EXCLUSIVE: DJ Traci Steele Joins Cast Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta + Other Juicy Tea

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So this is some T that I had for at least 3 months. In the best interest of of protecting some of my obvious relationships, I opted not to spill it. Yea yeah, cuss me out and talk about me, but I am not about to let the T f**k up my coins. LOL. I received an invitation from some publicist today inviting me to a fashion show that Traci will be the Mistress of Ceremony at. In the press release, the publicist billed Traci as:

” Atlanta’s elite radio personality, world-renowned celebrity DJ Traci Steele who is also the newest face to the VH1 network #1 rated reality show, “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” ~ Terrance Baxter

I figured since the publicist community is running with the T, that it must be pseudo alright for me to do so as well. Hell, it’s the publicists job to protect their clients interests and business relationships, not mine. That being said, catch these T’s on DJ Traci Steele.


Traci -Princess – Rasheeda — Chile Princess’s hair is layed like Ann Nesby (Sounds of Blackness )

No tea, no shade. Monday nights have not been the same since Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has disappeared from our television screens. I was hoping that Love and Hip Hop New York would have been able to fill that Monday night void, but it has fallen short.

Being a resident of Atlanta, I have heard of Traci and has been to many events that she has DJ’d. Honestly, to date, I have not ever heard anything about her scandalous or off putting. She has a pretty clean reputation so far. We know once the show starts, all of that is liable to change.  Here is a bit of info about Traci taken directly from her website:

traci bio

I’m extremely curious to know how Traci fits into the complex equation that is the cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Since we are spilling T’s, i might as well go on ahead and spill a few more. Chile, y’all ain’t heard this from me, but:

- A lit candle filled with hot wax got thrown in one females cast member’s face by another female cast member

- Shay went to jail last week

- Someone has been seen around town on numerous occasions with no ring on

- Diamond has reportedly just started shooting in Atlanta within the last few weeks. Prior to, she was filming out in L.A.


- Mimi and her new man aren’t doing too hot

mimi tweet




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52 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: DJ Traci Steele Joins Cast Of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta + Other Juicy Tea

  1. I’m over this broad already. She portrays such a stereotypical lame angry bitter baby mother! Bitch yal ain’t together get a life!!!! Every female is not a hoe just bcuz your man is dating them. You are just mad and a bitter ugly joint. Gross

  2. FD, since you know all the T, who was in the Maybach that just got shot up in ATL on I20? Passenger got shot multiple times in the head and is in critical condition…

  3. Lemme tell your messy ass something Ms Funky Dineva, I bout died when you called Princess “Ann Nesby” LMMFAO! Girl I thought she was Traci Steel’s Momma or something sitting up in that last chance discount beauty store wig on… Chileeee, TRAGIC!

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  5. So tired of these fake ass radio personalities trying to call themselves DJs.. bitch please. Its ok to put up tons of photoshopped images of yourself calling yourself the “sexiest” DJ. If actual DJing was a pinup competition sure she might have a shot, ahem. But talking on the radio and playing stuff from a computer keyboard isnt DJing, its called iTunes and a microphone, child plz.

    • Eric, she’s not a real DJ? I’m asking because her website info said she toured with Musiq, and several other live acts and I know they aren’t fronting with the ITunes lol! Tell us what you know?

  6. Now come on yall…..i CANT be the only one that thought Rasheeda and Traci was up in the club with Sweet Brown?! LMAO!! AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FO DAT!

  7. Her Bio may embelished just a little and knowing personally all the T….i can tell you that with confidence!!! And the article didnt even get HU’s city correct Honey, says just a little for her publisist…that bio is across the bored and funny! I cant wait to see when you post the truth!!! #yes I said it

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  9. I read DJ Traci and was PRAYING it was Kim Zolciak’s lady love from that one time she was a lesbian. So much disappointment.

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  11. Miss Dineva! URN boiling hot T for this. We need a up-2-da-minute report on LHHA. TV is such a yawn without it. Revenge went overboard into the murky deep 4me- what lunatic scripted a beatdown 4 Miss Victoria…no. I hate when tv writers become jealous of the popularity an actor gives a character and writes this way.

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  13. Dineva can you get the dates when LHH ATl is airing season 2. I watched three episiodes of LHH and it don’t hold my attention. Not sure who this DJ chick is as well as other members of the cast, but I don’t care cause LHH ATL is everything.

    P.S. Scandal was everything last Thursday, are you gonna do a review cause I need to know what your input on Thursday show was. I sound like a fiend, don’t care cause I live for your reviews.

  14. That was some good t and mondays are horrible love and hip hop ny is horrible without chrissy and jimmy. Cant wait until atl comes back on they are messy lol

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