Karlie Redd & Benzino Instagram Beef’n. Benzino Shows Off Love Tatt While Karlie Compare D!ck Size (PICS)

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It’s getting real out here in these streets. Yes Gawd Hunty! So remember I told you that there were SEVERAL altercations that took place last night at the grand opening party of Benzino & Stevie J’s restaurant? Well, another focal point of the evening is when Benzino, Karlie Redd, & Benzino’s girlfriend had their exchange. This exchange ended up with Karlie Redd getting all kinds of liquors tossed in her face and being escorted out of the club. Non the less, the action did not end there.

CLEARLY feeling some kind of way, Benzino took to his Instagram at 4am (I know because I was sitting in The Waffle House) to prove to Karlie and the world his love for his New Girlfriend Thea. He posted a picture of her name tattooed on his wrist with a caption that said:

THEA CAPTIONI guess Karlie Redd figured “anything you can do, I can do better.” What Karlie did next was the real gag. Catch these T’s

EXCLUSIVE: LHHATL Violent Brawl Breaks Out At Opening Of Stevie J & Benzino’s Restaurant. Guess Who’s Involved?


I’m guessing this tattoo is symbolic of that ring that Karlie Redd never got. Looks pretty permanent to me. Non the less, Karlie Redd felt no ways tired. This evening, Karlie posted the following picture to her Instgram with a caption that said ” can someone please tell this man @iambenzino that I’ve upgraded to @joclive bigger and better”

benzino jock censored copy

Benzino -Left    ————-      Young Joc – Right


Warning, once you click this link, things become X-rated and are NOT SAFE FOR WORK


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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Benzino’s man parts. Here’s the link to the story that contains pictures of an “excited Benzino”

Benzino (Love & Hip Hop Atlanta) NAKED Photo leaked. You Might Be Impressed NSFW

*** UPDATE***

The Race Is Not Given To The Swift. Karlie Redd Photoshop’s Benzino & Joc Penis Pic Comparisons




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115 thoughts on “Karlie Redd & Benzino Instagram Beef’n. Benzino Shows Off Love Tatt While Karlie Compare D!ck Size (PICS)

  1. Real mature @ Karlia Redd if I was Young Joc I would be Leary of you that’s some real low class shit. I hate to see what happen if Young Joc break it off with you. Super petty the way you act as if you still have feelings with Benzio……that’s what ladies do with unresolved feelings. If you moved on then move on

    • Girl boo she did the right thing and joc sent her that pic honey to shut him down on purpose go back to the episode where she says it

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  3. Young Joc private area is not soft it´s clearly going down off a hard on ain´t no one dumb. Benzino private area is regular and is not on any hard on like Young Joc. Karlie Redd dumb!

  4. Call me a dickologist, but I can see jock clearly has the bigger pecker & it on soft. The length isnt bad, look at where it stops on his thigh. My ex has a Benzino sized pecked & I think to myself WTF was I doing marrying some bs like that. My sex life was horrible. Karlie looks pressed beefin over that tiny peepee(yes peepee it´s too small to be considered a dick) LMAO

  5. da only thing this flamingo upgraded to was an extended 15 minutes. As for da men, its a tie. they both lose. Maybe they’re growers not show-ers, Cause i give both them oscar mayers 2 aggressive thumbs down. The meat has gone bad. This was like quitting Mickey D’s to go work at Burger King. Sure, errbody loves da new whopper jr. but eventually u gon miss stealin them chicken nuggets down to da break room. Plus she can’t even keep a job long. Before long she’ll be workin at da waffle house too. Get it?

    by the way, u should get the Cheesesteak Omelet wit Hashbrowns scattered, smothered, capped, peppered OR T-Bone Steak & Cheese Eggs wit a Bowl of Grits.

  6. Now I see why k.michelle put the paws on her ass in the unaired scene. That was some dumb ass messy shit she did right there. And they both got little choo choos(that’s not a dick that’s a choo choo there’s a difference)). so there’s nothing to brag about. Its already embarrassing enough young joc obviously shaves down there(which really makes a guys penis look smaller imo) but if I was him I would drop this old hoe.

  7. Karlie Redd old as is disgraceful. If Yung Joc is supposedly your man why would you show his peen on IG?!??! Btw the best part of this whole thing was Dineva’s smiling face placed over the penises…I LIVE!

  8. Benzino net worth is a bit more than young Joc’s so in my opinion her messy ass downgraded. At this point in her old washed up life she should be making executive decisions and last time I checked you can buy a house with a big dick ijs I’ll take stability over dick any day hell I can fuck myself

  9. Karly is damn near 50 , you would think that she would have evolved/developed into wise, intelligent, sophisticated boss chick by now, but, nooooooooooooo, she running around here acting like common ghetto ratchedness, showing dick pix!!! If you’ve seen one dick you’ve seen them all….some just thicker, some skinnier, some shorter, some longer…not impressed by neither!!!

  10. This is some high school ish! This is stuff her daughter should be doing. Then again it may even be beneath her daughter. SMH! I’m trying to stop cursing but this Bitch need to find something better to do with her time. No tea no shade but a certain ATL blogger said that Joc really isn’t her man anyway. She said Joc is seen all around ATL with his “real” lady. These fake ass reality shows I tell ya.

  11. If she haven´t been with Benzino, in what 2 yrs (if we´re going off the show), why would she still have pix of Benzino period? See, this type s#%t here makes you not wanna send sexy pix.

  12. but aint either dick no monster mandingo like tf she moved on a inch or more better girl bye but shit if it hits that spot and makes the bed rock who am i …

  13. That tattoo looks a scary mess I can´t tell what the hell it says – let me touch it to read it (Braille) – I wasn´t too geeked about naa one of those dicks either … Ido could be me but everybody needs to grown so dick meat and grow up

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