Kandi Burruss Brings In The New Year With Phaedra, Rasheeda, Toya, Chef Roble & More… (Pics)

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kandi nye

#FamilyFirst. I know that’s right. Kandi Burrus brought in the new year with close family and friends. All the usual suspects were there. Phaedra & Appollo, Toya & Memphitz, Rasheeda & Kirk, and a slew of others. I was surprised to see that Chef Roble’ was in the house. Get into a few flicks from Kandi’s extravaganza

kandi guys photo

These are some fine a$$ men and that carpet is EVERYTHING!

don rasheeda

Don Jaun & Rasheeda

don peaches

Don Juan & Peaches (Kandi’s business partner with Tags Boutique)

don cam

Don Juan & Carmen (Kandi’s best friend and assistant)

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23 thoughts on “Kandi Burruss Brings In The New Year With Phaedra, Rasheeda, Toya, Chef Roble & More… (Pics)

  1. With that crew they couldn’t invite Sheree? Would somebody please buy Apollo a new belt. He wears that Goochie every time he wears pants. Doesn’t Phaedra’s allowance give him enough coins to buy another decent belt?

  2. Never fails, Kandi looks fat [looking for some chick fil a], tight and cheap. Phaedra lookin like a swollen cat women, no wonder Appollo loves the strippers and I see lil Wayne’s baby momma girlfriend beater husband is there and Rasheeda no rappin a*$$ with that thing she calls a husbandger, now where is krazy a+ss moma Joyce.

    • Pink, that woman in the middle of the front row (white jacket) has age-appropriate-old-lady hairstyle, so maybe that’s M. Joyce in disguise (instead of trying to look fly with that pageboy wig on the show)…either that’s M. Joyce or an “aged, stressed” Sheree – can you see a slight similarity to both women, or do I need my glasses upgraded? It MUST have been drama-free and fun if M. Joyce was not there…but BETCHA KHANDI CAUGHT HELL THE NEXT MORNING for having a security guard at the front door keeping her out (quote, “ain’t no mountain high enough…to keep me from…[my daughter, Khandi's age-appropriate parties, cause I want to know who is around her at all times]!!!!!!”)

  3. Yaaaaaay! Looks like a drama free event! “Apollo retire the Gucci belt”. Now that’s funny hahahahaha he still fine as fudge tho’!!!

    • Phaedra would have to raise his allowance…and Mr. President and that other baby King something or other are taking the ducats so Apollo can’t get a raise. Besides he uses his stacks at the strip club in the parking lot with the outside whoes.


  5. Todd does have a big head and short body like mama joyce said. And appollo with those under cover homo tendersies is not that fine. He looks like a white boy.

    • Ain’t nothing wrong with a white “boy”, and Eve can attest to that! Tina Turner, Janet Jackson (kinda), and me, too! Why does it have to do with color. It’s 2014 – drop the labels – ’cause somebody is gonna label you too if they haven’t already! We (black folks) are our own worst enemies when it comes to color and skin-tones. For 50 years almost, I’ve had to deal with my color – which my parents determined, not me! No matter how nappy I wore my Afro, no matter how many raised Black Power fists I lifted while I WAS MARCHING WITH OTHERS IN THE 60s SO YOUNG BLACK PEOPLE OF TODAY CAN BE BANK PRESIDENTS AND CEOs OF MAJOR CORPORATIONS, I was never “black enough”. My retirement years, if they are filled with your kind of slurring, will be sad for “us black folks” and even worse for YOU, if you are young and black. NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION FOR EVERYONE: Just see a person for his/her INNER self, not the color of his/her skin or the amount of money in his/her pocket. You MIGHT be happier by December 31!

  6. Moma joyce is a disgrace to woman 50 years and older. It’s very hard to watch her continue to make a complete fool of herself each week, and her two sisters. I sure hope her grandaugter didn’t witness this stupitity

    • I said toya was pregnant. I mentioned that on fd, Sandra rose and stfa but none of them said anything. She is preggers she is just waiting for the right time to capitalize off it. Phaedra is her lawyer and the first time we saw her last time they were on a magazine cover. She is getting her highest offer together hunty

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