick tho

  4. I certainly don’t know why they are adding funky dineava. Sheeeeeee is not easy to look at….and the sound of her voice is effed up. The “Doll” has left the building and is a train wreck eryday. I wont be watching…yuuuuuck!!! to say the very least!

  5. hahahahhahahahahaha @ Big ole knees and “dead-to-da-floor”! You are a nut!

    Oh and thank you, Gail! Cynthia’s hair got on all of my nerves initially. The prostyle gel, the two ponytails, the three track weaves…aye yi yi! What a difference a good stylist makes.

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