Girl With Tig-Ole Bitties Not Happy With Backlash. See What She Has To Say To You HATERS (Video)

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No Tea, No shade, but this right here adds a brand new meaning to Birthday Suit! Meet Shantel. What started out as a fun night out to celebrate her birthday has turned into a big girl dog & pony show over night. Shantel insists all the negative feedback, jokes, and insults that have been hurled her way are the product of haters hating. Sidebar, I hate that we now live in a world where the minute you disagree with something you are labeled a hater. Anyway, Shantel goes on to say that folks are just jealous of her and no matter what they think, she knows she looked good! hmmmm ok…

Are people hating? Are people truly jealous of Shantel and all her pleather glory?  I think not! Let me cut all this Devil’s Advocate bullsh!t out. What’s understood needs no understanding. In Shantel’s heart of hearts, if she truly thought she looked good, she would not feel the need to defend herself. Secondly, with breast that large jammed in plastic that small, she new good & well that she would garner a whole lot of attention. Much to her dismay, it wasn’t the attention she bargained for.

The internet has been going in and letting have on this plus sized beauty and her painted on couture.  Engineering students from top ivy league institutions have deemed the enigma of how this tiger managed to squeeze into this catsuit, more perplexing than how the great pyramids of Egypt were built.

Are we hating? Does this really look good? Are we giving her a little too much heat? Look at Shantel’s video and you decide.

Fast forward to the 2:30 mark

What are your thoughts?

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261 thoughts on “Girl With Tig-Ole Bitties Not Happy With Backlash. See What She Has To Say To You HATERS (Video)

  1. The name-callings in class continued unhindered. I ignored the “Oi Chashmeesh!” and “Abe Ainak Singh!” the best I could. The popularity I had enjoyed started dwindling the same way my eyesight had dwindled. The girls in my class, who used to be friendly to me earlier, now would not talk to me. The guys would not talk to me without making at least one reference about my “owl-eyes”. Bhaskar did his best not to hurt me, but I would definitely get hurt when I could see him smiling when he thought I was not looking, when the others cracked jokes about me behind my back. I knew that, the specs I hated so much had to become a part of my personality, and I had to adapt to them the way a defeated warrior accepts his fate.

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  3. im all for confident women….its but with confidence a woman needs to be aware what looks good on her and what doesnt look good.being able to see that doesnt make you insecure in the least. she isnt an ugly woman nor do i think her size is repulsive but it is not a good outfit for her size

  4. No hate necessary the outfit is a mess and shame on her friends for not pointing that out to her and making her change before she left the house, I would be looking at them sideways cause a real friend will tell you when you a hot mess. If she wanted to wear the catsuit that is all fine and good but get it in a size that can acommodate your frame, it’s just common sense. You can’t scream haters when you are at fault for looking a mess.

  5. It’s like this breasts are beautiful whether they are big or small but, this shit here is ridiculous. Woman should be looking for clothing that flatters their figure. Tight aint always right is all I got to say…My grandma used to tell me baby keep something to the imagination. If you show him all you got in the street what you gonna show him when you get home? Words of wisdom from granny take heed honey boom cause you look a hot freakin mess I’m sorry!

  6. She’s pretty BUT it looked like she squeezed into the outfit. The outfit did not complement her at all. This is a perfect example of just because it fits doesn’t mean it fits you…lol.

    • Some people like the state of denial. It is hard to except the cold hard negative truth when it comes to looking at your self. Bless her heart. lol

  7. My first thought after seeing the picture was “girl you have no friends. Friends do not let friends leave the house like that.” My second thought was “if she do have friends, what type of hot mess outfits are they wearing?”

  8. When I saw that pic I laughed till I started COUGHING!! Ohhh my goodness!! Girl, you have an azz underneath your chin!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • OMG, you made me go back and look at the picture again and when I did……. I bust out laughing too! bwahahahahahaha! Sorry, my bad.

  9. Uh no bitch you look a mess and yeah you can wear what you want but just bc they make it in your size doesn’t mean you SHOULD WEAR IT!!! Your boobs are sqqqqqeeeeeeezzzzzeeeddd in that dayum cat suit. Did get dressed in the dark and what kind of friends do you have that let you go outside with your boobs around your neck like balls? #chilecheese….#nofilter

  10. It’s not hating if it’s the truth. Looks like she was giving herself a mammogram. She’s extra boring too! Bitch needs toTake a communication class after she gets her mammogram results.

