FRAUD: Nicci Gilbert allegedly Does Not Design Curvato. Instead Purchases Wholesale From China

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Chile, the worst thing you can do these days is arm an old lady with a computer. First Angie Stone uses the internet to uncover that Nicci’s daughter’s charity doesn’t really exist (yet), Now Miss Nosey Stone has uncovered that Nicci Gilbert does not even design Curvato clothing. Instead, she purchases the bargain basement fashions from China Wholesale. Hey, why pay more when you can pay less? Catch these T”s


Chile along side your Canal Street bags and Flatbush Avenue Fashions you can find Curvato clothing. I’ve been informed that we the viewing public will watch things unfold as Angie Stone exposes Nicci for not design the Curvato line of clothing, but actually purchasing the items wholesale from China. I smell some She By Sheree’ foolishness gong on. I got a feeling we are going to find Nicci Gilbert on alongside Sheree’ Whitfield if Curvato does not produce some worth wild fashions pretty soon.

If you want to dress like Madea Nicci Gilbert go check out some poor Chinese factory workers fashions at

Would you want to dress like Nicci Gilbert?

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210 thoughts on “FRAUD: Nicci Gilbert allegedly Does Not Design Curvato. Instead Purchases Wholesale From China

  1. Im glad SOMEBODY exposed that BMW BITCH. She’s an envious, jealous, bitter, hateful, shit starter. She mad @ the world cuz she’s ugly. As Tamar Braxton would say, getcha life! Oh and LOVE LOVE ms funky dineva ross.

  2. Interesting. What sweat shops in china is she doing business with? And are the using child labor to make the clothes??


  4. Poor nicki just can’t catch a break. Maybe she should try and be nicer. Kharma works for all occasions…

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  6. See that shit will make u stop messing with a B*tch!! She should be ashamed of herself for having us support some BS!!

  7. Nicci who? Ain’t nobody buying that mess. Some charity needs to give her and the rest of Brownstone singing lessons.

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  9. How does she have Syleena on the site selling this cheap crap, but wouldn’t release her rights to Syleena for her fitness DVD? #SoShady

  10. wherever she goes, the theme song for “the munsters” should play behind her…cause she is giving me herman all day in that dress. built like a totaled ford f-150!

  11. to think i was flattered when years ago folks said i looked like the girl from BROWNSTONE…NICCI GILBERT IS SO MEAN and has a BAD ATTITUDE!!!! HER VOICE IS BEAUTIFUL and POWERFUL…TOO BAD she could of used this platform to take BROWNSTONE to at least one more CD…I wonder how the girls feel about her now…then again they know her and are probably not surprised…I think this is the only group MICHAEL JACKSON signed to his label…

  12. Clearly she couldn’t design shit…have you seen the show…bitch dress like Mrs. Doubtfire…and built like him too!

  13. WOW!!! That’s what she gets for being BIG and UGLY!! You act Ugly you look Ugly…this is pretty ugly!

  14. this dress she got on look like some old ass wallpaper in somebody great-grandma house! hot ass mess!

  15. HAHAHAHA, Syleena went in her on her last night.. I was like DAMN, OUCH, pick your face up off the floor Nicci..

  16. Thats exactly what it looks like too. Her clothes are not cute. I went to the website and it looks like swap meet clothing.

  17. Her behavior nowadays is a bad look for the Brownstone brand. She is arrogant, insecure and very immature. Somehow she has made herself believe that all of this is ok and makes her come of strong and business savvy.

  18. Ole made in China lookn mofo!! She loooos like Madea!! #CantStandHer

  19. Lmao don´t you think she has had enough shade. I mean she and those other two brownstone members sound like hell at that charity event. I believe that was enough humble pie to feast for years.

  20. Lmao don’t you think she has had enough shade. I mean she and those other two brownstone members sound like hell at that charity event. I believe that was enough humble pie to feast for years.

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  23. Nicci Gilbert is MISERABLE BIRD. HATING while SYLEENA collecting COINS!!! She need to spend some of that brownstone money and wax that upper lip and horse teeth.

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  26. I’m going in on Ms Biggi Gilbert…now I went to this website and chile it is beyond bootleg. It is one of those generic we will start your website and you can add e commerce cheap situations on there. First off anybody wanting to wear moo moo’s this is the site for you,. Bicth (and in that order) i would never wanna dress like madea mixed with big mama’s house. these big dumpy frumpy polyester/spandex blend beijing throw aways aint worth the $59-$100 plus she asking for them. i could get a party city table cloth and make you look better than the bull on that website. chile please!!!! then you have to click a terms and conditions box stating you wont sue them for misrepresentation of prices or items, what the what?!?!?! girl boom you wont get nah one of my coins or anybody else’s. she is a con artist and its being exposed via MESSY STONE aka ANGIE STONE. i’m hollering at how fraudlent she tried to make syleena and syleesha look but in the end she is the one doing the absolute most. Ms Dineva I cant with her and her fake daughter…they need to stop it if they think they gonna make a profit!!! LMAO!!!

