Its OFFICIAL, Nicci Gilbert FIRED From R&B Divas

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I’m not going to lie, when the buzz started circulating about the filming of R&B Divas, I was super excited. Everyone knows that i am a connoisseur of fine R&B music. The entire concept of this show tickled my fancy. Well chile, by the time the the season wrapped up, i was left feeling bamboozled and quite frankly I kind of had an attitude. A major source of my frustration was Nicci Gilbert and her obnoxious attitude. Well, APPARENTLY the rest of the viewing public felt the same way and TV One got the message live and clear. Catch these T’s

Faith Evans the ONLY face on R&B Divas CD, WTF??? Here’s why…

The is reporting that they have received EXCLUSIVE information from the a member of the executive production team and the real T is this:

Though “R&B Divas” has become a success for TV ONE, has learned that former Brownstone member and show co-creator, Nicci Gilbert, was given the axe.  A source from the show’s executive production team told us thatmarket research they conducted showed that viewers just didn’t connect to Nicci.  In fact, we were told that 95% of those polled said that Nicci was their LEAST favorite diva.

Chile Cheese! Sucks for her. No tea no shade, but her attitude did appear to be rather bad on the show. All of what we saw could not have been “editing”. Well at least now this gives her time to revamp that tacky ass clothing line, Curvato. Clothes looked like musty curtains. Chile bye Nicci. Five Miles To Empty, her pockets running low…

[VIDEO] KeKe Wyatt & Monifah Kill “Love Under New Management” Piedmont Park ATL Gay Pride

There are Rumors circulating that an L.A. spinoff show is in the works and that an official cast will be announced soon. Ohh boy, here we go with this ish…

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21 thoughts on “Its OFFICIAL, Nicci Gilbert FIRED From R&B Divas

  1. One thing for certain is that her TUDE was horrendous but she probably was sweet as pie but it’s too late we didn’t get to see that side of her. I wish her well-

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  3. I covered the filming of her play ‘Soul Kittens Cabaret” after the tragic four-ever hours of filming I went backstage to do an interview. In short Nicci was a heffa. I can’t help it that your play sucked and you charged folks from small town North Carolina to watch the FILMING of a play that was the worst. /vent. Not surprised at this at all.

  4. Nicci has control issues because probably at some point in her life, she wasn’t in control of herself. This usually stems from bad relationships or childhood trauma. I am surprised that the women let her get away with it. Three out of the five appear to be very strong women. Maybe they just tolerated her. The sister named Syleena or Syleeta was getting ready to dig off in her ass. I wished she would have. I will give her credit though. She can blow but who wants to work with someone like that?

  5. I’m not surprised they got rid of Nicci. I liked her more when I didn’t know she had a fucked up attitude. She is definitely my least favorite diva, so judgemental and self righteous. I will not be missing her next season. Throw on one of those dresses and CURVATO outta here!!

  6. I absolutely LOVED Brownstone in the 90′s!! 5 miles To Empty and Grapevine was my songs!!! I was excited to see Nicci Gilbert again…UNTIL SHE TURNED INTO A BOSSY …MEAN SPIRITED…RUDE…AND CONTROLLING DIVA…NOT ONCE DID I SEE THE “R&B” Diva!!??!! I couldnt belive that she behaved in that way…I still say she can sang her azz off..but dat bish RUDE!! Real Talk!

  7. yes, GAWD HUNTY!!!! am a 60′s baby and they say that’s why they broke up was because of her “funky attitude” she was a kill joy and very over the top to me, and them damn sundresses hell I seen better at citi-trends, but I am glad she’s gone because I love the show and can’t wait for it to come back on.

  8. She was just too controlling. Especially when she was trying to keep Keke from telling her business. It’s better to get all that stuff out whether she’s talking to a therapist or her friends than just keeping it inside. Her friends can probably help her more because they may have been in a similar situation. smh

  9. I may be in the minority but Nicci was one of my favorites. She wasn’t all that bad to me. Some of yall are so cruel. & Funky Dineva, you are so ugly, inside & out!

    • It’s sad people come on someone website and insult them. It’s like bite’n the hand that feed you. What’s wrong with people? Some of us has lost respect.

      These blogs are for people to express their feelings hopefully without insulting one another.

      It’s just people’s opinion which in other countries they don’t have the liberty to express. To take it another level Black People weren’t allowed to express themselves back in the day

      We should be able to respectfully disagree!!!!

  10. Hahaaaa me too Gab. All I remember was Pam’s cousin and Martin had got her a deal. She was Wayyy to extra on the 1 episode that I watched of this tired azz show

  11. Edited: Sorry about the typos

    Can I say something? Ok
    I feel bad cause I’m an 80′s baby, but when I saw her on the show the ONLY thing I could think was “Oh that’s the girl who was on Martin that time” I have never ever ever seen her in my life! I loved RnB growing up, but I guess Brownstone was just a little before my time.

    • If you were an 80s baby then it wasn’t before your time. It was a 90s group. You probably just looked over them. I’m an 80s baby too..and there were like billion girl and guy groups. Don’t feel bad. lol

  12. Can I say something? Ok
    I feel bad cause I’m an 8′s baby, but when I saw her on the show the ONLY think I could thing was “Oh that’s the girl who was on Martin that time” I have never ever ever seen her in my life! I loved RnB growing up, but I guess Brownstone was just a little before my time.

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