  11. senseless! she requires attention therefore she should stop wearing her neices clothes to make her look fabulous.

  12. If she really was not concerned about the opinion of others, as she states…. WHY WHY WHY dedicate a whole message to the comments made? Honestly, I do not feel that anyone was making negative comments on your boobs, it was the outfit in a whole. I as a plus size female, do not care what you wear and I think that all women are beautiful at any size. However the outfit was rather…umhhhh eye catching, and the “relevancy” that she is speaking of is actually negativity. I would rather people focus on the fact that she is an African American woman out here on her hustle verses being seen as someone wearing a trashy outfit and being mad that people came so hard on her. The outfit screamed look at me… now it seems like there is anger because it was taken the exact way it was meant to be taken.

  13. She looks horrible in that outfit. And its not about her weight. It truly isn’t. Women need to wear clothes that will cater to their figure (breasts, ass, hips)and this isn’t one of them. She is not ugly, either. Please try again. Or maybe look into getting a breast reduction and maybe you can wear disgusting outfits like that. Do not confuse hate with keeping it real. You do not look cute in this outfit.

  14. Hilarious! Her YouTube rant actually made the situation worse bc she proved herself even more ratchet by opening her mouth. The outfit cd hv been excused as a one-time misguided choice, but her words backing up that hotghettomess outfit is inexcusable. Ps -hate that she is Jamaican to Bomboclaat!

  15. She shouldn’t have done it if she did not expect a reaction, positive or negative. She know she was wrong for that outfit, she couldn’t breath.

  16. No hate…We big girls need to wear things figure flattering…there are ways to showcase the girls & wow people… they are one of your best assets why abuse them in that too tight catsuit?

  17. The more women get attention from doing stuff like this the more they will continue to do it. I wish women would learn the difference between what a “hater” is and what someone speaking with common sense means.

  18. Is not even just that her breasts look terrible but the total package looks bad. She does not have the body for an outfit like that. She’s pressed together all around and her bottom half isn’t even curvy it’s just a big round belly. No waist line. She’s got life… Lol. Anyway, no one is hating on her she just looks bad. I love my body I have a small waist and big ass but I know that some things just wouldn’t work for me. But she’s just in denial. And she talking about putting people on blast, hunny chyle every time you show that pic you putting yourself on blast!

  19. Liking sushi and looking like it are two completely different things. She knew what she was doing and it backfired.

  20. This poor woman. First of all, her size is not the issue. Ther are TONS of gorgeous full figured women who know how to DRESS to flattter theif figure. She looks like a straight FOOL. And sounds more of a fool to think that anyone with EYE SIGHT would hate on someone who squeezed into an extra small trash bag. Not classy AT ALL. Just another SAD person in desperate need of ATTENTION. Even if you were small and ther are small females who have size 22 guts and you put that mess on with MASSIVE brreasts that suffocating in that awful leather nightmare, people would have said somethingg. It is always the BASIC people claiming to have hates. The only haters you have are those who are starving!

  21. All t, all shade! The outfit was too damn little and she knew that when she greased up those thighs with Cisco to squeeze up in that mess! The outfit would have been nice on her in her size and not from the BabyGap! She and who ever riding with her on this mess can stop the bull! Her friends sent her off by letting her come out like that and she looked super tacky! The end!

  22. Ms Shantel you should take a couple of seats, my dear. Nevermind them cannons sitting under her neck, the outfit was too small. I mean I understand where she was trying to go with it but she failed… miserably. Now I will say this: AT LEAST she was COVERED up and she wasn’t looking nasty, just… a little uncomfortable. That’s MY opinion and trust me, I’m NO ONE’S hater!

  23. Im just saying….Why is she talking about her breasts? They were bad…but the issue is the whole damn leather disaster. I have big breasts. 44DD to be exact and you will never catch me in a “bad bra”… if it means paying for the highprice ones…thats fine. It means my back will be okay. She is gonna develop a hump on her back from letting them thangs hang under the bottom like that…shit just look irregular.

