Is Kelly Price Dragging Dawn Robinson’s Career To Hell? Will Dawn’s Blind Loyalty Cost Her Everything?

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So I’ve just got through watching episode 6 of R&B Divas LA, and I am really feeling some kind of way about Dawn Robinson. I can’t really pinpoint what I’m feeling right now. Up until episode 6, I was really rocking with Dawn, but after watching how she abruptly quit the monologue show following behind Kelly, my feelings have changed. For those who may be in the dark, during episode 6, Kelly Price meets with Chante Moore and Lil Mo and announces that she is quitting the monologue show. She cites that she is extremely busy, booked, and spread too thin (pun intended).

Personally, I think it was an arrogant power play on Kelly’s behalf because she could not get her way and her ego was bruised. I feel Kelly’s quitting the monologue show was a spiteful effort to sabotage the overall project.  I really think that In Kelly’s mind she thought she was the main attraction and that if she were not apart of the show, no one would really buy tickets. It’s unfortunate that In Kelly’s bag of props alongside her timberlands, Vaseline, and straight edge that she didn’t have a crystal ball to see that once R&B Divas LA aired, she would lose droves of fans and moreover the respect of the masses. All in all, right, wrong, or indifferent I can understand why Kelly quit. I may not agree, but can certainly understand. That leaves the question why did Dawn Robinson quit?


In the scene after Kelly announces she is quitting, Lil Mo is seen sharing with Dawn and Michelle’ the news of Kelly’s departure. We go to commercial break, return, the women are at rehearsal, and Dawn Robinson walks in, haves a seat, and announce that she is quitting the show as well. At this point Michelle’ and Lil Mo are confused as hell and so are the viewers. Dawn what is the problem? You’ve expressed no major issues up until this point, why are you quitting? Dawn tries to meander her way out of intense questioning by saying she is quitting because the girls have had 4 rehearsals already and that she is so far behind. All along, Dawn is fully aware the group is really no further along than she is. After further scrutiny, Dawn lets it be known through some tired a$$ filibustering she is quitting because this was not Kelly’s original vision and she feels some kind of way. The whole time, Lil Mo nor the viewer at home believes anything she has to say. It is evident that the playground politics mandated that Dawn could not be the other ladies friend and Kelly’s friend too. When being blindly loyal goes wrong…

not-ya-mamas-monologuesIt is evident that Dawn and Kelly had some conversations that we were not privy to where Kelly was able to sway Dawn or where Dawn from a place of weakness, insecurity, and feeble mindedness felt the need to follow behind Kelly.  Is it me, or does Dawn Robinson have a self sabotaging habit of ruing group relationships that ultimately benefit her? I’m just saying, En Vogue, Lucy Pearl… It surprises me that Dawn would walk away from the one reason they were all brought there in the first place.

Let me take a moment to explain how television shows like this are made. You’ve got five women who under normal circumstances have no ties to one another and most likely would not come in contact with one another on a daily basis. To get all five women together consistently enough to gather enough footage to make a show, there needs to be a nucleus. The nucleus is this case is the monologue show. However, in the grand scheme of the things, the nucleus could be any project. That being said, before the first camera ever rolled, way back during contract negotiations, Dawn new that she would be expected to be part of a collaborative “project” that would propel all the women to higher heights and re-launch a few of their careers.  Knowing this, and being the main person who needs assistance, (seeing that non of her solo efforts have ever amounted to much of anything) it baffles me how she would walk away from “the project”. I feel like Dawn has allowed her loyalty and her emotions to get in the way of her business. I hope Kelly Price is going to help Dawn pay her bills, or hire her to be a background singer seeing that she is so booked.

tumblr_mqrbplW2PT1s71m0qo3_250Now let me hip you to the T. Lil Mo didn’t come out to LA because she liked sunny weather, she came out to LA specifically for this project. She saw and opportunity with R&B Divas and she seized the moment. That being said, that is why Mo is so passionate about seeing this through to the end.  Unlike some of the other ladies who actually live in LA who can quit the project without much loss, Mo’s sole purpose in being there is the project. This is why I feel Mo really felt some kind of way when Dawn quit. When Kelly Quit is was sort of a good thing because it meant the ladies could move forward as one cohesive unit. When Dawn quit, Sh!t got real because it began to look like things were falling apart.

