K.Michelle Strolls With Her Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta at FAMU – ooooopp

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Yes Gawd Kim Pate K. Michelle, you better work out! For those of you who did not know, yes, K. Michelle is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. What, she went to college you are asking? Yes she did. She actually did pretty well socially during her tenure at FAMU. How do i know? Well, The Doll just so happened to be in Tallahassee right across the railroad tracks at Florida State University during the time K.Michelle attended FAMU. Not only did K.Michelle pledge DST, but she was also Miss FAMU.  I wonder if we will see more of the educated side K.Michelle on this upcoming season of Love & Hip Hip Atlanta?

Check out K.Michelle strolling with her chapter sisters of the Beta Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Theta.

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201 thoughts on “K.Michelle Strolls With Her Sorors of Delta Sigma Theta at FAMU – ooooopp

  1. Bitches is mad because???? A millionaire´s hair can´t stink wen they get it done faithfully ….on top of her millions she has a degree to fall back on ….on top of that she has millions of fans that think other wise…..but ur mad because!!!????? Maybe b cause u not on her level point blank ….silly disrespectful peasants

  2. It´s so many envious black women in the world. Damn Yea K ghetto, educated, talanted, an a Soror.. why yall so mad yall need to be proud of this woman an..black ppl always gotta say something negative an half yall ain´t got SHIT BUT A BUNCH OF BABY daddy´s an hella snot nose brats an the ones who talk da most shit fat as hell ….

  3. Naw funky dineva did you see when kmichelle said Paris ass was stealing from her I couldn´t believe it how she mad at tracie for the same shit she was doing she wanted k credit cards to herself that´s why.

    • Why? Because she’s real, girl bye. I’m happy to call her my soror! oo-oop! I’ve been following her career for a while and i’m glad to see her changing. Life is about change, at least she graduated and was Ms. FAMU. She stated numerous times that she didn’t develop this persona until after the tumultuous relationship with Memp”Fists”. Anyways, Kay keep them hating and continue to put on for DST. And let’s stop with the stereotyping, because I know some ratchet AKA’s, Zetas, and sGrho’s.

  4. Reading these comments it´s very sad. This is what Blacks do won´t to tare down their own people. and your see why the white men on top .We can´t say any thing nice to each other with out the bashing and hate ,but that´s us, that´s what blacks do to each other ..yea!!! Kay ghetto and ratchet ;but at least she recognize what she is..and she trying to change. Can your look at yourself and do the same. No… And the ones talking about this Girl ( Kay) be the main ones in church saiding Hallelujah!!! like your innocent .Everyone on this Earth got issues so, who´s ever talking about this girl. cast the first stone. I rest my case ..#blacksneedtobesupportivewithoneanother SMH..

  5. So her friend on the show that got mad at the other friend rob her too? She´s not good at picking friends and men. For some reason I am not surprised because that fat bitch seem like one of those gutter bucket project chicks that steal.

  6. Most of y´all commenting for the likes or to get Attention….be real at least she went to college, to pledge any sorority or frat, you have to have a certain GPA…sooo trashy or NAH! She achieved SOMETHING! And I´m not even the biggest K fan, but I´m soo tired of the negativity! Unless you know someone FOREAL, may God be with you and have that seat in row 5!

  7. For all these people to have high regards for someone who “suppose” to be a graduate from FAMU and a corny-azz “ooo-oops” fugazy delta….shouldn’t she have presented herself with a little more class and much more respect since most of those bammas like to shout out, “southern hospitality” all the time?
    A degree nor a sorority sister class makes, defines, nor automatically you’re entitled to! Fake whores anyway….no need to hate on so-called establishment who will have you degrade yourself while pledging, then after you finish the degradation you’re now considered a “sister”???? Get real for real. No need to hate, I’m financially accomplished as a certified RPh. That’s registered certified pharmacist to you join-a-club-to-be-accepted freaks! I’m already done. Get your 6month HIV exam, your frat brother is spreading that monstah!

  8. I so wish they would tell her to cover herself up. Did not care to see her vagina in that picture. She has a beautiful voice, but other things about her are not showing her in a good light at all.

  9. Y’all know this is founders day right? So that’s why it’s being posted again. Smh. Y’all complain about any and everything.