  24. Having large breast is ok, but trying to stuff then in attire too small is unwise and it looks silly.

  25. I’m really pleased about what you said, how everyone is labeled a “hater” because you disagree or dislike something. To be honest, she looked bad but we’ve all seen way worse. I’m surprised that she’s garnered this much attention.

  26. GTFOH…..CHILE CHEESE *in my Funky Dineva voice*….. I canot stand that either….just because I don’t like your big azz looking like a fckng circus clown….doesn’t mean I’m hating….and ur stupid azz could have kept that disgraceful pic to yourself and your personal group of friends….u should have never let that shyt get out….which by the looks of that ‘GLAD’ trash bag must have been hard to do…..gurl bye have several _///////////////////

  27. Lol she was saying I have big boobs but everything on her is big….neck, arms, stomach. Wait I’m mistaken that suit was the only thing that was small #dead

  28. Hating? Child Cheese! That outfit makes her look like she has NO NECK at all, and makes her look like a man. She’d be better off on backpage TS Escort section than
    hatersdontmakeyoufamous . org / error404notfound_not_relevant.html

  29. When I first saw the pic I thought it was a joke. Nobody is hatin on her…that’s just nasty. Just because you have big boobs doesn’t mean you should squeeze them in something meant for an A cup. Plus besides your boobs that…piece of material was not meant for you.

  30. Chile please she need to sit her body made wrong ass down. My titties are big but I would never squeeze my big ass in no damn plastic bag. Her friends should’ve told her that wasn’t hot cause I damn sure would have.

  31. The bitch sound dumb!!!!! No girl in their right mind would wear some shit like that. Her titties look like they about to bust from all that damn pressure. Anyhoo… She look like a popped can of biscuits and a god damn mess… You have no haters boo but the fashion police is looking for that ass tho…

  32. hatin has been misused and abused for years. i feel for her b/c she really thinks that people are hatin on her instead of her seeing that this fit didn’t fit. your whole middle section and bottom shouldn’t be the same size. anyway whatever her “friends” leaked this awful display of what a cat suit should look like. they knew better

  33. There’s a difference between flaunting and looking stupid. And she looks stupid. Her whole outfit is too small I should not see the lining of her spanks. And I’m nowhere near hating cause I’m apart of the big titty committee also. Your breast should not touch your chin.. You post online be prepared to get clowned.

  34. Their are some nice sexy outfits for plus size girls those are the outfits she should have tried & wore. She knew that cat suite was not right when she was able to rest her head on her breast. I also blame her friends because they didn’t tell her she should have wore that!!!

  35. when you wear clothes like these you should be ready for the whispers that comes with it. We are individuals and choose what we like I wear a 40 G bra and I would not wear this outfit, but that is my choice. It is clear that this outfit is too small, I think it was bad taste but that is my opinion but she should of least bought this in the correct size. Note to plus size girls if you wear clothes that are to tight they make you look three times bigger!!!

  36. Lol!!! I just knew that she was going to say people were hating on her. I was wondering why her friends let her go out like that and now I see why! You can’t tell the heffa nothing or you are a hater! Just a special kind if stupid! Listen sometimes! Your tities bunched up like that is not cute all day everyday! Simple as that!

  37. she looks like a freak of nature. everything is wrong with this pic. from them fat ass church mama arms to all them stomach rolls to her not having a neck to them 100 pd titties. smh

  38. in the video she says she has big boobs. but her whole body is big tho. and how was this outfit even comfortable? look like it’s digging into her shoulders. she bouta give herself a double mastectomy. if u don’t think being delusional is real here it is folks!

  39. wait a gotdamn minute! this heffa is actually walking around with a ASS on her chest. look @ the pic again. she looks re-damn-diculous! no one in their right mind would be jealous of her. so chile please!

