Kenya Moore gets dumped by Walter Jackson for young song writer (pics)

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Chile I got the TEA and it is sweet!!! It ain’t no secret here in Atlanta that Walter is a playa. Quiet as its kept, that is why Kandi didn’t bite when Walter tried to holler at her. Whispers have been going around town for some weeks now that Walter had moved on to a girl that he actually likes and has chemistry with. Well, the pics to confirm the whispers have finally surfaced. Check out the pics and get into Walter’s new boo.

Ladies and gents, i introduce to you songwriter Christon Ingram. Now chile, who she done wrote songs for, I don’t know, but, we live in a world where people can call themselves whatever they want. One thing is for certain, mama must have wrote the song to Walter’s heart, because word on the street is that he is all in with this chick.

For goodness sake, Walter was married once before and that marriage ended up in divorce. The last thing he needed was Kenya trying to shove marriage and children down his throat. Let’s not forget how Auntie Sisqo (Kenya’s aunt) was grilling the man at the dinner table. Kenya ran this man off with her crazy antics and relentless pressure for marriage and children.

Most recently, the two were spotted at an Atlanta Hawks game. It is safe to say that Walter is proudly claiming this chick. Everyone in Atlanta knows that sporting events is the one place you bring the girl you want everyone to know you are dating. Much to Kenya’s dismay, this girl is more than just a jump off…

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48 thoughts on “Kenya Moore gets dumped by Walter Jackson for young song writer (pics)

  1. well congrats to walter , kenya was expecting to much as always she cant handel looking at couples who adore each other face it girl it aint for every body. stop forceing it and asking men are they single let them come to you and ask you that question then you might find some one no retract that they will find you.

  2. walter sit yo old ass down that thang aint getting hard get that money girl he dont care kenya get you some young stuff walter in love she using him i dont care what nobody say

    • LUV…do you have more than a 5th grade education? Was that even English you wrote? Your momma should be so proud…

  3. oh my! well, good riddance kenya! walter was boring and not a real man IMO. he shouldn’t have let you get your hopes up if he wasn’t serious about getting serious. he made a fool of you and then yelled at you. you don’t need that. move on and stop talking about the miss usa thing…it’s obnoxious and makes you look ridiculous.

  4. Walter said he bringing light skinned bruthas back…..sike. He needs to stop trickin with his best friend’s daughter and get him a mature woman that he can build something with. He probably can’t do nothing with that young ass girl except…..pat dat coo%%** . Save your money for retirement…..cause it’s near.

    • Don’t hate as long as she likes him. A mature woman might not be available for him like Kenya is problem woman.
      why people allow gay marriage but get upset when you see older men like us with young girls.

  5. I was honestly trying to find out what Kenya saw in this old dude with the mini Afro, his face could use some micro abrasion but at this point it comes with age, not of his age but looks old.
    I like Kenya but did not like her pushing up on that, please. Baby girl(the young girl) he is dating right now, get the money sweetie and keep it moving, he definitely looks your dad, that’s nasty! But you live and learn…

    • That old Bull sh*t went out in 2012! Stop hating when an older man gets himself a piece of ass. It’s OK for a woman to be a Cougar? But a man can’t be a Lion? “Get the money girl” sounds like some prostitute back alley talk. Let the man be a man. He not beating her is he? (except for the pipe he laying)If they happy ,so be it.
      That Kenya Moore is losing her looks and her clock is ticking down. She needs to get a white man cause aint no strong brother gonna put up with that crap.

    • love is not nasty. its not about looks or age. most young girls prefare older man.
      Also around the world they marry off girls to older man. they provide stability and
      steady income unlike another 24 year old boy that still hitting clubs and chasing more pants or in jail.

  6. it disgusts me to see a young pretty girl with old walter, he buys girls with his money and used the show to promote his tow company, that was soo tacky because it was so obvious.

    • If he can buy them, what does it say about the girl? Personally, I do not care how old a person is as long as they are of legal age. Maybe if Kenya didnt act so GOTDAM desperate, she would be on her way to a wedding..

  7. Are you guys SURE that’s not his daughter? I always said he is about to start his second childhood, that nigga ain’t thinking about babis and marriage. I was aghast when i found out the shit was a stunt.

