Faith Evans the ONLY face on R&B Divas CD, WTF??? Here’s why…

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Ok I really had to debate if I was going to write this post. I don’t like to start no mess where there isn’t any, but I am honestly feeling some kind of way about Faith Evans being the ONLY face pictured on the R&B Divas Album Cover. While I on it, I might as well go a step further and let it be known that I have major issues with the ENTIRE set up of the R&B Divas plot. I am so not feeling this fabricated ass story line of Faith corralling all these women together to put together a tribute album in Whitney Houston’s honor. This is some major BS. Here is the real scoop. Catch these T’s.

I had already made it known that there was a bit of shade going on in a previous post where I featured the title track from the show R&B Divas, ‘Lovin Me’. Ok well in that post I called attention to the fact that the song was being billed as “R&B Divas ft. Faith Evans”.( [LISTEN] New Music ~ R&B Divas, “LOVIN ME”, Faith Evans Wants Separate Recognition From Group) I downloaded the album on Tuesday and figured I’d listen to it while blogging and review it later. It was my attempt to kill two birds with one stone. IMMEDIATELY, I noticed that Faith‘s pretty face is the ONLY one on the album cover. WTF!! What are the other women, chop suey?? I am seriously feeling some kind of way and I know that deep down inside the other women are too.

Since I am feeling some kind of way, I might was well go ahead and spill the T. This storyline that R&B Divas has going on with Faith looking like the Queen Ruler, orchestrating this EPIC compilation with all these powerhouse singers is a bunch of BS. It is NO SECRET that Faith was already in the makings of HER OWN reality tv show. Some how or another, Faith was also approached with talks of an R&B Divas reality show. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION, HERE IS WHERE THINGS GET CONVOLUTED. Faith and her team knew damn well nobody wanted to watch a show soley about Faith! She’s boring. With each anniversary of Biggie’s death, and as the Golden days of Bad Boy entertainment fade further and further into obscurity, Faith‘s star dims.  Faith and her team, knew it would be in the best interest of her brand if she was involved with a show that included a few other women, a show with more star power overall. Faith and her team opted to scrap her solo realty tv effort and jump on board the R&B Diva’s train.

Here is where I really get mad, the other women in such a desperate need for a check and a platform to drum up some interest in their brands and relaunch their careers allowed Faith and her team to structure the deal were Faith gets top billing in every aspect of the project. I don’t think I would mind so much if Faith was makign a worth wild contribution to the show. Faith Evan’s being on R&B Divas the reality show adds ABSOLUTELY ZERO VALUE. She’s like Shaunie being on Basketball wives. She pops in here and there, tells non of her business, and pops out just as things heat up. Faith is doing 1% of the filming but gaining 99% of the recognition.

I know sometimes when you are a lesser name or a smaller brand that you have to give a little in order to gain a lot. In this case, I think the other women on the show have given way too much for what they are receiving in return. The beautiful thing about it is that the universe will reward the other women accordingly. Still, it does not negate the fact that the overall structure of the whole deal is some bull s***. I mean, at least Diana Ross let Florence Ballard & Mary Wells stand in the back on pictures. Got Dayum Faith! Then to top it off, the CD ain’t all that dayum good no way. Don’t get me wrong, all of the women are singing their asses off, but I was expecting SO MUCH MORE.

Y’all wonder why Nikki Gilbert has been cutting up and acting all divafied. It’s because all of this is a complete blow to her ego. Nikki Gilbert was the ORIGINATOR of the concept. However, because from a business perspective Faith‘s Brand was larger, Nikki had to take the back seat and go along with this manufactured story line. I honestly hope that this platform created enough interests in all of these women as individuals that they are able to go on and have successful relaunched solo careers. That is the only way that being played to the left like this is becomes worth it!

All frustrations aside. I guess I really can’t be mad with Faith and her people. She leveraged what she has earned in this industry to structure a deal that benefited her interest. I guess at the end of the day, that is business at its FINEST. I wish all the ladies continued success.