  40. Im a woman that DOES NOT envy breasts like that. I have an hour glass figure & I ❤ not looking like Im going to tip over bc my breasts ARE proportionate to my hips! ..Please stop gassing this chick. Her large breasts were NOT the problem. THE PROBLEM WAS SQUEEZING a size S catsuit on a size 18 body with triple F breasts, 5-6 months pregnant appearing stomach, with minimal ass & hips to balance it all. So STOP!! No one is hating, just stating the obvious. That outfit was an absolute TRAVESTY! #Dont do it

  41. Seems anyone who doesn’t agree with her exaggerated & misplaced confidence is labeled a ‘hater’. I think she’s a nice looking person who happened to put on a bad outfit. Hater.. hmmm what’s to hate on- seriously (all jokes aside) It just DON’T FIT. The word hater is & has been watered down, misused and abused to the point that this girl feels she’s being REALLY being hated on. Let’s say she did actually look banging and the outfit was at least her size… And the survey says 89% of folks thought you looked great; we can work with that but boodah no… just no. That outfit was for someone and it wasn’t you. Sorry- stating the obvious does not equate to hating. You bought an outfit you knew was too small, TIDDAYS or not… You could not fit it.. I am sure you were not what the designer of the catsuit envisioned. You put up a photo for everyone to see knowing the majority would have their vision forever affected and you were wrong shipmate. Sorry, you look a shitty mess and your “friends” are just as shitty for letting you come outside like that. I’m not going to go in and let have but if being honest and simply saying “no ma’am” makes me a hater… In the words of Meth & Red “I’ll bee dat”. She however, needs to seek counseling. Seriously. smdh haters… don’t even play yourself like that.

  42. Seems anyone who doesn’t agree is labeled a ‘hater’. I think the concept of the true meaning of what a hater is has been watered down to the point that this girl feels she’s being hated on. Ummmm let’s say she did actually look banging and the outfit was at least her size… And the survey says 89% of folks thought you looked great. Ok we can work with that but boodah nobody but you and that thirsty fool who WANT that think it looked good. Sorry stating the obvious does not equate to hating. You bought an outfit you knew was 4 sizes too small, you put up a photo for everyone to see knowing the majority would have their vision forever affected… You were wrong shipmate. Sorry you look a shitty mess and your “friends” are just as shitty for letting you come outside like that. I’m not going to go in and let have but if being honest and simply saying “no ma’am” makes me a hater… In the words of Meth & Red “I’ll bee dat”… Smh seek counseling hun. Seriously.

  43. I don’t think that it is the fact she has such large breast. A lot of us women would envy her for that. It’s how you present yourself. A hoe or a lady that I think everyone is all up in arms about. Yes, she has large breasts. Yes, she is attractive. But she dressed, in the pleather outfit like a cheap street walker. Present yourself like a lady and you will go far. And no, I’m no saying like a prude like some people think when they hear lady-like. Take a look at busty Mae West. One sexy lady with class there.

  44. Smdh!!! The only people who seem to have some type of
    problem is females. I cant stand bitches and only have gay friends. Women are so jealous. Unless you are a lesbian why the fuck you care about another female’s body???? Im sure she can get any man she want whether she look a mess or not. I dont associate with women at all. My girlfriends are my gay friends. Women are so unstable. Men dont do this simple silly ass shit. The bitch got big titties and she can stuff them morherfuckas in anything she want. Who cares?? Females stay bitter. Mad cuz she can get the attention you cant!

  45. Clearly she suffers from delusions of grandeur. I’m wondering if anybody likes her because I can’t believe her friends & fam let her walk out the house like that. A HOT MESS BETTY! No ma’am Pam! I have big boobs too & I’d never try to stuff these titties in no shit like that. It looks like she has no neck. She looks deformed & she really thinks this look good. Chile…just SMH & LOL. Hating for what? Hating on what? GUL BYE!!!!!

  46. that looks so sloppy on her she looks like them biscuits that pop out the can. I am a big girl but I wear presentable stuff if its too tight turn it in to goodwill baby ur friends should have not let u go set the hell up like that

  47. Personally, now that I’ve seen the video, I think the entire move was a media stunt to promote her internet radio show and blog

  48. okay the only problem I have is find something much larger if that particular outfit is not in your size then it is not for you there are more outfits in this world

  49. Oh let her be..not something I would wear but everyone work with what they have been given. Her cups just run over a little. I thought it was a body magic item personally. Do we not have anything else to talk about?

  50. Hot Topic?!!! More like a hot mess. If she is going to continue to dress like that, then she is doing to right thing. Stay on the radio.

