EXCLUSIVE/CONFIRMED: Tamar Braxton is a whole bunch of months PREGNANT

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So everyone was ranting and raving about Tamar Braxton’s style on her recent appearance on B.E.T.’s 106 & Park. But the real gag is, her style incorporated concealing the fact that Tamar Braxton is preggers and y’all completely did not catch those T’s. I suspected Tamar was pregnant when I had the honor of introducing her at a show here in Atlanta about a month or two ago. However, a source close to Tamar & Vince confirmed my suspicions. The source also says she is pretty up their in months. I keep saying “the source” because clearly this person wants their identity protected considering the couple have not officially announced their pregnancy.

I wonder how her pregnancy and the release of her upcoming album is going to play out. Seems like the wrong time to be pregnant. I guess it ain’t about our time but GAWDS time. Ain’t that what the church folks say? oh well, all in all, congrats are in order.


Remember where you got the CONFIRMED tea from FIRST! 

More pics of Tamar & Vince




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74 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE/CONFIRMED: Tamar Braxton is a whole bunch of months PREGNANT

  1. Great web-site. Plenty of valuable information below. We are mailing this to your buddies ans in addition sharing in scrumptious. And positively, many thanks for your perspiration!

  2. Congrats to the beautiful couple!! We’re so happy 4yall .Aint no stopping U now!!U guys were already Blessed with your talents. But the ultimate from our Father U R the new hit, hot,snatched couple of “2013″ I’m long winded because I’m soo Happy 4 U both. May God continue 2 Bless U & your beautiful amazing addition .Sorry Tamar U R my girl, But I Love me some Vince & I was praying 4 a baby 4 him!!! Congrats God Bless❤

    • yall need to get off Tamar WTF did she do to yall bitches!!! Dont worry bout what she do with her man Dont get mad cause she getting some and yall not.BOOM!!!! yall got a problem with it hit me up on twitter @dyaziabillie….

  3. Congrats Tamar! Yeah that belly was poking a bit. She posted a pic on IG saying/showing that she wasnt..BUT that pic has now been mysteriously deleted.lol Idk maybe Vince shut that pic down or idk. but time will tell…..


  5. Congrats to the couple but she is the last person I would want to have a child, she still acts like a spoiled brat herself. I bet she will have more staff for that child than Mariah, cause you know she will never change a diaper

  6. Yes she was that vain person that beyonce was referring to when she referenced how there are some ppl out there that make us entertainers look bad about not wanting to carry a child out of fear of ruining there figure & some that suggest surrogates to carry for them…. That was all about u Tamar.

  7. This will be her new cop-out for why her music career faltered once again, But I do understand that it it’s pretty much now or never for her to actually carry a baby. Congrats to them.

  8. Who knows how old that pic is. She could have easily posted an older picture of her flat stomach to throw us off. Personally, it looks like she is trying to hide something. (Imo)

  9. Must have just happened because she surely took a pic of her bare stomach and posted it on iG over the weekend. Dag….her baby grew super fast.

  10. Chile I don’t know what to believe. I thought she looked a lil preggers when she performed on Wendy Williams. But then she tweeted that pic of her flat stomach in the bathroom the other day. Chile I just don’t know. I can’t really see her being pregnant at a time like this… She can’t drop it, bust it, and pick it back up to hot sugar being pregnant. Then again, she did say she’ll have a baby after her albuml.

  11. I don’t know, if she paid attention to her big sis, when “More than A Woman” finally dropped Toni was preggers and Arista didn’t want to market a sex symbol pregnant. If she is congrats, but I believe she’s too vain to have gotten pregnant with an album dropping.

    • Vince & Tamar , If U guys R expecting , God Bless U both. If not only the father will know when its your time. My husband & I Love Y’all!! Tamar, her she, me all y’all the sh-t!! Keep doing y’all CT got your BACK!! God Bless

      • Vince & Tamar , take your positions & enjoy each other 4 get about what people say . You guys Ar gonna B great parents.CONGRATS!!! Can’t wait 4 y’all 2 get back on the tube!! Let NO man tear away what God has ORDAINE!! God Bless!!❤

  12. I dont know she has a picture on IG basically debunking this story but I love the DOLL so Im not going to question youre sources…

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