Her Hair Is Layed Like, WTF!! Fox New’s Pam Oliver

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Sonic The Hedgehog REALNESS!

No Gawd Pam Oliver! You make too much money for you to be on TV with your hair looking like this. Pam is serving Sonic The Hedgehog REALNESS! Please weigh in on what you think Pam’s hair is layed like. Want to nominate someone for a place under the My Hair Is Laye Like WTF spotlight? Email their picture and what you think they’re hair is layed like to FunkyDineva@FunkyDineva.com. L

Leave a comment. Please let pam know just what you think of her hair.

Don’t hold back! Go in and let have!

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67 thoughts on “Her Hair Is Layed Like, WTF!! Fox New’s Pam Oliver

  1. That´s actually one of her better do´s. Most of the time she looks like she´s been running up and down the field with the rest of the players, sweating and stuff. Now it just looks like she stood in front of an industrial fans. But it´s too cold for that ish.

  2. the post u have of the autistic couple has the comments disabled so responding here. Ur an evil bitch for that. A complete piece of shit. Found it cruel and mean spirited. It seems the more money u are making the more cruel you are becoming. You’ve been blessed with a following and platform which started as a unique perspective of entertainment news, but has become a complete mess. I see why ur single bitch! And I see why you’re not in Dade anymore! 305 would not put up with ur mess. You wouldn’t make it out here trust. Fuck you Q!

  3. finally! I been waiting on somebody to call out Ms. Oliver…I look at her Sunday after Sunday and wonder WTF! No she is not the most attractive thing in the world ..but somebody …I said SOMEBODY can give her a better wig than that. Pam Oliver you should be ashamed of yourself. that is all.

  4. She don’t have uninhibited access to the men’s locker room for no reason. The same reason that her hair is a mess is the same reason she probably spends most of her time in the locker room. Not too hard (no pun) to figure out.

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