  51. LOL…13 minutes of rambling! The fact of the matter is the outfit was too small for her breasts….end of story! That is not hatin’, that is just speaking truth!

  52. It really looked bad….Is there really anything else to say? There is nothing cute about wearing clothes that are too small. If your goal was to get people talking—thats cool. That happened. What is not fair is to think that someone is jealous (hating) I am fit. I wear a size 10. I would probably fit into that jumpsuit without having the extra 30 pounds of breasts then additional 35 in stomach. Iam certainly not hating for that. No hate here. Just grateful. Classy…and hopefully you wont have a gang of videos with all that boob in everybody face.

  53. this ish is funny, if you put it out there people are going to judge, ithas nothing to do with how big her breast are, im big breasted but I know what to wear to make then pop, im not obese nor whould I wear and outfit if I had rolls, you can wear a girdle to smooth that out.. be sexy be cool and classy but do that ish right.. don’t get mad when you put the pic out there. by doing so you’ve opened yourself up to public opinion. but girl do you but do it in a way th at you make them hate ya because you getting yo sexy one

  54. She knows she looked a mess! Girl, it was not a secret before you put that trash bag on, while you were wearing that trash bag, and when you took the trash bag off. it was not something that you could pull off and please miss us with all that hater stuff. I will be glad when people stop hiding behind that word and realize that everybody cannot be a hater. Be honest with yourself and stay your behind out of a waste basket sized Glad bag….

  55. Are you serious? Folks are not hating on this BMW (BODY MADE WRONG) heifa. She set plus size women back majorly. She knows she was wrong for even attempting this look. Looking like the Michelin man in spanx. This is what I’m talking about to all the plus size women. There is nothing wrong what so ever with wanting to dress sexy and confident, but this is not it. Then gone throw the “H” word out. Girl boo, bye, side eye, beat feet and have a stadium full of seats. She had no business coming out the house with that on. And she obviously has no real friends because they would have told her that is not the business. Ppl always want to say ppl hating on them you ain’t nobody to hate on boo!

    • Thats the same thing I said on the Facebook post “michelin man in spanx” so I wasnt the only one thinking it lol.

  56. Ok, so when Stacy and Clinton from “What not to wear” pull her aside with that $5000 check card, will they be haters, too? Girl, bye.

  57. Why is it that wjen people voice their opinion its hate? Clearly that outfit was not her size and yet she still chose to wear it! She can have big boobs good for her but damn im a woman and I know for a fact that they should not he popping out the top like that! Period. Truth hurts.

  58. So, i didn’t watch the whole 12 min.. I got check my twitter & i got porn video running on my tv … But any who.. Da bitch is late no body listening to internet redio no more.. Bitch get on Ustream or stay on youtube

  59. I love that she didn’t even dedicate a whole video to her response. Just a few minutes within another video. That’s a way to tell your critics you see them and you don’t give a shit what they think. Love. it.

  60. If she thought she was not going to get clowned looking like the Michelin Man’s black twin sister, something is wrong with her. Ain’t nothing cute about that picture. People need to have more class and dignity about their appearance.

  61. This is complete devastation to the nation of inner tubes ! She sqweezed her big breastasis azz in it, now we are hating? No Gawd. The first black MICHELEN WO(man). #FAIL

  62. Child cheese… We are not hating on you but we do hate your friends let you leave the house like that

  63. Honestly everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. So dont be so quivk to say the word HATERS.. Folks are only voicing their freely opinion. And let me add mune freely hell.. okay wheter its high r low self esteem.. with all them damn tities smushed in that suit.. ugh… A HOT ASS MESS… She is a pretty chic but damn everything just aint for everyone.. And if she didnt want negatively than why post the shit.. oh yes maam baby all that looking like a STUFF PICNIC.. Just no class at out…

  64. She looked a mess. Now her feelings are hurt. Be careful what you post online. If she had any real friends they would have told her she looked a hot mess. It would have worked if it fitted properly

  65. That bitch know damn well she looks a mess… She know damn well that tight ass hefty bag she got on is extra uncomfortable & her breast look like the hurt… Some ppl just hell bent on being asswholes!!!!

