FIGHTING over phones in Wal-Mart on Black Friday

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So since I almost got gooped into going to the mall today with a friend to look for a birthday dress, then I realized what day it was and quickly backed out, I figured I’d sit in the comfort of my home and bring you guys all the Black Friday ratchetness i can find today.

Check out, this video. Folks are in Wal-Mart about to loose limbs over some kind of phones in a box. Chile, I have no idea what kind of phones they are. Can’t be any kind of phone worth anything, hell, its in Wal-Mart. Anyway, Check this out.


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5 thoughts on “FIGHTING over phones in Wal-Mart on Black Friday

  1. wait…………… so people really act like this on black friday? Especially after all that has happened? All for that $5 tracfone that probably went on sale for less……….. wth!?

  2. See, I would hate to go to jail for beating the triflin out of a crazy ass person just because they don’t know how to TRULY bargain shop. Black Friday over the years has just gotten more and more out of control and dangerous. If you know how to shop and clip coupons, you can get good deals all year round. If your broke a$$ can’t afford it, stay out the store

  3. people are crazy hell!! i have never gone out to shop on black Friday, cause i would hate to have to beat someone’s a55 for pushing, pulling or steping on ,y feet cause they broke ass is treying to catch a deal.

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