If You Don’t Make Line, Just Sue Your Way Into AKA. That’s What These 2 Are Trying To Do

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Chile, what happen to the days when if you were rejected you picked your face up, told everyone around you to kiss your a**, and you went on about your business. Hunty, I guess they are long gone. These days, some of the more lame brand of college students have taken all the fun out of aspiring to be Greek.

There once was a time where being CHOSEN instilled a certain pride in individuals, not anymore! Now, people just want to sign up for sororities as if they are the Girl Scouts Of America. If they don’t make it the first time around or get selected on their terms, then they want to sue their way in. This seems to be the case with 2 Howard University students seeking membership into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. The gag is, the sorority is a sisterhood. What good is being a member of a sorority when no one within the organization will associate with you. Seems kind of counter intuitive to me. Catch these T’s

Zeta Omicron AKA Fall 2001- FSU

Zeta Omicron (Florida State University)  AKA Fall 2001

The Washington City Paper reports that two Howard University students have sued Alpha Kappa Alpha, accusing the sorority of human rights violations; the plaintiffs have also sued Howard University, for allegedly refusing to protect sorority pledges:

According to the lawsuit, [Laurin] Compton and [Lauren] Cofield’s trouble began when they were invited to “Ivy Day,” a ceremony for outgoing and prospective AKA members in the second semester of 2010. The two then-freshmen were expecting to find sisterhood, but what they allegedly found instead was hazing!
Some of the “hazing” rules sound innocuous, if extensive, like being forbidden from wearing the sorority colors of pink and green or any colors that could be blended into pink and green. In one humorous moment, the lawsuit notes that the pledges, who were called the “sweets,” couldn’t even wear white pearls.

Other hazing allegations are more serious. At one point, the pledges were told not to talk to non-sorority members at Howard, according to the suit. “[Alpha Kappa Alpha members] on campus addressed the sweets by calling them weak bitches,” Compton’s mother wrote in a complaint to the sorority.

After Cofield’s mother, also an Alpha Kappa Alpha sister, complained, the two pledges found themselves ostracized in the sorority for being “snitch-friendly” or “snitch-sympathists.”

Being a member of a Greek letter organization I must say, this is a bunch of Malarki. Let it be known that I am one of those Greeks that does feel some kind of way about hazing in the form of paddling, sleep deprivation, and other forms of torment; BUT GOT DAMN!!! Not being able to wear the sororities colors, not being able to wear pearls, not being seeing at the popular campus hang out. These were all things that were part of the game. Hell, when I was in college, people gave their all to participate in these types of intake traditions.

Give me a break ladies! You are lame, whoever is advising you is lame, and if you manage to sue your way in, it may appear as a win, but you’ve really loss. Think about it! (elbows & feet on ground, chin place on knuckles, body off the ground). Those that sued their way don’t know bout that! See how lame that is. BYE

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What are your thoughts on this? Greeks and non Greeks sound off!


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79 thoughts on “If You Don’t Make Line, Just Sue Your Way Into AKA. That’s What These 2 Are Trying To Do

  1. at the end of the day…i do not want to be where im wanted….if they do win…hell will they sue for them to be nice to them? just move on.

  2. Sororities arent the same way they were before I guess.this is just a guess I don´t know for sure. I´m assuming back then it was more sisterhood, good charachter, morals, volunteering and now its party, drink, haze. If that´s the case they should be banned because life is more precious than hazing to fit in

  3. You’re right they will NEVER know about ‘watching what’s on TV”, or “the thinking man”, NO SSS. Kills me…But apparently, this is happening all over, at my old institution, they make their own greek organizations and rump around as if they are real….DONE!

  4. WOW!! I pleaded about 9 years ago. I never understood why people wanted to be apart of something so badly. But once I joined I understood. Suing is not going to make the situation better. Sometimes I wished that we could just get rid of this “pledging process” to belong. Why cant you just have good grades, positive attitude, community involvement. Sign a paper, pay your dues, and just get into the organization.

  5. That´s the chance you take. You either get chosen or not. If they took anybody, they might as well not have a pledge period. I went through the pledge process and I went to hell to and if I had gotten rejected, I wouldn´t not have sued because in the end if would have been their loss.

