Italian Clothing Designers Easy2Dress Creates Sweater With Racial Slur on it.

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Written by guest writer Tatyana Jenene @TatyanaJenene

I don’t understand…I don’t understand. New York, London, Milan and Paris are all gearing up for Fashion Week this September and one group is late and ignorant with one of their designs. On Easy2Dress’ website their slogan is “Unconventional T Shirts and Clothes.” Uncongenial is an understatement. I was strolling through Instagram and Tuff Magazine had the photo of Italian Blogger and Model Mariano Di Vaio wearing the Easy2Dress shirt that says “NIGGA 00.” It was a screenshot of Di Vaio’s Instagram account that he posted of him in the outfit and he had some BS quote about work hard, train hard or whatever. This image was posted to Di Vaio’s 1.9 million Instagram followers. Of course there were some disgusted by the image of the shirt, while others praised him. There were also some who defended him saying that he doesn’t understand the hurt or pain behind the word, so he should get a pass…

I now get some of Kanye’s rants about the fashion industry, he’s somewhere eating ice cream singing Solange’s “I Told You So.”


Easy2Dress also posted pics on their IG page and have yet to take them down, Di Vaio has removed all images but one. Here’s the thing, I’m not sure that many fashion blogs will report this because they’re worried about sponsors and Fashion Week show seats but in the words of the late great Maya Angelou “I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size.” This is ridiculous, Italy your fashion designers and models have to do better. This is the same place that a “Disco Africa” Halloween party that included famed fashion Allesandro Dell’Acqua covered in black face. Italy has a history of racism (goggle Cecile Kyenge) but yet rappers and fashion enthusiast are quick to give these Italian based designers their money.

I don’t want you to consider this a “think piece” this is me telling you to “stay woke.” The impressionable youth are following these rappers, saving up summer job money to buy an expensive belt out of a store that they will later get frisk or accused of stealing out of. The rappers are following other rappers just to fit in or look like the next big urban look, giving money to brands that don’t give a good damn about them. Have we learned nothing from the Tommy Hilfiger shenanigans of the 90s?! When is it all enough? I know some of you will defend this with “well if rappers can say nigga/niggas why should we be offended when a White person says it.” Or “why can we call White People “crackers” but they can’t say nigga” Consider this, the civil rights movement was only 40 years ago here in the United States, Italy at one point wouldn’t recognize Blacks there as citizens, whether they were born there or moved there. Italian football (soccer) player Mario Balotelli was called a “f*cking nigger” by Italian “fans” while practicing for the World Cup in Florence, Marissa Alexander allegedly fired a warning shot into a wall to fight off her abusive husband and is facing 60 years in prison, Daniel Pantaleo a NYPD cop who had a history of civil rights violation lawsuits filed against him, allegedly choked a Staten Island resident, Eric Garner to death and was only stripped of his gun and put on desk duty.  Don’t be ignorant to the fact that some of our parents and grandparents put their lives in danger so that we can be more than “niggas,” YOU ARE NOT NIGGAS.

*steps off soapbox and wipes off skirt.

As I stated before the model took all but one pic down and Easy2Dress released a “statement” on their facebook page, but has yet to remove the image from Instagram.

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34 thoughts on “Italian Clothing Designers Easy2Dress Creates Sweater With Racial Slur on it.

  1. These large companies/designers have a marketing research department that does tons of research on buying behavior and trends.. If they didn´t think it would sell, they would have not made it.. ITS GOING TO SELL. And blacks folks are the ones who are going to buy it of course..

  2. If Julianne Hough can’t do a black faced character for halloween he shouldn’t be allowed to wear that shirt.

  3. This is disgusting. Its not about “not” being a n*gga, its about a company feeling that it was ok to use this work and gain their 15 minuets of fame from it. Its not about knowing whom you are its about seeing whom they are. After their “n*gga” campaign, do they then print shits that say “fag,” “lezi,” “spick,”wap,” “chink” no this is not okay under any circumstances and it should not be permitted

  4. Cher Thomas uh thats not us sweetie! Your anger is directed at the wrong ethnic group! Black ppl have nothing to do with white corporations making money off of native suffering!

  5. You need to read up on that Tommy Hilfiger thing or watch his interview with Oprah. He never had an issue with blacks and was falsely accused of racism.

  6. Well said Dineva. Call me crazy, but I don’t even understand why anyone would want to wear a racial slur of any kind in huge letters across their chest. In my mind, I wouldn’t want to do that for fear of offending someone, regardless of whether I know them personally or if I hadn’t intended to disrespect. If your goal is to gain and maintain respect from members of polite society, certain things should be off limits. In my mind, this is very offensive–too bad some people are just too tasteless, classless, and selfish to realize boundaries…

  7. Cher, I guess it´s safe to say one doesn´t understand a struggle if it doesn´t apply to them. I would honestly say that growing up I never gave much though to the Football team´s name. I did not know the origin of the name, not as I do now. Both cultures have their struggles, the last thing we need to do is degrade or belittle one simple b/c it´s not our own. When reading the comments, I don´t think anyone was playing victim, but simply stating their opinions.

  8. And also, racial slurs are used all the time on clothing. There´s a NFL team in Washington DC that is NAMED a racial slur and people want to say that´s okay… So I´m going to you what other people tell My People when our images and racial slurs are used against us… Get over it, that man in the picture never enslaved or hurt anyone so quit acting like a victim.

    Hurts doesn´t it?

    • Cher Thomas,
      For you to try and equate one people’s struggle to another’s is clearly ignorant and you need to open up your mind a bit more. While I understand where you are trying to come from in reference to the disrespectful and openly racist things being brought to light with Native Americans you can’t honestly sit here and say using “NIGGAS” on a shirt is acceptable because “REDSKINS” is a football team.

      Unlike REDSKINS, NIGGA or NIGGER (However you’d like to refer to it) has a much more known origin and history and still effects many to this day. I don’t care how much ignorant entertainers glorify it or how much the younger generation downplays the harm in this word … the use of it is detrimental and harmful.

      Don’t be salty no one knows about your ethnic history. Blame that on the public school system and fight like others are doing to make it more public that certain things being done are disrespectful to your culture.

      Whether it was NIGGAS 00, COONS 00, WETBACKS 00, REDSKINS 00, CHINKS 00, etc … it is a racial slur and in no way shape or form should be tolerated.

  9. Well, until we stop using the word amongst ourselves, myself included, other races will never fully understand that it´s not cool. You can change the definition and broaden it to include others, but the origin remains the same.

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