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31 thoughts on “Faith Evans the ONLY face on R&B Divas CD, WTF??? Here’s why…

  1. Well first of all faith has waaaaaaay more than 3 hits.and like most of the fans are saying it was her idea to make the album she just asked the other women to sing on the album… and “big’s widow’ sit down somewhere she was signed before she even married and met biggie. so do your research on faye young one… she also is the most popular out of all of them and if nici wouldnt have asked her to jump aboard the show the other divas wouldnt be as relevant as they are now… now im not sayin faith is the reason they gettin their checks but most of the fans are watching it because faye is the most popular so lets all jus grow tf up and stop hatin on faith cuz at the end of the day she the boss

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  3. You told the absolute truth here. I felt the same way and was wondering why. She didnt add any value to the show, nor did she expose her reality of life. Cant be madd at the deal though, she struck it for herself and the divas signed on the dotted line. Now they did benefit because they became relevant again. You said a lot with this article and you hit the nail on the head.

    • plus how was this album a tribute to Whitney….if I remember correctly, there was not one remake of a Houston song on the album. The only remake was Faith’s….hmmm

  4. The R&B Divas album, is the best all female album since Waiting To Exhale. Lady D, the album is hot. Sir/Miss, did you get you some dick last night? I think, NOT! Go, Faith!

  5. If I remember correctly, Faith said she was making an album that would be a tribute to Whitney – proceeds going to her if I am not mistaken. Those women were asked to do it. And she asked Kelly Price to collaborate as well. Hell, Nicci didn’t want to do the damn album so I can’t be mad that Faith’s face is on the album. She came up with the idea! If the divas want their faces on a album, they need to make one just like Faith did. I wouldn’t doubt Faith used the show to gain popularity. That is what you call marketing.

  6. Let’s all. Grow up stop hating let’s give it up for the beautiful black women that can all stand there own they been there done that so what who is on the cover there sisters they love each other and making money and having fun grow the hell up

  7. I agree FD…I was wondering the same thing. All those ladies can hold their own ..if you ask me. But, I think she did get Kelly Price on the album as well…So since some people may not be on the show…she decided to put her name/face on it only. I don’t know. Still looks shady.

  8. Faith didn’t even include the women in the booklet. It may be her money but let’s stop acting like she’s some mega-diva. Her last album only sold 77k.

  9. The show is just faltout BORING,… but never-the-less I have to watch it while I wait for MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL to start. So it is what it is.

  10. Faith may be the most “popular” but Monifah, Keke, Nicci & Syleena are human beings who deserve RESPECT! They were apart of the show as well as that album….so why not put them on the cover? Hell let’s keep it all the way 100…Faith only had two or three hits her damn self! The only reason she’s “relevant” to some is because she’s Biggie’s widow! If it had not been for Biggie we would’ve been saying Faith who? Just like Keke who, Nicci who, Monifah who, Syleena who? They all can SANG and it’s unfortunate how the “biz” is but such is life I suppose but I still say that was COLD BLOODED!

  11. Only niggas sit around and make up bs like this. Faith is good with or with out this show, Biggies’ widow dummies. She doesn’t need them or this show, obviously some haters are involved.

  12. You have too much nerve to speak on what u obviously know nothing about! Faith is the one whose idea this cd was not any of the others, it was a project she asked the cast, Kelly Price and Fantasia to be a part of. Who you know puts the featured artists on their album cover? It damn surely ain’t Beyonce so stop.

  13. I think it’s pretty interesting that Nicci was the originator of the shows concept.. Maybe thats the reason she keeps saying that she doesn’t want to sing or that she’s lost her passion for it, it could be all out of frustration.


  15. First Faith organized this charity album as a tribute to r&b and whitney. ITs her project, without her it wouldnt have happened so her being the only on the cover isnt surprising. The other women are contributing artists. Fantasia and Kelly PRice are featured as well, does that mean they should be on the cover too? No. Thru and Thru its Faith Evans featuring the “R&B Divas” The album is good, it does what its supposed to do its supposed to be uplifting and heartfelt for the listener. This wasn’t supposed to be some commercial album with sad r&b songs that become instant hits and tops the chart this album had nothing to do with that mindset.