What’s unfortunate is that in Dawn’s heart she really feels like she is being a good friend to Kelly. What’s sad is Kelly is not returning the favor. True in deed, at the present there is probably more demand for Kelly Price than some of the other ladies. In Kelly’s defense, she does not have to be apart of the project and she will be alright. The same does not hold true for Dawn Robinson.  With zero solo success and no real reputation as a solo artist, of all the ladies, Dawn and Claudette Ortiz would probably rank lowest on the list for demand and ability to sell tickets. Knowing this, I can’t respect Kelly for not all but urging Dawn to continue on with the ladies because this could be a great opportunity for her, despite how Kelly may feel about the whole thing personally. And I definitely can’t respect Dawn who is too stupid to see that Kelly’s issues have nothing to do with the business of it all and the BIGGER picture. But hey, these are just my two cents… What do I know…

R&B Divas LA: Kelly Price’s FINISHED Monologue Show Worse Than 1st Grade Easter Play (watch)


Is Kelly Price Dragging Dawn Robinson’s Career To Hell? Will Dawn’s Blind Loyalty Cost Her Everything?

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124 thoughts on “Is Kelly Price Dragging Dawn Robinson’s Career To Hell? Will Dawn’s Blind Loyalty Cost Her Everything?

  1. nah jelly rice ain’t dragging her nowhere…………she was a fill-in diva from the start……just like city high girl (had to google her and still don’t remember the song….remember the ex-husband from sister…back to the habit whoopi film tho)……..dawn was off the radar forever

  2. You can easily see that Dawn is delusional! She’s actually out here defending, protecting and doing damage control t
    For Kelly Prices actions on the show. Is she crazy? Did she not see herself on the same show? Does she realize that nearly as
    Many ppl are also cutting her down and seeing for themselves for the 1st time how fragile, paranoid, weak, mentally unstable
    She looks, confirming Lil Moe’s conclusion that she breaks up groups, good things, even GREAT things like En Vogue. I think she’s crazy and has mad me a lil crazy watching her. No mind of her own but she thinks she REALLY being centered and thinks level headed one. She’s like a pyromaniac, likes playing with fire (groups, projects, shows, productions, and then she takes her fetish to another level and torches them like an arsonist. Sits back and likes to see all of the carnage (other ppl’s carreers) and all of the aftermath that follows. she’s the only one of the ladies with a well known reputation as a (Troubled Artist) so she said in an interview, and she goes yet on another venture just to not disappoint and this in front of the whole world. No doubt in my mind Dawn that yes you are a troubled artist. More than just a lil troubled. You make problems for ppl. Anyway she’s out here taking up for Kelly Price not once taking ownership for all of the less than flattering things she did to her is self. Like, is she proud of she and Kelly’s not so Classy Monologues, since she said she was concerned earlier that she comes from a classy group and accepts nothing less. Well Kelly sure did her a disservice, the show had a real monologue in which she could have shined in like the other ladies. Now here she is on You Tube looking like REALLY! Has it come to this?

  3. Dawn’s weak ass aint had no career for over a decade! If she knew what was best for her she would have stayed with the other ladies because their Divalouges show was off the chain. Kelly’s jealous ass lead her astray…sad that a grown ass woman follows a bitch that is so selfish and self centered yet insecure, and not to mention as wide as a damn bus. Dawn is blindly loyal for sure, sadly Kelly’s just going to end up kicking her ass to the curb after using her. That 47 year old is so naive, it is crazy!

    Meanwhile… Lil Mo’, Chante Moore, Claudette Ortiz and Michel’le should be proud because they did an excellent job.

  4. Wrong. Mo was already in L.A. Trying to do her own reality show but hadn’t gotten picked up yet. She’s been trying to grab spotlight for the last couple of years.

  5. As ghetto as lil mo is she kept it real with Kelly and Dawn. If Kelly felt some way about the girls stealing her idea, then say that. You’re 40 years old and can’t communicate properly??, c’mon man that’s apart of being a grown woman. They say God doesn’t make mistakes and that is why Kelly has not reached the plateau of her career. Her attitude. You can’t say I’m a church girl and nothing about your attitude radiates God.

