Karlie Redd ALLEGEDLY Got Paid 3-5k To Have 3-Some With Music Exec Hiriam Hicks and His Wife

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karlie redd hiram hicks

Chile, it appears as if Mimi Faust isn’t the only one with a sex scandal going on out there. Young Joc’s money must not be long enough to satisfy Karlie Redd, so she decided she would enroll in the Marlo Hampton School Of How To Get Your Bills Paid. Hiriam Hicks, is a low key, yet big time music exec who is credited for building Dru Hills career and rebuilding the careers of Ron Iseley and the Iseley Brothers. After this post, you’ll be able to add Karlie Redd to his roster. Hicks and his wife, the former stripper seen above on the right allegedly were looking to spice things up and in the bedroom, and Karlie Redd was the right flavor of vinegar. lol Catch these T’s


Mimi Faust (Love & Hip Hop) Enlists In Media Training, After Purposely Leaking Sex Tape

The T’s are, Hiriam was known to be a bit of a playboy and a freak around town. He rescued a woman from the strip club and made her his wife. No foul there. Love is blind, or in this case naked. Hiriam & Wife allegedly saw Karlie at a party and “had to have her”. Allegedly an offer was made of 3-5k to participate in a 3-some. Allegedly Karlie Redd accepted and went through with the body party. What is unclear at the moment is just when the body party went down. Meaning, was she with Joc when this went down or was it before him. Either way, that’s the scoop.  I’ll be sure to sit back and allow the other teas to pour in. Something in my spirit tells me that after this post I’ll be receiving some phone calls…

Before some of y’all rush to judgement, be mindful that Karlie got paid while some of y’all are performing sexual acts in cars after the club for FREE.

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155 thoughts on “Karlie Redd ALLEGEDLY Got Paid 3-5k To Have 3-Some With Music Exec Hiriam Hicks and His Wife

  1. Now all these people talking about that´s it is full of it most of y´all did it for free or for your cell phone bill or Jordan´s. Now karlie redd needs to sit her old ass down because I know she put out this info she so desperately want to be in tabloids. And 3-5k is a decent amount for a one stand or threesome

  2. HIs “Wife” looks tired with that bad built body. ew. Her lacefront cant even sit right.. WOW! should have spent 5k to help his chick out lmffao

    • His wife don’t have a lakefront on bobo do your research I know her its a invisible part it’s not a wig because I do her hair so stop hating and her head is tip to the side a little bit so find something else to talk about all girls have hair in there head find something else to talk about. Oops you cant because she is beautiful don’t hate congratulate. You must be fat lol

        • Ain’t nothing wrong with that chick,I agree with anon,your a hater and trust me I don’t use that term much because it’s used too loosely but that was hatred.That lady is pretty and she doesn’t appear “bad-built” to me,I thought she favored Beyonce personally.

  3. Where do i begin. So tired of seeing this generation promote sex for money and teaching the next generation that it’s okay to act like a whore as long as you get paid for it. If KR did agree to a threesome then she just graduated from thirsty to trash. It’s no wonder black women are thought of as ghetto and ratchet because some black women actually promote this bullshit and continue to bring us down. If you want to be treated like a queen then act like one.

    @Malika Dockery-Mayor – Sending the same post over and over again is annoying.

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    • help! Help! HELP! somebody, HELL ANYBODY! Is there a doctor in the house?… cause I think @MalikaDockeryMayer done fell dead to da “post comment” button & its stuck on REPEAT. Dineva can u please send Nessa round there to check on her please? I would go myself, but chile u know i’m allergic to annoying shit like that! Hunny we just gon send a prayer up that she recovers,… clothed in her right mind. #AMEN

    • Wtf is goin on here with these posts lmao damn I get it I don’t care for Karlie’s lumpy butt either but im not spamming the comments lol

    • not pooH she always had man with paper and dated celebrities shes a bad b**** and I know her she don’t pay nobody. If anything they going to pay her.

      • yes- she a bad bitch meaning dog. dis chick iz clearly whack. She cant pay anybody bcuz she BROKE! lolz her man got da money lmaO

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    • You right bitches need to learn from this and stop fucking for free just because somebody is a celebrity I don’t have gas money when I leave the hotel lol

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  11. Carmen Witcher-Gold Hunny she has to get her Money some kind of way cause Mona Scott is Paying her in Dust!!! And is Joc still on Bad Boy? If so you know Diddy is STEALING ALL his Money so she not getting any from him!!! Oh y´all didn´t know, that´s her Married boyfriend!!! TIRED, THREW and DELAYED!!!!

      • She is a bad bitch and he should be glad to have . who wife you know that look like that . All these men with money have ugly wives. They need to go get him a dancer if thats what it takes . And he allways out with her to

    • If You Know THAT PoohPooh From Detroit Then You Know she been a rich bitch & a bad bitch who ain’t never had to strip so don’t hate her cause you not Great like she is!!

  12. Lmao… bitch you can´t come back from doing plays with Shirley Murdock and be this messy… you giving her free advertisement… now all you did was let everyone know they could hit for a lil rent money… what we really wanna know is where is Marlo getting her sugar daddy´s from… that´s where the real money is… maybe she can put her on the money team… move up and keep the ring next time somebody proposes instead of getting to just look at it. Next!

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