  27. I can’t with you today funky. ….bol…those clothes look cheap ass hell…now you know you need good quality fabric for a curvy line. ..need something that will withstand the test of time. ..that just won’t do str8 out of China’s children sweat shop…bootlegged shade tree ass…I can’t stand her…oooooh my gawd (disgusted look)

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  30. I just don’t care for Nicci to be honest. Just seems like she’s a shady mofo..Angie Stone aint scared of dat azz

  31. Where’s T D Jakes & $Creflo Dollar$ when ya need em? Nicci needs some intercessory prayer. Within the past week she’s been exposed and her life has turned upside down.

    I know Syleena and her sister have already put 2 & 2 and came up with Nicci as the culprit who sent out those e-blast about the Diva tour. Nicca is that type of evil who would do such a thing, only to sit back and watch how it play out. I never believed that Syleena’s camp did that. It was Nicca and that fake niece/cousin she calls her daughter. That young loser girl is Nicci’s partner in crime.

    Nicci is jealous of Syleena but Syleena broke out a can of that Chi-town whoop ass on her, and shut her Sponge Bob Square Pants behind down. Lol!!

    If Nicci come back for season 3, I’m not watching. She’s the epitome of EVIL. Ijs…

  32. Funky Dineva you be having all the juicy T. Can you post a video about this and have your hair laid like Nicci Gilbert? That’s messed up that she would trick overweight (proudly already low self esteem) women into purchases her cloths and she stealing from the Chinese man. I hope that new show “House of Curves” is a legit fashion line. Nicci’s T has over spilled her cup. Time to walk away from the spot light. She’s a fraud. Wow!

  33. This is a HOT STANKIN MESS OF A BLOG! No wonder my peeps rarely talk about this bootleg ish. Leave Nicci alone. She is making her money. She keeps the show interesting. You niggas keep watching it too just to LOVE to hate her just like you LOVE to hate Kenya Moore…for no reason…because…well…YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THESE PEOPLE!


  35. Wow she don’t have to fake it though because its alot of boutique’s that order merchandise from designers.

  36. Lawd have mercy! Nicci you just need to have 99 seats gal. Stop the lies and deception woman. It is NOT a good look. Point blank period!

  37. Bitch this is tea! Also these Vitamin E Oil pop-ups are making navigating this site damn near impossible! Wtf comin to your site lookin for Vitamin E Oil?

  38. Be honest would want to take the blam for that hot a$$ mess of a clothing line.! She learn from she by sheree’.

  39. Don’t just take a seat Nicci, take a love seat, since you want to talk about Angie’s big ass! {___}

  40. Thats why she wasn’t on the pre show. And no one mentioned her ass! She probably wont be back on the show. She has a nasty attitude and no one likes her!

  41. The people she work for don’t even like her lmao…did you catch how the producers was throwing tapes in catching her lies lmaooooo. Nicci has got have the ugliest shape back in all of Ameica…

  42. Oooh….. Well Patrice Yvette Washington the clothes are so ugly she can buy it or sew it herself… I would never buy it lol

  43. Ugh Tell me about and the clothes aren’t cute anyway… Who wants to look like a window with a curtain on? STOP While she’s ahead….

  44. In her defense, (even tho I don’t care for her attitude), the website does state, “Most of the pieces sold in this category come from various plus size vendors and are not an original design of Curvato Clothing…”

  45. That’s a shady ass woman!!!..she jus got exposed on R&B Divas for creating a phony charity so the rest of the divas would sing at her “charity event” for free is her problem? ?

  46. Nicci got a naaaaaasty attitude anyways. SHe be trying to act all innocent at time but Ms. Syleena aint having it, she know a fraud when she see’s one, it just took others forever to see what she been saying the whole time. She got a long horse mouth anyway, I DO NOT LIKE HER PERIOD!!! Thanks.

  47. lawd!!!! okay can we give her credit for having so many rabbits being pulled out of a hat!!!! lol lol lawd!! remember she said I don’t see what a paper in a hat would solve on the show lawd lol lol now whose pulling from hats now lawd im speechless whats next!!!! nicci. look !! if you watch the tape closely when angie stone said is this charity nicci was lost for words she wasent expecting charity to come up cause that was not in her plan so she just agreed with angie on charity lmfao lol lol

  48. In order to name anything “Curvato” shouldn’t you as the designer at least have CURVES???? #CouldHaveHadAv8

  49. You So messy… And I LOVE IT… Damn if we can’t get U on TV what we gotta do to get You on Sirus Satelite….. They Sleep on you

  50. OMGGGG!!!! DFL I LIVE FOR YOU DINEVA!!!!! Dirt Baby!!! Was considering a purchase!!! I’m on my way to the local Chinese Carryout to get in touch with one of their cousins instead!!! Love your T baby!!!!❤❤❤❤

  51. I don’t know why she even named the damn company “Curve” anything. She shaped like a toothbrush……

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