  66. Either way she still looked a mess. I would never have allowed my friend to walk out the house looking like that. It’s not hating its the truth!

  67. im so sick of people calling anyone haters, the outfit and she would be cute if it was 1 or 2 sizes smaller. she know she looks stuffed in that. its her fault because shes holding on to a dream of a size she once was. just 1 or 2 sizes bigger and it would’ve been fine


  69. i started to listen and my attention span realized it’d rather be else where. but more power to her if she’s happy and stuff.

  70. She sounds dumb she started by saying that she called another girl a gorilla she then the girl called her out on that cheap ass too tight outfit. So its ok for her to talk about somebody but it’s hating when someone says something about her? she should’ve gotten something that fits cause that looked horrible. I have double Ds so I have no reason to hate but when you have big breast let the girls breathe.

  71. aint got time to watch no video, but i’m srry but bitch looks like she was choking the outfit. couldn’t even see her damn neck. Ain’t nobody hattin especially when u sitting here wearing the xsmall outfit u cant even breathe in. If only that outfit could talk.

  72. I think she is sexy! Why are women the most judgmental against women? What she wears is her business. She definitely has the personality to be a personality. The internet should not be a vehicle for you to bring out your inner a$$hole because nobody can touch you. Things people do and say on the internet they would not have the b@lls to do face to face.

  73. The fact of the matter is, if she would have worn the same outfit in her size she would look good.

    The only hate that is going on is the hate she is showing to the seams of that outfit, why you playing?

  74. She looks a lot better here, just needs to visit the wizard of bras. Your titties shouldn’t look like a healthy backside!

  75. i’m a 38 hh/i. she needs to be fitted for a good bra. all shade: its sloppy and spilling over. looks like 2 hams baking in spandex. Heres the tea: a good bra lifts and separates. and good bra changes ur figure and elongates your torso. bras go up to size R. yes R. In our size they now come sorts of styles, colors and are made for multiple functions from sport bras, to strapless, to sexy, t-shirts, 7 in 1, to full coverage. its $60 and worth the investment. i’m a big girl. I have skinny friends too but sometimes they don’t want to hurt ur feelings or they think ur sloppy mess anyway. my friends skinny and big friends keep it 100% because they are a shady bunch of coconuts.She really needs a big sista-friend to be her Vagga Bance on her journey to properly fitting clothes.

  76. she dead wrong and need to buy clothes that fit her body type and go have 3 seats with that size small catsuit on from Tag Boutique

  77. I understand she’s going to do what she wants regardless. but there is no way that looks good. if she ok with it then, hey

  78. She’s delusional if she thinks the problem with the outfit is her breast. No hate here, damn shame. …

  79. I know everyone been saying it but I WILL NOT HATE ON ANYBODY that decided to go to the back of their closet and pull out the tightest smallest outfit they could find and stuff their titties in it..NO MA’AM!!!…she look like she put on a lot of baby oil just to put it on…I have high self esteem but I would not do that to myself…I think we all can agree that it also looks like when she tried to get the car that night she had to slide in because the outfit was just too damn tight!!!!…me HATE no never….please take several seats and exit to the left because nobody checking for you boo…point blank period!!!!

  80. But no one is hating. It was just a distasteful outfit for her body type. It’s more of a reach out to her to let her know its not becoming on her.

  81. Im big chested. 38hh/i What she needs is a good bra fitting honestly. mo hate but a good bra will change ur shape. u should not have them look sufficating. they should have space between, and no muffin top. no a good bra cost me 60-r80 dollars but its worth not looking sloppy of stuff. i have full coverage ones, sport bras, strapless bras, convertible bra and balcony bras, pretty colors and textures etc. so there is no excuse. Just go get fitted and buy them cheaper online. i promis u it would change her tacky life. i still get question about my breast size so if she is worried about them looking smaller don’t.

  82. She is pretty but the outfit is all wrong. Clothes are made in sizes for a reason. She wants attention and now the attention is negative, she is upset.

