Funny Pictures Of People Mourning Mitt Romney

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Throughout this entire election you guys have not heard me too vocal about much of anything. Especially bashing Mitt Romney or the Republican Party. Truth is, I truly feel some kind of was about both politics and religion. I think they are two of the most divisive institutions in this country. For that reason alone, I kinda just stay out of it and try to keep my opinions to a minimum.

However, when i stumbled across these pictures on a tumblr blog that carried a rather insensitive name (White People Mourning Romney) I just had to share. I figured  i’d leave the whole “White People” thing out of my headline because we are now at a point were we need to be bringing folks together and causing further divide. All that being said, funny is funny and you can’t negate how humorous some of these pictures are. Check them out.













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12 thoughts on “Funny Pictures Of People Mourning Mitt Romney

  1. you can’t blame anyone for the choices you made .
    I know that industries must improve in specific area but not every time every industry can be in a boom

    funny people pictures

  2. For the graduate of retail managment from USC… She should have chosen a different major. You can’y blam Obama because you didnt want to take any math, science or computer classes.

  3. As a woman why would you support this fool anyway, all these folks look like they are in the 47% when will they realized that Republicans are for Rich White People not Poor White People! Its more white people of food stams and welfare than us please educate yourself.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. As a woman, how could you vote for Obama!? Obama, the one time senator who voted 3 times to allow LIVING BREATHING BABIES who survive late-term abortion to be placed ALONE, NAKED, COLD in another room until he or she died. FACT! Look it up. The BORN ALIVE ACT. He voted in FAVOR of INFANTICIDE, the murder of BORN children. He also had drones over the situation in Libya. What that means for those of you who haven’t bothered to research THE ISSUES at STAKE here, is that Obama watched the whole attack play out, live, right before his eyes, yet denied the requests of the former Navy SEALS who were in Benghazi….they asked him for HELP, he denied it, they died, along with our ambassador, Christopher Stevens. Then our moron president got on Air Force One and flew to Las Vegas to campaign and God only knows what else. Get your heads out of the sand! Obama is the worst mistake America has EVER MADE. And that which we feared is already happened. MASSIVE layoffs, critical debt load, stocks crashing…and when we’re all living in boxes, and our kids are starving and there is nothing left, as much as I will want to say I TOLD YOU SO, I won’t. But I’m telling you now, you made a huge and possibly fatal mistake for America. My WWII veteran grandfather, my Vietnam era veteran father, and my 3X deployed Iraq soldier husband fought for the America we used to be. This nation we live in now, it’s unrecognizable. THIS is NOT THE REPUBLIC that our veterans fought for. NOT THIS disaster. I am a poor female Republican. I’ve been a Republican since September 12, 2001, after I actually STUDIED the platforms of each of the two major parties. Democrats want to represent a democracy, and that’d be fine, except for one itsy bitsy condition…AMERICA IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. It IS, however, a Constitutional REPUBLIC. Look up the difference. Republics give the power of government to EACH AMERICAN. Our founding fathers never used the word DEMOCRACY in any way, shape or form. A democracy allows a large group of people to bully a smaller group of people. We don’t do that in America. Shame on all Obama supporters. For you information, though, the “funny” photos you are showing aren’t mourning for MITT, those people are mourning for AMERICA. This country is 50/50 split, and I don’t believe that gap between conservatives and liberals can ever be bridged again.

  4. Even more funny about that last set, Australia doesn’t have a president, they have a prime minister… who is not a “he”, but a “she”… and is not a Christian, but an Atheist. I’m just saying.

    • I will not Deal with you today HoneyDipt you just broke that poor uninformed Kristen stupid comment all the way down. Bless Kristen’s uneducated heart. But Maniacal laugh all day!!!!!! Thank you for serving me the realness I needed for the rest of the day!

  5. Funny thing about the last set of tweets by that Kristen chick is, Romney isn’t even a Christian, he is a Mormon. Mormonism and Christianity are two different things. Mormons don’t even believe in Jesus. People like Kristen are why you should never vote with your Bible and why we have the electoral vote. I really wish these fools would do their research before they choose their candidate. So glad President got four more years. Woot woot lol.

      • Mormons believe in Jesus Christ, same as Protestants, same as Catholics. Do your research. (I’m protestant, so nothing to gain by me straightening out the lie about Mormons.)

      • Actually Ms Premo, Mormans are not Christians.. They are not under the Protestant umberella. They DO however believe in Jesus (actually have morman friends) They ‘re really nice people.. but in actuality, they are considered to most a a cult.

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