Kelly Rowland Shares & Sheds Her Envy Of Beyonce. Bares Her Soul In New Song ‘Dirty Laundry’

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“When you don’t show up as who you really are, people fall in love with what you’re not.” We have never really known Kelly Rowland until NOW! Kelly’s decade long masquerading, reinventing, and deceiving have directly lead to the mediocre success solo endeavors has spawned.  After Listening to ‘Dirty Laundry’, I’ve got a felling that we are now and forever about to experience the real Kelly Rowland.

I was so sick and tired of Kelly & Michelle not giving authentic answers in interviews when asked how they felt about Beyonce’s success. We all know that loosely translated, the question meant, “how do you feel about Beyonce’s solo success in relation to yours.” Kelly & Michelle would always give some pre-packaged answer like, “I’m am very happy for my sister. We are all strong secure women, yata yata yata.” Bullsh*t. Envy is a natural emotion. If any member of Destiny’s Child 1,2, and 3 didn’t feel some type of way about Beyonce’s mega success, they are not human. For a group of young women to start out from the bottom TOGETHER, and one out of the pack to matriculate into an icon, it is only human and expected for there to be some sour feelings.

Not hiding in the shadows of Beyonce, but blinded by the shadow of Kelly’s misery and lies lied the root of her mediocre success. Kelly Rowland finally gets it right! ‘Dirty Laundry’ is so much more than a single; it’s a rebirth, a shedding of dead weight. You go girl! Welcome to the world Kelly Rowland. Your time has come!



“When my sister was on stage killin’ it like a motherfucker
I was enraged, feelin’ it like a motherfucker
Bird in a cage
You would never know what I was dealin’ with
Went our separate ways but I was happy she was killin’ it
She was up, I was down
No lie, I feel good for her but what do I do now?

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107 thoughts on “Kelly Rowland Shares & Sheds Her Envy Of Beyonce. Bares Her Soul In New Song ‘Dirty Laundry’

  1. I love the song. I’m not feeling the negative comments about the song but everyone has their own opinions. She’s not jealous, she was envious.2 different things. And she wasn’t sittin around waiting on a Bey hand-me-down. Kelly continued making music after the split she just didn’t rise b/c bey was shinning at the time. Some of you are misinterpreting the song as shade to Beyonce, when she’s just purging her demons in a song. The girl was gettin her ass whooped & manipulated. I think ppl should just quit comparing the 2 and just let this lady live.

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  4. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kelly you did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have always loved kelly not every single song but I have always loved her. Get it Kelly

  5. kelly, try again…talking about getting beat and bein envious of your former bandmates success wont score u a number 1 .. had you stayed on that train instead of jumping off and waiting for train ” bey” to come pick u up with another destiny album, thered be no need for this kind of honesty..i dont know what producer was behind this, but only the bey haters will love this…in the end kellys going to act like these were old feelings, but there very much still there,..

  6. Thank you Kelly Rowland! Lady, you are a class-act! I think many people, and most importantly, WOMEN, can empathize with domestic abuse and the inherent psychology that goes with it. Who can make rational decisions when under such duress and stress. Kudos diva.

  7. She signed up to forever live in Bey’s shadow…No matter what she does, she will always be Robin and never Batman..

  8. All the members of destinys child could sing, especially being that the criteria back in the day was much harder for girl groups. people truly know when someone cannot, with that being said what a lot of singers can’t do is convey emotion in the songs that they are singing.

  9. Beyonce can sang this ^^^^^ thang has no knowledge of talent.. Great song Kelly I like it!

  10. Kelly’s songs are so much better than Beyonce, she can actually sing unlike Beyonce and she is pretty while Beyonce is overrated and blech-looking. Kelly is so much better in all areas than Beyonce. I thought so back in the Destiny Child days, in the Stole/Like That days, and I still think so NOW. Fuck a Beyonce.

  11. I bet she STILL won’t get a Top 10 single. When you have to exploit someone else’s success to “appear” relevant, it still doesn’t guarantee you success. She is a mediocre voice and the only reason anyone knows her name is because of Beyonce and her involvement in Destiny’s Child. Kelly nor Michelle could have secured a solo album on their own. This “new” revelation of being jealous of her “sister’s” success is not new news. Putting it in a song doesn’t make it important or sincere. I am glad she has decided to share her story of abuse and overcoming that horrible relationship but this song will get 3 record spins and that is being generous. Ain’t nobody about to bump this in their car radio. I hope this was just therapeutic and not an attempt at a #1 Single.

  12. Tha Master Number is MASTERING!!!! So proud of her.

    Purging like this in song (in any art form) is therapeutic not only to she but ALL OF US.

    But FD, “envy” is not natural–it’s devolving. Read Howard Zinn’s history book, just the first two chapters alone, when their [the natives] minds were too pure (natural) to even know what “envy” was/is. Trust me, it’s artificial affection.

