Kandi Burruss Opens a THIRD Clothing Store In Augusta GA

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It is safe to say that Kandi Buruss and her clothing boutique TAGS is now a chain. Kandi and her business partner Peaches Chin have opened up a 3rd TAGS boutique in Augusta GA. Catch these T’s


Like she says in  he opening of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, she might be small, but her empire keeps on growing. One thing that we must give Kandi is that she has been able to successfully use her name to diversify the streams of income that she has. Hats off to Kandi. For those of you who don’t live in GA, don’t fret, you can shop at TAGS online, www.TagsATL.com



Here are some of Kandi’s first customers. Hopefully they will shop st TAGS and not that TJ Max in the background. #I’mJustSayin

Congrats Kandi

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31 thoughts on “Kandi Burruss Opens a THIRD Clothing Store In Augusta GA

  1. Very bad location in augusta. Rude employees and prices are too high especially for location. However cute clothes yet not worth the price(cheap material).

  2. too bad it wasn’t her idea! My bff reached out to her LAST YEAR with this idea and was told she wasn’t interested. Now all of a sudden. ..

  3. my thoughts EXACTLY FUNKY DINVEA.. I would not have choosen the location. We have military PEOPLE THAT cant have cars so the cabs bring them directly to the mall from the base in Augusta the ..that is where I would have put it because Kandi dont have TJ max prices. Kandi has fOREVER 21 CLOTHES WITH HIGH PRICES WHICH SAYS MALL TO ME .. Im just saying, love Kandi but im just looking at it from a marketing stand point

  4. Not mad @ Kandi!! Get those coins & make things happen for you & your Child & whatever you & Todd decide to do within y’all’s marriage CONGRADZ!!

  5. smart lady I like a smart sista go head kandi this is how you have good business savy

  6. It’s in the center with Ross and TJMaxx next to the nail shop. I went by but it was after 8 and they were closed. It looks nice though!

  7. Kandi is such a business inspiration. She is using her platform to further grow her empire and is not wasting the opportunities she is being given.

  8. I don’t know why people clown her clothing stores. They obviously are making money if she can open a third store. I got a dress from her store as a present. It was a printed sun dress with good construction and reinforced stitching. I didn’t know at the time it was Kandi’s store and I continue to buy some pieces from their. Most of the ladies that shopped their reminded me of Kandi and Phaedra, cameltoes and boobs busting out.

  9. kandi is really doin the damn thang. more power to her! it’s good to see successful black women being independent! clothing stores, hit records, bravo t.v. show, adult toy line- go kandi!

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