  6. America feels everyone else should fight their battles. People no longer take an ´L´ and move on.. they whine, bitch and moan OH and now sue -about not getting what they want instead of just dealing with not being picked. bratty mentality.

  7. LAME. As a fellow AKA inducted in 1998, I had to go through way worse. Those girls need to grow the He!! up. If they make it they will absolutely not be accepted we are sisters, and I treat these girls just like I do my blood sisters. I don’t feel that I would ever do that for these girls, they don’t know what it’s like to be a sister.

  8. Why one Gods green earth would i let someone who got us suspended for two years cause she couldn’t wear pink and green into my chapter? AKAs nationwide will never accept these two.

  9. One of the girls is a legacy from that same chapter. They should have let her in . This is such bad publicity for such a respected organization- the Supreme Basilieus flew in to DC for the hearing, so thus is a really big deal. I hope the girls find favor”

    • I agree. What is the big deal? They seem like decent girls and they are not the first are the last girls that will be added to a line. This should have been handled internally.

  10. Why would anyone want to be a part of something they don’t want you to be a part of? How about focusing on your education and career…which is the REAL REASON people go to college!

  11. As a member of the Divine 9, I would be enraged if my sorority’s reputation
    was smeared in such a manner. There are MANY reasons why individuals are
    not selected for the membership intake process. Maybe she does not have a
    good reputation on campus or did not attend any community service events held by the
    chapter. It’s clear that there did something missing in their character that they feel a need to
    file a lawsuit to obtain membership. The mother should have smacked her child upside the
    head for this foolishness, not support it. She is definitely not teaching her child to work hard
    for what she wants in life.

  12. I am white, and even this sounds like some white people shit to me. Quoth Nene, I would tell em, “Don’t let it hit ya where the good lord split ya,” and start my own thing..

  13. I am a follow greek and I had to endure much more than what these ladies are complaining about. I think that what they were asked to do was simple. I don’t think that they should be allowed to be a member, If they are they will forever get the cold shoulder. LAME!

  14. Not everyone who wants to pledge should be accepted!! Why would you want to be a part of an organization who does not want you?? I can’t understand that all! Please…I am sure there are other organizations that really need members …..they will take them! This organization is the first and best so I can understand….BUT they need to get their life! LOL

  15. Lame indeed!! Get over it, shake it off and try again! hey are confusing privilege with rights! Elitist attitude at its best. God help our orgs!

  16. I love your tagline for this post! But as a member of this beautiful sisterhood I will refrain from speaking on this particualr incident because there are two real issues at stake: Although the sorority MUST maintain standards regadless of legacy, hazing is WRONG period.

  17. That is a mess indeed…..I guess they will form their own chapter…who would want them as a sister…no bonding experience at all!

  18. What type of experience do they think they are going to have? Im giving their mother’s a ole nasty stank face side eye! What type of Soror would participate in this type of tomfoolery? My daughter will know its NOT easy becoming a member of my beloved Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc! She will also know its not the people you want to be apart of but the legacy!

  19. I’m sorry, I didn’t know that world peace had been declared, world hunger ended, all diseases cured, and cellulite and acne were now a thing of the past. Because surely, if people are resorting to this, that means that all those problems are solved and this is the biggest thing anyone has to worry about, right?

  20. This is probably true, because my niece was “on-line” at JSU and some of the same things those girls are accusing is what happened to her, and she was willing to be a part of this “sisterhood” and ignore all of those silly things they were told they couldnt do, but unfortunately one of the “Sisters” decided to put her hands on one of the pledges and she reported her to the President of the university and the line was broken up so she wasn’t able to become a part of the “Sisterhood”. I think all of that is silly and immature because once you become a part of the “Sisterhood” all the stupid things you did to get in you will never do again in that sorority.

  21. Funny that they’re both named Lauren. Hilarious actually. FD you are killing me in that last paragraph… but everything isn’t for everybody.

  22. Total and utter BS! And, they wonder why sorors hate legacies. SMH. This sense of entitlement is going to be their downfall.

  23. They’re complaining that their human rights were violated because a group that they chose to pledge wouldn’t let them wear pink or pearls? HAVE THEY READ ANY NEWSPAPERS LATELY? It seems like they have lost touch with “real problems” and people who have them.

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