Joseline Hernandez’s Home Girl Started Restaurant Brawl. The Stitches In Her Forehead FINISHED IT (video)

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Chile I couldn’t even half sleep good from my damn phone blowing up from everybody in Atlanta trying to tell me their side of the brawl that broke out at Sleazy & Zino last night. Though there were multiple confrontations and altercations that took place last night, Benzino’s girlfriend IS NOT responsible for the altercation which led to the violent brawl and ultimately people needing stitches. It was Joseline Hernandez’s tag along friend that caused that. I’m now being told That Joseline’s friend was trying so hard to turn up for the cameras and get some camera time that she started conflict with everyone in the VIP. I’m told that she even went as far as to turn up on Executive Producer Mona Scott-Young’s niece.

Reportedly her behavior was so off the chain that even Joseline had to step in and check her friend.  Well, Joseline must have been a day late and a dollar short, because her friend left da bar and had to make a bee line to the nearest hospital to get her forehead stitched up. Lawd I hope she signed up from her Obama Care already. You know how these groupies are. The bish probably had on 3-thousand dollars worth of clothes and has no health insurance. Viewers, those ratings you are giving to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ain’t free, wait to you get your increased insurance bill.

Check out pics from the fight, ole girls busted forehead, and a video from the riot.





I spoke to someone close to the situation that says Momma Dee is home recovering from a swollen jaw. I asked if someone hit her directly, and they were unclear. They said that some many fist were flying, that she may have just gotten hit in the mix.

Benzino’s girlfriend is not totally in the clear. The full details of what transpired between Benzino, Karlie Redd, and Benzino’s new girlfriend are still a little fussy. I’m sorting through the minutia now to bring you the most accurate tea with that. I can tell you that both Benzino & Karlie have been taking jabs at one another via social media since last night. I’ll be back shortly with my findings. Stay tuned.


Karlie Redd & Benzino Instagram Beef’n. Benzino Shows Off Love Tatt While Karlie Compare D!ck Size (PICS)


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61 thoughts on “Joseline Hernandez’s Home Girl Started Restaurant Brawl. The Stitches In Her Forehead FINISHED IT (video)

  1. I wish Momma Dee would sit her old hard face ass down somewhere. I truly believe she’s a lesbian
    and wants Bucky…I guess she just dont see it.

  2. I THANK GOD for the mother I had because I would go into hiding if I had a momma like Momma Dee or no one would ever know. Being her age and is a fixture in the club aint hot. It simply makes her THE OLD BITCH in the club and that aint hardly attractive.

  3. I would be honestly embarrassed to have Mamma Dee as my mother. I will no longer call her Mamma Dee, she will just be Dee or Scrappy Mamma or whatever else I feel lol…but anywho….she just pissed me off talking about, “first i done lost my lean” wth??? SIT YO OLD ASS DOWN SOMEWHERE AND ACT LIKE A GRANDMOTHER. lean? promethyzine? (spellcheck) girl bye

  4. That picture of mama Dee though! Her shoes look like they should curl up and shrivel like that witch in Wizard of Oz. Hanging with her lil buddy from The Lion King.

  5. Real sad…… Hope they didn´t open this place in the upper parts of ATL…. This place looks like it needs to be RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the SCRIPP CLUB… YES, THE SCRIPP CLUB

  6. Ummmm excuse me but how old are these ppl again? Senseless ish! These adults are worse than a bunch of rowdy teenagers. Grow the eff up already! Benzino & Mama Dee old behinds need to get somewhere & SAT down. Shay need to get her life. First she was fighting & acting a fool over Flava Flav (of all ppl) and now Scrappy. Scrappy keep treating her like the sideline heaux that she is. If he really cared an iota about her, then he would be with her and not Bambi. She needs to buy a clue & stop settling for number 2. Mary Jane & Olivia Pope got these heauxs all fugged up. Kalie Redd’s old arse is irrelevant & I don’t know why for the life of me she’s still on the show. Stebbie, Joseline, & Mimi …yawns. I’m so over those fools and this coon ish.

  7. Scrappy’s mamma needs to sit her old ass down! Shit she’s too old for this bs. Why is Shay even relevant? Scrappy not getting with her after him and Erica’s break up should clearly show her her position. She has no legitimate ties to the show besides hanging out with mamma Dee’s old ass, therefore her 5 minutes of fame are OVER!

    • Oh, I’ve been to SEVERAL. White folks invented the Bar Brawls. I have many White friends, and have been in quite a few bar Brawls with them. .. and I’m the only Black person in the room. Been kicked out a few places with their assess too. .. Still love them to death. Just hate when I hear people make this a Black Thing. .. so UNTRUE!

      I will say that we ‘pop off’ differently. But both groups brawl nonetheless …

  8. Dang, Can they at least hold off from the ratchetness for the month of February while we remember and celebrate our African American leaders who paved the way for us all to not only patronize any restaurant of our choice, but even for Stevie and Zino to be the owners and proprietors. Time to start setting a higher standard.

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