FASHION: Too Young vs. Too Old

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Too Young?

Many of you might be confused on the appropriate age to wear certain types of clothes.   In my opinion you can wear almost anything as long as your body type says you can wear them. Some women feel as long as they make the clothes in their size then that means it’s ok to wear it, no matter their age.   Today’s fashion isn’t so prude as it was  twenty-five years ago,  there were a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to age appropriate wardrobe years ago. You probably would never see a woman over 30 with short shorts, or someone over 40 wearing leggings other than to workout in.  With time comes change, however is you have to question if you are too old to wear something, then it’s likely that you probably should not be wearing it. But as long as your body type is on point for what you are trying to pull off, I say go for it. Be bold, step outside the box and show them what a woman your age is suppose to look like…lol

Here are a few questions someone in boxed me that I would like to share with you.

Q: What is the right inch heel for a woman over 40?

A:  You can wear any inch heel you desire as long as you can walk in stride in them. Let’s not forget Tina Turner, Pattie Labelle who are well over 50 and still wear their 5in heels.  Also remember the style of shoes they are designing have a platform which makes the shoe more comfortable to wear, and easier to walk in and you have your 5in stiletto look.

Q:   At what age should I stop wearing leggings?

A:   Leggings are kind of tricky. In my opinion over 60 is a bit much, they make leggings that look like the regular skin tight leggings but have pockets that aren’t as tight. Those are ok to wear over the age of 60. Under 60, please be sure to wear a shirt, sweater, blazer that at least comes to the mid butt area.  If you are an overweight woman, please be sure to purchase thicker material leggings. It just helps to give your legs a smoother look.



Q: Can you wear short shorts after 35?

A: Yes of course you can, however a tasteful length.  As long as long as your legs are toned, you should be able to pull it off with no problem.  As an adult you shouldn’t want to wear shorts that don’t cover your butt cheeks.





Q:  How old is too old to go sleeveless?

A:   Again as long as your arms are toned, it can be done. It’s not as attractive if your arms aren’t toned to wear sleeveless shirts, unless you live in a warm climate. You really don’t have a choice at times. For example, Angela Basset




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16 thoughts on “FASHION: Too Young vs. Too Old

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  2. as a kid i thought in da year 2013 we would be dressing like da jetsons. but ever since Y2K our fashion has been running a muck!!! most decades have a spcific look 2 define that era in time i.e. 20′s= Flapper Style, 60′s= Poodle Skirts, 70′s= Disco, 80′s= Punk Rock, 90′s= Grunge, 2000′s= ??anyshit?? seriously, any random shit goes! stockings as pants. shirts as club dresses. white after Labor Day. leather & fur in the summer. Ugg boots with booty shorts & a hoody (like, bitch is it hot or cold outside?) who cares what’s age-appropiate when there are no rules & da shit is subject 2 change with every new Vouge or GQ mag. we should save all our coins & go adam & eve style. #birthdaysuit #OneSizeFitsAll #nudebeachrealness

    p.s. i met mariah’s bodyguard. his name is ROB PAYNE. & he is all kinds of milk chocolatey goodness in real life. Word is, she hand selected him & they been smashing off & on for years “allegedly.” #hot-tea-spilled

  3. YOU CAN WEAR WTF YOU WANT TO WEAR AS LONG AS ITS YUR MONEY THATS BUYING, ITS JUST PUBLIC OPINION THAT YOU SHOULD DRESS AGE APPROPRIATE. you will dress as young and old as you feel. no one says anything about 20-30 dressing up in slacks or a mama slapping gown/dress. no matter how I may agree t hat some shit should just be left in the closet and store for some people, but I say this just because yo u don’t have the confidence to wear it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t. Yes some people should be a dam shame but we all express our selves in different ways and who the heck are we to judge.

  4. Whoo! Bitch, why I thought this was written by ol girl from LHHA!? Couldn’t even read the post. I skipped straight to the end to find the source. Che Mack, girl change your name. That yellow girl from Vh1 is ruining your brand.

  5. now a days if you bought it flaunt it. mimi been bustin outta tops since she escaped from tommy matola

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