    • Yes please let them know she was Jealous NOT ENVIOUS there is a difference jealous is when u wish u can have something tht someone else has Envy is when u see a person with something and dnt want them to have

  13. Loooooove it…and wtf is this guy she talking bout? Anyone knows? Ima google this ish…and she doesn’t envy bey she’s just telling how she felt bk then.but trust me boo she did it with this song..Kelly has no reason to envy anyone.

  14. I love you Miss Funky Dineva! but she shared or shed no envy of Bey in that song! Shes speaking from the heart and experience … I <3 it!

  15. Love it and are you going to do a video on last night R&B diva episode??? Or did I miss it

  16. Ain’t nooooooBody checking for Kelly. She doesn’t have IT. She has talented vocal skills, I assume a hard working mind and business sense, and what y’all might call Looks (I personally don’t see it, maybe it’s the Choc girls being bias, but Kelly ain’t cute, sexy none of that- never has been) but She does Not have IT. He’ll KimK has IT and that chick can’t even think for herself, W/No talent. Sorry Kelly and her cyber fans who don’t buy her albums (as stated in the post below), Kelly may as well keep collecting them checks being mediocre in Hollywood and just continue to live and eat good.

      • How am I wrong when EVERYTHING I said was Opinion and not Stated as Fact. U ppl get out of loopy land and stop calling others Wrong just because they’re OPINIONS differ from yours. But plz, elaborate how I was wrong…

  17. @ Brandie Jordan you are a damn ignoramus!!!You must be the original fool of foolery. Abuse isn’t something that’s easy to discuss, much less on a public forum putting your business out in the streets. She is human regardless of her celebrity status and chooses to deal with the issues of HER life the way she saw fit. I don’t see you putting your “drama” on the Internet for all to witness. Kudos to Kelly for being brave and discussing these issues. More grease to her elbow and I wish her the greatest success in her career.

  18. Half the ppl here are lying dogs. She just said you all fell in love with a fraud. Won’t the real KELLENDRIA ROWLAND please stand up so we can get to know & support & uplift your talent the same as “her.” BTW… If all u folks out here love her so much, why y’all aint buying any copies of ur album? or standing in the rain for her concert tickets? clothing line? perfume? jewelry? etc. Hell, she came to my homecoming & it didn’t even sell out (& dat shit was free). Ms. Kelly, listen up: You need more ppl asap Ms. Ma’am! Better links 2 da press, a restless booking agent, 3 good blogger friends, and most important DIE-HARD FANAITICAL STANS! stans that actually give u REAL support in REAL life. Not just shout-outs & well-wishes in cyber- land, but support that’s tangible which manifests into concrete success. Name the top 20 most succesful ppl in any field, & i garuntee they have 20 loyal ppl minimum in their camp holding them down plus stans. Her hair is layed like DILEMA bitch.
    It’s past due time for her to win. She’s da total package. Talented, pretty face, slim waist, brown skin poppin, she turnin us on. LOL she made a name background singing with Destiny’s Child, maybe she should call her fans THE CHOIR. byeeeeeeeee

    • Spot on. People are quick to try and say how great she is or how she and other former DC members are better than Beyonce, but these same people will not BUY their music or go to their shows. You better believe these same people (secretly) download all of Beyonce’s music, watch all her vids trying to learn the dances, and probably go to her shows. They just hate on her at the same damn time. Kelly’s fake online support is an instrument of haterism and she doesn’t even know it.

  19. I love this song!!! Hopefully, Dirty Laundry will help Kelly get the recognition she deserves.

  20. The story has been out a long time ago, when they were DC & Kelly rocked the short cut for awhile. The abuse story, nor the so-called jealousy/envy of her more famous groupmate is nothing new. Whomever commented that you should revisit the past DC songs was a great idea. Education rules the nation…the DC nation, that is. In my opinion, this may be a publicity stunt to hype her album sales through her increased popularity. It working, dontcha think? We’re talking!

    • yeah ONLY talking. NOT buying her cd. although u make a valid piont, and i totally agree, “talk” does not equal a “platinum album” and therein lies the rub so they say.

  21. ppl are so ignorant like why is this the first time we hearing about the abuse because she just decided to open up about it!!! duhhh

  22. Why is everyone so caught up with her being envious of Beyonce. The song os about abuse but all yall see it Bey. Damn yall kill me

  23. To put all these pieces together and see the timeline of things adding up, hate to say it but you gotta be a die hard DESTINY’s CHILD Stan. It roots back all the way to post SURVIVOR like she said in the song. Soooo we lookin at a story line from 2002. Whip out them old DC3 CDs.