  83. Sad part about this is she believes that the backlash and negative comments are too critical on her wardrobe choice. Delusional!!!! Any one looking in the mirror at themselves and seeing their boobies shoved up in their neck should not think that is an attractive sexy or whatever type of look she was going for. Point blank baby girl, the suit was way way way way too Small! Lastly,you should have never posted the picture if you didn’t want the internet to judge it. let them puppies breaveeeeeee

  84. Hell I am a french fry away from not being able to wear that shit and I still wont wear it! SMH! Girl get a grip and throw that “vegan” jumpsuit in the trash! SMH again….

  85. Child cheese…I couldnt even sit there and watch the whole video. She’s one big ass contradiction. The shit didnt fckin fit and it looked a mess. Bottom line. Smh. She should have left it alone and let it ride.

  86. She’s so pretty, but that outfit wasn’t it. Of course she’s not happy about the feedback!

  87. She needs some real friends. Whoever snapped that photo obviously is not. I’m not hating. There is such a thing as wearing clothing that’s appropriate for your body type. She has all the confidence in the world, but confidence with out fashion sense doesn’t make sense.

  88. i couldnt watch it all, too long but no…im not hating and Dineva u right about how anytime somebody’s got an opposing opinion on something they automatically hating when really, I just dont like the shit! lol. Her body aint right for that, MY body aint right for that and I’ll be damned if u see me out in public in something that obviously horrible looking

  89. Im have those breasts nothing to hate on…..Commend her for repping for women like us but you can still be sexy and wear your size! Hell we can wear a t-shirt and you can tell we have sum breasts!

  90. Chile boo…You committed capital murder suffocating those titties…it is what it is….it’s not about your boobage, it’s about you stuffing a pair of 40GGG titties inside a unit made for a 32B….


  92. Lol, she’s apparently have some insecure issues, poor thing. Somebody bless her with a gift card to Lane Bryant.

  93. She thinks the hate is coming from the fact that she has big boobs. Ummm no! The problem is you tried to stuff them and your big stomach in a tiny piece of pleather!

  94. Let me preface this by saying that I do not believe in internet bullying…I do NOT.

    But this is a grown woman who should have had enough common sense and life experience to know what type of reaction her dressing up in a too small, stank-azz outfit and parading around the internet would have inspired in folks.

    She asked for it! Bottom line, she should have known better.

  95. Chile cheese @@(rolls eyes)… I was church nappin on this lil video yaddah yaddah …so u have big boobs n like ice cream cone tight shirts blahhh…rotfl @ Dineva Pleather ooo dear gawd ctfu ian hear that in 4evah who does pleather on ya body…look like a damn plastic couch from House in a Box (cheap furniture store fill all ya rooms deals)… girll bye imma tune in to her show to get a good ole church napp zzzzz jk

  96. After listening to her video response, I think she is actually hurt about the nasty comments. MY OPINION is, the top would have looked better had it fit and not appeared tight. In the pic in the corner is a shot of her in a pink tank top, that was a nice look. You can’t really hide large breasts, but making them look nice as opposed to too tight or flopping around is a challenge, but can be done. Everyone is not a hater. She’s dissing folks on her video and needs to learn that if you’re going to dish it out, you better be ready to take it.

  97. She seems to think the hate is coming from the fact that she has big boobs. Unmmm no! The problem is that you tried to stuff those big boobs in that tiny piece of leather!

  98. i am a big girl with big titties as well and i wud never…she know she wrong for that…its not like she a ugly chic, too cute to b tryin so hard…ijs.

  99. Chile cheese! Ain’t nobody got time for her raggedy ass! I ain’t even listening to wtf she gotta say! You a hot ass! Have several!

  100. She keep saying she had big boobs….but she failed to mention she got a big ole stomach too…..

  101. I’d of felt better had she exercised her right to remain silent.. Sitchononfactorassdownsomewhere, and get some real friends

  102. Somebody needs to be walking her sraight to the alter on Sunday Morning because God is the only one that can help her, if she’s thinking that’s HOT!!! More like a NOT!!

  103. I wouldn’t waste my time finding out what she has to say…her appearance tells me more than enough about her.

  104. Why she mad about being “Built up Hateful” like that!! She look like she can’t breathe. What she want us to do?

  105. Listen I have a big butt I know this so does every one else when the see me coming, but I don’t walk around in pants with the cheeks cut out in place mesh on top of it & say here’s my birthday outfit. I respect myself enough to cover it up and still feel sexy. Being covered up don’t mean you’re UN sexy. Cover them thangs up Chile.