  10. THAT COMMENT Below IS FOR “Y’all some birds” with her uneducated, tacky ass! What you won’t do is come for another black woman on a positive post” Okayyyyy?!

  11. I wasn’t going to comment, until I read your post. Congratulations, you have used every negative slang term (some of which are no longer in rotation), and managed to say absolutely NOTHING. Who are you?! So what, she plays a role to get a check! She earned her degree (it was confirmed), and she pledged Delta. You log onto this blog by choice, you don’t get paid to do so and we certainly wouldn’t miss you if you never came back. Nessa bitch, I am asking, no, begging you to take a few classes at the university of your choice; grammar can be a beautiful thing and you my dear, should invest in expanding the use of yours.

  12. Poor black women we just cant win for losing.. She act to Ratchett to have a degree. She Has a bad attitude she Ghetto.. Then you have Mimi who was stupid cuz she did not say enough she lettin that man run over her.. Apparently nuttin most of us do anyway he good enoough.. I hope she dont change I like they way she handles herself do you K..

  13. Since when does having a degree make you act a certain way? She earned her degree, which is a great thing!

  14. It’s all entertainment people. She has her ways, but the woman is far from dumb and is actually talented. I do not care for the way she always presents herself, but she wouldn’t even have the platform she does if people weren’t supporting it. Everything you see on TV is not real, however she is getting paid because people are believing it is. Sn: Ghetto or not, she has her degree and I applaud her for that at least.

  15. I use to like K.Michelle her songs but her attitude stinks real Ghetto low class cant stand her now its a shame!!

  16. Just so you know having an education doesn’t mean you have class. Don’t confuse the two. She is too smart to always act a fool though!

  17. Umm yeah it was stated that she ATTENDED FAMU it did not state graduated. Alot of people come to school pledge and sometimes are able to attain their big break before graduating so they dont. I know alot of upstanding Deltas but her behavior on LHHATL and then attempting to listen to her mixtape/albumn just turned me off. I am happy for her success musically but reality TV wise not so much.

  18. She has accomplished something that some of you haters will NEVER ACCOMPLISH, A DEGREE!!!!! Keep doing you K, they are haters!!

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  20. K. Michelle is working on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta it’s a job and any sister or brother that is getting paid for entertainment that does not break any laws is alright with me. Black entertainers do not represent all black people and if you could be on the show and make millions of dollars I’m sure you would. Do it K…DST OOOOOO OOOOOP!!!

  21. The ones on here thinking K. Michelle’s behavior is ok because she is a Delta, are either some super basic bishes that co-sign ALL hoodrat behavior OR actual Deltas who are brainwashed to love their “sister” no matter how awful that person is. Either way, you guys are trash.

    Since when did going to college give you a pass to act a fool all over the internet like Kant Michelle? Seriously? She went to college and is still as basic as ever by being on the most ratchet black shows on TV and being the birds of birds. Yea, so keep co-signing that mess. This isn’t hating by the way, just cold truth. But if you STILL want to give me that untrue label, I will take it, because I don’t LOVE any of her behavior nor will I ever cosign it like you basic birds.

  22. When is calling a spade a spade hating. I will not ever do research on someone that clearly acted a fool on TV for whatever benefit she received. If you think her behavior on that LHHATL comedy spectacular was representative of your organization,university, or anything else you need to have a stadium of seats.

  23. Alright Soror. Joeneyce, please know that as a member of DST I can honestly say that there is more to that story that you don’t know, which clearly is why you mentioned it here. I normally don’t get fly on here, but I wonder how many folks with negative comments have been to college. Again, go Soror. OOOOOO-OOOOP!!!!!!

  24. what difference does it make i swear women hate on other black women more than any other race.. smh that is just sad yal aint :poop:

  25. At least she got a degree. Whether you’re a fan or not she IS a successful singer/songwriter and you STILL know her name so talking abt her makes YOU look bad. They have a reason to be proud of her she’s strong and overcame domestic abuse and spoke up about it. She has a foundation that helps young girls. Whether you believe her story or not she told it, she’s fearless and REAL. She’s much better off than some of these artists that get fucked over daily because they aren’t smart enough to know better. The shade is TOO real.

  26. Obviously she pledged while attenting FAMU from where she did graduate. Go head K…smart, beautiful and gifted! #Team K Michelle

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