  16. Faith is the only person I recognized instantly, so its hard to hate on that… She earned her position. Obviously she’s in a better position than the other girls or they wouldn’t let it fly like it has… so if the other girls want more shine, then they need to step it up in life lol

  17. I seen the cd cover and the back of the case. Each Diva has 1one song with Faith, then mostly Faith is by herself. So shit, let her be on the front. Last time I checked Faith has a bigger brand than all of them. Monifah had 2 hit singles. Keke had what, 4 hits if that. Syleena blew up more with the hit with Kanye and Nicki just got issues. And for the record, Mary’s My Life cd aint nothing but Faith boo boo!! You can smell Bad Boy all across that thing. None of them has anything on Faith’s career. Even her last 2 cds were jamming, she’s just underrated!!!!!!!!

  18. at the end of the day FAITH gave these chics a platform….nobody but old r and b heads kno who any of the other girls are…everybody knows who Faith is if only for her associatoin to Biggie so she deserves her role in this whole situation……i think its a good business look for all involved.

  19. I’m not mad at Faith at all. She pimping them chics like Shaunie did the BBW. Dont be mad at the pimp be mad at the stable who choose to line up.

  20. “the other women in such a desperate need for a check” You shouldnt feel any type of way, if they desperate then their desperate. I honestly had to google all of them but Faith and Monifa, since I am in my twenties. They should be happy older folks are hooked on reality tv because then they wouldnt have a platform at all. I watched the show once, didnt like it, wont return. Make good music and I will buy it, but I am tired of woman on TV period acting foolish and airing their business.

  21. But wait, when u look at a Basketball Wives dvd cover, ALL them chicks are on the cover. Even irrelevant azzed Shaunie. I get what you are saying FD, doing a show with other chicks is the thing to do now. You cover more ground, and where there’s drama, there’s viewers. Also, I dont think about Faith when I think about Mary. Maybe when Im listening to my 90s Pandora mix, but other than that? nah. These folks need to do a cover with either all the ladies, or each one gets her own cover like they do with the special edition tv guides. Besides, I came for Keke and Monifah ONLY lol

  22. Troy B you ain’t nothing but a stan, Funky Dineva is SPOT on in his analysis. And Nobody thinks of Faith when they think of Mary, only the Faith fans do. Mary is on another level.

    • Mary is on another level, but when you think about Mary, Faith comes in at some point. Mary’s first few albums Faith and her sister sang background on. When Faith’s first song came out everybody and they momma thought it was Mary. When Diddy started BadBoy and added Faith and not Mary did the riff between Mary and Faith start and you stopped hearing Faith on Mary’s songs. This is no shade on Mary, because I love that lady like no other, but the early Mary her and Faith go hand in hand.

      • @miss kitty : If Faith has money why does she have tax liens against her. Biggie was murdered in March 97 and 2 months later she was pregnant bu todd Russaw. in 98 she married him . All these years she has been supporting Todd adn their 2 sons off Biggie’s moeny. Faith has a fantastic voice but her ish isnt clean.

  23. Funky Dineva you are wrong for that so keep watching and waiting as well.. Faith Evans is not the sole artist getting promoted here. Learn the industry a bit… it is called independent labels and deals not allowing certain things to come to fruition. Most of the artists, such as Kelly Price and Fantasia have major deals. Faith has her own situation. Just as Keke and Syleena (Shanachie)… There is an entire album of songs that you see on the show being branded, this is for NOW. Yes, as far as credibility, Faith does have a brand, say what you want to. You can’t think of Mary without thinking of Faith, just as you can’t think of Whitney without throwing in Mariah. Faith has other music she worked on as well in the show, do you see that here… no! Syleena new acoustic album, didn’t see that promoted weekly boo… stop being an ass sometimes.

    • You can’t be serious… Faith doesn’t go hand and hand with the thought of Mary J. Mary has worked hard over the pass years to not only stay relevant but to actually grow as an artist and a woman. Today’s youth have no idea who Faith is…. But they damn sure know Mary even if it’s only for tap dancing on burger king table tops….lol. If Mary wants a CD cover she’ll drop an album…not manipulate equality talented artists into boosting her fame &ego. Faith deserves several seats…I will not be supporting her solo endeavors.

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