FIRST Picture of Kim & Kroy’s New Foreclosure Dream Home By Default

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Chile after Kim & Kroy had to move out of Kendra Davis’s home expeditiously for whatever reason, their “dream home” quickly became a nightmare. Not to mention, in effort to spite Kendra, Kim dug up all 40k of the flowers and trees she installed in the yard and sold them off on Bufford Highway. Non the less, the last part of 2012 brought about a lot of change for Kim. A move, a new baby, leaving RHOA are just same of the changes Kim was going through. Well we’ve been hearing her through various media outlets boast about this new “dream home”, check out the first glimpse of the home she has given us

Kim tweeted the following on December 28th:

Catch these T’s Miss Fancy Pants Kim’s dream home was someone else’s dream first because the home is reportedly a foreclosure. Now there is nothing wrong at all with purchasing a foreclosure. Hell, in this market, that is the smartest thing to do. However, let us remember that Kim had EVERYTHING to say about Kandi and her foreclosure construction process when she is now going through the SAME  exact process.

An additional tid bit of info, Kim Purchased this home in the The Manor Golf and Country Club in Alpharetta, GA. It’s an uber fancy subdivision and golf course where former RHOA star DeShawn Snow‘s home was also located.

Chile don’t y’all worry. I’ll get the address and ride by there sometime soon and get the full scoop. If y’all forgot, I am the queen of home construction reporting. Just ask Sheree’ Whitfield. Better yet, just check out my investigative skills here: My Hair Is Layed Like Chiquita Banana (Chateau Sheree’ Expose’)



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25 thoughts on “FIRST Picture of Kim & Kroy’s New Foreclosure Dream Home By Default

  1. Bitch the address is 3140 Manor Bridge Dr, child Zillow gave me the information I needed and they only paid $ 880, 000 on the 3.3 million dollar forecloser……….

  2. LMAO! I can’t stand that heffa Kim Zolciak or whatever her last name is! And her new husband is a dern fool and hen pecked! He looked like he was looking for a mother figure to have babies with! Guess he never checked Kim’s kitty mileage meter, nor her craving for men with long money to take care of her. And he will definitely have to take care of her for a long time if they divorce, because she has TWO kids by him now! Chile please!

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  4. Be careful Doll have some security with you or make sure Kroy (Hair Laid Like the Waltons) is at camp! You saw how he tried to goop the children (camera men!! LOL

    • Doll you are too funnty hunnty, Why is it Kim always try to follow Kandi’s ideal??? Remember Kim stole Kandi’s baby name “Kash”, now she’s purchased a “Foreclosed Home”…What’s next???? If I were Kandi I wouldn’t say anything around Kim, she a stealer because she can’t think for herself….I digress hunty….

  5. No u need to do an update of what it look like now even though she sold it to her daughter, I mean close friend, for a dollar. Used to love Sheree but she a bigger liar than Kim

  6. Funky you is too crayzay out there wit dem tights packing ALL dat summa sausage….are you a lesbian? More than your hair is layed like a chiquita bananna…get it bitch

  7. Hold up wasn’t this the same heifer that said she didn’t want to live in someone else’s house and her house was being built, girl please sit yo ass all the way down!

  8. That monkey in a wig!!!!! Ha! Kandi better learn to keep stuff to herself. “Can I say something” I know mama Joyce done told her not to let her right hand know what the left is doing.

  9. The real question is, is that one of Kandi’s vibrators? At least you’re doing a good job advertising her toy line!

  10. You are CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYY! You are speaking into a WHAT…..A BRA-TOR??? I can’t even talk. I am still in shock! LOL!

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