  6. i completely agree with everything you have said. And i do feel as though dawn is VERY emotional and it clouds her judgment and i think she will continue to struggle a bit til she gets herself in check.. she should have been at the therapy session lol

  7. first off Dawn shouldnt be looking friends at 65. I also believe she is the one running back to Kelly, telling shit that went on while wasnt there and twisting it up. Kelly kerp saying “yall were talking about me.” like bitch please, no one was thinking about your fat ass. Kudoss to Chante Moore sticking up for herself. Lil M, love her but she and everybody else should have stuck by Chante the day Kelly was acting like a fool.

  8. The only friend dawn needs is Jesus. Kelly arrogant ass needs a reality check cause they do not announce her name for up coming shows on the radio..B***h, go do some sit ups and also, stop using Whitney death as some sort of come back beacause even before that, me and im pretty sure have totally forgot about you

  9. I like Lil Mo too because she speaks up for herself.. She kept her composure until Dawn showed her true colors.. Her ass was talking shit doing the show about Kelly but failed to mention that.. Her scary weak two faced ass needs to exit left running..

    • You’re not a soul music fan then, because all of them have sold millions of records, and some of them have had multiple huge hits. Maybe you’re real young and don’t listen to or familiarize yourself with music beyond what is on the radio today. In that case you would not be hearing them because they don’t have current hits, which is why they’re on the show.

  10. Reality TV is not meant for everybody and perhaps neither Kelly or Dawn should have done R&B Divas LA, Lil´ Mo iz ghetto ratchet and over-dramatizing EVERYTHING to possibly get her own show one day, honesty speaking, Chante Moore comes across as the best of the six ladies overall, which is irritating the hell outta Kelly, moreover, that video is not the monologue show, itz from a Q&A session that was done after the show, I attended the taping of Dawn & Kelly´s monologues back in March and it was a great show, they did a good job, hopefully TV1 will show some of it on next week´s finale…..

  11. Dawn Robinson ain´t got a career to lose. Kelly Price can´t really hurt her career because, ain´t nobody checkin for her…

  12. Let me just say that I think that Lil Mo is doing the most…she´s petty and trying to get everyone on her side. Chante and Claudette weren´t there to see what was going down and I think they should see for themselves instead of letting someone influence them. Mo made that Dawn left…she´s a grown ass woman…I don´t think she wanted to do it in the first place. Instead of going in on her and saying she just was scared of Kelly she should have said ok if that´s the way you feel cool. Keep it moving…Kelly and Lil Mo are so damn extra…everything isn´t about you…get over yourself and stop acting so damn immature.

  13. and kelly made me mad talking about lil mo trying to pull an plublicity stunt….child cheese you have been gone for an long time just like them and on the show trying to come back to… so i really didnt like when she said tht

  14. Miss double wide ass Kelly is a has been hardly relevant and very jealous..Why else would she be this shady..You know Chante and Lil Mo can steal the spotlight with their small frames and big singing voices

  15. Dineva…u are a shady, silly, hot and bubbling, sizzling mess tombout Dawn’s career….what career?

  16. idk what is real and what is fake…maybe they all go by the old saying ‘good or bad, publicity is publicity’ i dont really know or care, but i think that they are hilarious…if it is real, i think that kelly is jealous of chantes size and beauty, not her voice, not her recordings, and im not gonna look it up, but i dont think that chante has any grammies…kelly is more well known out of all of them, but the SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE she threw at claudette in the beginning???? tombout she didnt know who claudette was til she sang caramel….it was ova for me then!

    and who else thinks that b. scott could be a stand in for claudette? ijs…

  17. Claudette is a very pretty girl. She still has a great voice and can sing her ass off. She just looks dead in the eyes and unhappy all the time. I know she said she been through some shit. But she just like, is blank in the face. All them damn kids, I guess so. And she had them young

