Frankie Lyons Down To Da Bar With No Shoes On, Blonde Finger Waves, And An Usher Board #2 Dress On

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frankie lyons

Chile tell me why I went down to da bar last night, and as I was walking through the door, Frankie Lyons was at the register looking like she was preparing to give the benediction. Chile Keyshia Cole mama had on an ole nasty usher board number 2 dress with bleach blonde finger waves, and some Harry Potter clogs. Bae-Bae, you would have thought that thang had ants in her pants, because once she made through the doors, she couldn’t sit her ass down. Frankie tootsie rolled her ass up and down the aisle all night long. The crowd definitely went up for her.  She was celebrating her birthday and feeling the spirit at the same damn time. Take a look…

Frankie’s next performance will be at Passages Malibu

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55 thoughts on “Frankie Lyons Down To Da Bar With No Shoes On, Blonde Finger Waves, And An Usher Board #2 Dress On

  1. The jokes write themselves! It’s like if you didn’t witness it with your own eyes- you would NOT believe it. I mean…I just…We all know(or have that ONE in the family) an addict who cuts up here/there, but Frankie does not discriminate. Her job is to perpetually cut up. Anytime, anyplace. “She don’t care whose arounnnnnnnd” -__-

  2. Sister said, ” 1 dollar, 10, 20, 50, credit card or check.” I bet she wanted a cut of Frankie’s Birthday money. because she was SANGING that Birthday song. LOL The people walking up to give Frankie the “love” offering acting like they are viewing a body. wth?

  3. Wow. So sad.singing to a spiritual melody. Not funny. She needs to give her old self to the lord for real.i know her children are embarrassed. Kesha washed her hands of her.she done all she could to help

  4. I don’t know whether to pull out my Lil hankie and wipe my tears away cause Ms Frankie Lyons will be so sadly missed, or stop dying laughing. Hell call the ambulance for me cause I’m dead to the bed, and for my last request please don’t allow Deacon “Sing So Slow Stretching Out His Notes Shaky Vocals” Johnson to sing….. Lawd not Malibu Passages. See FD you gone have me cracking up at tgr country funerals when I hear those folks singing Amazing Grace

  5. Oh, how nice. They combined the sermonic solo and the offering together so ya’ll could get out of church early.

  6. Am I the only one here mixed up on confusion? Is she having church to Happy Birthday? More importantly, are people giving her an offering? I need to relocate. If they give you money on your birthday, at the club, in the ATL, I am definitely confused.

  7. Happy B-Day Frankie first off. But who the fuck was that singing sounding as if she was in a casket my God.

    • Frankie, Mamma Jones, and Mamma Dee with her fake ass throne…….. Has to be the most embarrassing mothers I have ever seen in my life……. And that Deconest need too shut her ass up this is not 8am service at church… look at gawd LHAO…….

  8. FD what happened to the link/video? Did you take it down or is my bootlegged Ipad tripping? Love u hun!

  9. I’d rather see her at the bar than in an alley behind a dumpster doing something she ain’t got no business doing. So Happy Birthday Frankie

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