  24. I think they slick told us in Destiny Childs song Girl wasn’t it focused on Kelly in the video I don’t know for sure just a thought

  25. This is why women don’t come forward when being abused! Someone always saying I don’t believe it! Abuse is more than physical power it’s emotional and mental control! There’s a lot that a person goes through before they are able to speak about it!

  26. Well I aint gon say I don’t believe her abuse story, cause I wanna sound like why is the first time we are hearing about this?? anywhooo the record is just blah to me, but Im glad she got whatever she needed to get off her chest

  27. omg yall make me so sick! like yall can not b this stupid in person! especially this maureese guy….wtf them hoes cant sing! u trippin

  28. Wow!!!!! I am so glad she finally decided to talk about the bull shit she was going through. She has done it!!!! Rise girl rise!!!! It’s great to actually hear what her former manager would not let us hear. Great job Kelly.

    • …and that is the problem. Why does it have to be “fuck Beyonce”? What can’t Kelly just look great in the picture. Period.

  29. FINALLY!!!! I’ve always liked Kelly, she’s always have been the sweet conservative type, but know that she’s has finally bared her soul to the world I have a new profound respect for this woman. Her lyrics speak to me in a way that no artist possible could, love it! Keep doing your thing Kelly!!!!!!!!

  30. This song is WACK, i’m really showing my age with that word. Why do kelly always have to bring beyonce in the picture when her new cd is about to drop. I’d love it if she didn’t always bring beyonce in her spotlight or time to shine moments. sheesh

    • i think they are talking about matthew knowels, since everybody has written him off. i think he is the abuser….not sure, but all arrows point to him to me…

  31. …not crazy bout the song… Jus seems repetitive …but I do so love KELANDRIA..she’s Beautifull well spoken,classy..glad she getting her DUE..but thus song should hav been sang by IND of the most talentless ppl in the industry.. (Vocal wise ) like Rihana/Ciara…jus my thoughts!!!!

  32. I didn’t hear envy..I heard my sister was on stage killin it and I was feelin it. She was happy for B, yet she wanted her career to take off as well, however, she was being abused by the man she loved..that abuse caused a rift between her and B. An abuser will always try and seperate the person from the people that love them. It’s all about control. He told her and made her feel like no one loved her not even B. Kelly was battling her own she’s free. Now go get em Kels! I’m rooting for her.


  33. That’s what music is about! U have to write what’s n your heart and what’s on your mind. So now once Kelly start keeping it real she will be a certified artist and can stand on her own, but Kisses down Low is my shit! Regardless, Kelly has always been the better singer from the group anyways.

  34. Well I can see this song getting blown out of proportion. the song though glad she has stepped out Beys shadow..but I’ve always loved Kelly.

  35. I was more interested in the domestic violence part of the song rather than the Beyonce mentions. This is the first Kelly song that I really connect with!

  36. It was BITTERSWEET, Kelly was happy Beyonce was on stage killin it cus tht was her sister they had been together for the longest but she was “enraged” cus she couldnt figure out what she was going to do next about her life when you sittin at home about to be in the dark cus u cant pay tht light bill and u sittin there saying what im a do

  37. So…..How you know Kelly Rowland ain’t had no man? When everybody knew she was engaged once. Not saying he was the person that beat her.

  38. I love it .. And have always loved Kelly …. It’s her time she has always been n Beyonce shadow getting over looked… I’m glad she put this out … #teamKelly!!!

  39. The song is ok. I don’t really listen to mainstream music because I know every radio station will play the music until you are sick and tired of the song. Remember, sex, lies, and scandals sell.

  40. You can be happy for someone and jealous at the same time wishing it was you! That’s a natural feeling

  41. She did say in the song she was mad at her/ everyone! It’s kinda of hard living in someone that’s really successful shadow and not be kinda jealous especially if you guys path was supposed to be the same.

  42. beyonce Stans comes out in 5…4…3..2… watch what they say “i knew she was always a hater” “she aint got nothing on bey” lol on a serious note i knew she had it in her. she would pit oit 1 hit and disappear but kuddos to her!!!

    • I hate that people like you exist! There is not one B Stan comment on here because the song is not about that, you basic broad! As a B stan, myself, I’ll tell you that we’ve nothing but love for OUR SIS, Kelly! This songs message is so powerful! It speaks of scorned love and the unbreakable bond between B, Kelly, & Michelle! Take your negative comments elsewhere!

  43. Funny the only part I can believe is how she felt about B but not the other Part Kelly aint had no damn man

  44. As in envy from what I got from it that she envy the fact the she couldn’t go on with her career as well during that time she said in part of the song that he took her from her sister and her miss her I didnt hear nothing that she said about actually beefing with beyonce thats all I was saying hun

  45. It was not about no damn envy it was about a abusive relationship and how it drove them apart and how she was going through that and beyonce career was going on after the destiny child’s split people love being messy and hyping stuff up

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