  18. Honey If I didn’t want to reach thru the screen and sock Kelly in that Jay-Leno chin. You booked? How BOOKED was you when you brought Tori and his man-titties to try to run the show after Fred had put in the work? If everyone had rolled over and let Tori direct, or produce or shuffle around in those cargo jeans or whatever you had him doing you would have been UN-BOOKED enough to do it. And then you do this bootleg church basement, cookies and punch after the show low budget foolery like you showing somebody up. Please get every inch of your life Kelly because you have truly lost a fan in me. Your sanging is for the gawds but that attitude is not cute. If I was built like a sleeper sofa, I’d be sweeter than sugar but that’s me.
    Dawn, I need you to fly to London, catch a double decker bus to Buckingham palace and have every single seat in the building.
    You flipping from “I haven’t rehearsed enough with yall” to “I wouldn’t feel right doing it without Kelly” was about as much fancy footwork as I’ve seen since the Temptation. I’m glad Lil’ Mo’ called you on that weak ish and put it on the table. ALL that Baltimore came outta here and I loved it! This show is giving me everything thank you Dineva for your recaps I love you!!

  19. her behavior during her follow the leader mentality towards Kelly´s ” vision” seems to be a reflection of her life in general. I noticed that when she was heartbroken about having ” rotten eggs”. She handled it in such an immature way. “my eggs aren´t rotten that doctor was a Jerk!!!”, Dawn, grow up, the damn doctor wasn´t picking on YOU or trying to hurt your feelings, he was giving you the professional assessment of any woman at age 47 trying to have wasn´t personal, you immature looked like a fool at that monologue with Kelly, the big bad wolf.smh

  20. Dawn seems weak and insecure. I expected her to be different coming from such a great group as Envogue you would think she would be a stronger woman. I understand she was in an abusive relationship but damn! Kelly knows that she is weak and is taking advantage of her weakness. . Dawn please wake up & realize that opportunities like this don´t come often and if you have a chance to rebuild your career get in your iwn lane and stop being a FN follower.

    • No one knows Dawn personally so I don’t know if she is weak or not. Does being loud like K Michelle or Lil Mo make you strong no!

  21. I’ve never watched this show. Can someone explain to me how so many people can be involved in this project and not know that the flyer for Kelly and Dawn’s monologue should say “they’re” and not “their”?

  22. I knew from the very beginning Kelly was going to be a problem. What I don´t get is this “busy” schedule, where is she appearing? and who´s paying for the tickets? Dawn is a nut job plain in simple. The one good thing that´s come out of it is Chante Moore´s camera presence. I´d love to see Chante on daytime tv, movies………

  23. I Said I Wasnt Goin To Watch The Show But Kelly & Dawn Really Urk My Ass Dawn Is A Fuckin Lap Dog Wit Her Ol´ Crybaby Follow The Leader Ass And Kelly Needs To Sit Her Long Chin Wanna Be A Diva But Been Played Out Ass Down Somewhere Kelly Newsflash Bitch Nobody Is Checkin Fa Ya Ass Or ThAt Funky Attitude Ur Played Out Get A Life Spongebob!!!!

  24. Career… *Sings* Whats it gonna be cause i cant pretend, That her “Career” was ever started back up. She was cool in the group, Now she is crazy as ever. She is follower and she doesnt have the power in her voice that she once had. Im so tired if her crying and following Kelly with the terrible weave i dnt even want to watch it anymore.

  25. After watching epsiode 6 I believe Dawn Robinsion has no backbone or courage to stand on her own. It is sad to see someone throw away a good career opportunity for someone who only cares for themselves (kelly price). It looked like Kelly wanted to sabotage the play for selfish reasons. But in the end it backfired and the public finally sees the real Kelly Price a self-absorbed ego wanna be diva. By the way no one is checking or cares about Mrs,. Kelly Price.

  26. After all of these years you would think that Dawn would know that ASS KISSING will get you no where. Kelly and her PARK BENCH HIPS are for no one but Kelly. In due time Kelly will unleash her fury (her ego) on Dawn and her ass will be out on a limb by herself wondering what she did wrong? All of her career Dawn has ASSED HERSELF OUT because of her inability to make good sound decisions. She needs to get out of her feelings and put on her business hat on. She is to damn old for this flaky monkey see monkey do shit.

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