  106. Lmao! She’s mad bc she knows she looked ridiculous. Just for her, ima repost the picture.

  107. I don’t think to many folks are hating. It’s the truth. It’s ways to be sexy with out looking crazy

  108. ….what did she expect??? She had on the outfit for a reason….to gain attention. Don’t be mad at us because it was negative, that was the chance she took by squeezing into a “too little” outfit. What is wrong with these people??? So now she mad???

  109. Why would I hate on that mess. When you are not that bright and Miss Thing cannot be because she actually thought she looked good is this size small hefty trash bag costume. Why do people immediately use the term “hating” when one is expressing their honest opinion about something or someone that doesn’t look appropriate. I have no reason to hate on anything messy or circus like. I do have reason to comment on how horrible she looks in that costume. Tell her to open up a dictionary and develop a bigger and broader vocabulary because the term “hating/hater” is not what you want to use in this instance. That’s it and that’s all.

  110. really hating !!! girl please ur titties is spilling out soo bad u cant even see ur neck. like u really should be mad at who took this pic for u…real friends will be honest with u and say. look girl this outfit is not it…ur pretty and all that I wont take that away but like , giiirll really???? . yea let me stop hating ??? go find sum real friends cause real friends woulda told u from the jump… NO MAMM..

  111. She’s a pretty lady. There was no need for her to wear something this tight. If she wanted to wear this type of thing boo why not get it custom made so your boobs can fit comfortably in the outfit? No one is hating. They feel bad for you because you are making an ass out of yourself.

  112. She does not have the body to be wearing a Cat suit and im not hating on her (I DONT EVEN KNOW THIS LADY….. Dineva Voice) Just stating my honest opinion. She looks ridiculous. Her tittys look like they are about to pop and her body looks like the michelin man in spanks.

  113. She did TOO much. Period. My breast are just as big if not bigger, and I personally don’t like that “right up under my neck” look…Its not cute. The folk that she thinks are “hating” are saying what her “friends” should have told her before she walked out the door…Biiiiitch, you look a mess.

  114. She has a misconception of the term “sexy”. You can be big and sexy ma, but with that comes great responsibility. Clearly, she’s showing everything else BUT responsibility.

  115. To quote Common, “If I don’t like it, I don’t like, that don’t mean that I’m hating”. However, I am hating on the fact that she decided to post a 13 min response that should’ve only been 2 min long. Long winded and ain’t saying shit.

  116. LMAO!!!! The boobs weren’t/aren’t the problem…the problems are

    1. Ugly
    2. Cheap
    3. Tight
    4. Tasteless
    5. Yeast infection material
    6. Looks stank
    7. I can smell u through the pic…all sweaty & ish…
    8. U wayyyyy to big for that
    9. This does nothing to flatter or flatten u n any way, shape, form, or fashion
    10. FAIL!!!

  117. she said “i dont know who took my picture i posted on instagram and sent it around” is she delusional??? the internet is not private, anybody cudve gotten that photo! from the time u click share, its no longer your private property!

  118. I LOVE how people think we’re hating on them. Ma’am, we would be hating on you if you have an equal amount of HIPS AND ASS to go with those titties you’re so desperate to show off. PLEASE go find your daddy so he can tell you he loves you, and PLEASE go find your self-esteem on the way to your father’s house. #sitdown

  119. ” I hate that we now live in a world where the minute you disagree with something you are labeled a hater” So true and its sickening

  120. You know what Dineva… I am done with you. “Engineering students from top ivy league institutions have deemed the enigma of how this tiger managed to squeeze into this catsuit, more perplexing than how the great pyramids of Egypt were built.” I just screamed and almost fell out my chair with laughter.

  121. I mean she is pretty. But should a woman be able to motor boat her own boobies? lol IJS!

  122. Von…here we go. Girl bye, you and your tig ol bitties needed to do a 2nd run in the closet. Real chicks wouldn’t let you go out like that. IJS…it’s not hate.

  123. She still looks dumb as fuck! Shut up thickness…aint nobody hating on your ass! You need to hate on your friends who set your dumb ass up and let you walk out like that! Birthday Party or not….

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