  8. Kenya used to be a beautiful gal. But her desperation for attention, marriage and kids, turns even me off…and I’m a girl. NO MAN will EVAH want to marry some chick like that! Especially blatantly flirting with other men in front of the dude that’s supposed to be your man. Like Kesha (formerly of Basketball Wives) would say…”That’s so sad”…

    • It’s less than sad about Kenya. I didn’t like her from the start. She breaks all the rules. If she had not embarrassed Walter by flirting in his face perhaps he would have continued to play along with her. No man will allow you to embarass him in that way play-play or for real. All along, I wanted to jump thru the t.v. and help Phaedra beat Kenya. Also, I’ve wanted to scream to Walter–jun Forrest run.

      • Kenya is actractive black woman, very nice shape. she has mental problems due, thats chasing men away and I don’t think at 40 that she can even have kids. why she waited so long.
        don’t blame it on your movie business.
        The guy has my personality, just be cool, don’t show out cause shes flirting with other men. just dump her later.

    • Thats a real classy response. Got Education much?
      Who really cares who Walter wants to date? Who cares about him? He is not even attractive! ug!
      Kenya needs to get rid of her weave, get medicine for her skin, and get some therapy. It hurts me to look at that hair & greasy face…she should know how to fix all that being a former beauty pageant girl.

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  13. Kenya can do much better than him, he’s an old cooch w/a small afro.

    I hope he does not rep, the pickings in ATL. YUCK.

    money or no money, his balls probably hang to his knees.

    if she comes from money (side eye) she’s even worse off than I thought.

  14. Her eyebrows are terrifying. Her debut release should be called, ‘Eyebrows’
    Doesn’t matter how good your azz looks, they are hijacking her face.

    Walter’s greasy old ass.. smdh.

    At the end of the day, Kandi WINS because she didn’t sell her cooch off to the highest bidder, she was celibate, waited for the right man, and now she got herself a fine man (let’s face it, the only REALLY fine boo on the show, besides Peter) who treats her right.

    Granted, I think she talks about her cooch a little too much, but at least it is only in the context of HER in control of it, be it taking care of it, improving it, etc., and not some nasty skeezy man hitting it. She has pussy control!! I respect her a lot.

  15. I could always tell that he was the type of guy to jump the gun, always looking for the next best thing. He doesn’t’ want someone to love. He wants some eye-candy, a trophy. That was always my impression. And some younger girls are DUMBER, never had anything, so when an okay looking older guy with some money.. Well, you know how the story goes.

    • Agreed. He now thinks that he’s cock-of-the-walk b/c he snagged this young filly (what is she, around 16 years his junior?), but she’s gonna be cheating on his ass in another five or six years (if she sticks around that long). By the time, he will need viagra and that middle-age spread he’s got will get bigger. She’s not going to want to waste her time on THAT shyt when she can find a man younger than he (and with money).

      • So what if she leaves him. Old G’s like me don’t care. just enjoy that young black thang for the moment. and all you hater stop hating. young couples cheat and leave each other too.

  16. You need to make a post entitled “HAS WALTER PAID YOUR BILLS?” because he stay throwing money around ATL to all the pretty young girls.

  17. There break up will probably be on the show. When asked about her and Walter current status, her reply is ” you gotta watch the show”

  18. yes gawd!! I’m proud or Walter, he ha!!ed a55 like he should have. Aunti did come on a little strong…..Walter got him new boo!!

  19. I actually know about her because I am a fan of her music. And she actually has had her album Celebrate make TWO billboard charts. Kenya is old news!

    • Yes I have her music in my ipod. She came on when I had shuffle play in I Heart Radio. I really liked it so I purchased it. Lots of underground music that is way better than what is on the radio.

  20. Lmao….Nobody with money and self respect gonna put up with Kenya’s antics she better take a page outta Phaedra book and gon and get her one of them respectable inmates turn him from a nobody to a somebody…

  21. Good for him. Kenya is a raggedy, desperate trainwreck. She needs to relax and chill out (and get some manners). Find yourself a young boo Kenya… leave the old men to the young girls.

    • You are sharp. Kenya needs a young buck to handle her wild ass. break her off nighly and she takes care of him money wise and have kids, but at 40 she might not have kids due to her age and possibel past abortions.

  22. I seen that tea in kandi’s instagram couple of days ago! I was like where kenya but I see frank (walter). with someone else! Lol

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