Kenya Moore Throws MAJOR Shade At Porsha Stewart On VH1 Morning Buzz (Watch)

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Yesterday (Monday Nov 27, 2012) Kenya Moore  was in New York doing  a round of promo when she stopped by Vh1′s Morning Buzz to chat with Carrie Keagan. Well, the bish must have had a palm tree in her pocketbook, because she came loaded with shade, and trust & believe mama threw all of it!

While playing a game of Match, Kenya refused to even say Porsha’s name. Additionally, she went on to hurl a few insults when you found an opening. Check out the shade and all the other pageantry and theatrics Kenya served up.


Kenya you really were doing the most, and at your age, you really should be ashamed of your self. But then again. this is the woman who needs her aunt to manage her love life. The real gag is, your aunt is blind, deaf, and dumb if she can’t see that Walter’s juicy perm having a** don’t want you. Porsha is dingy as hell, but don’t get it twisted, most women want what she has, especially the ld ones washed up ones. At the very end of the day, if the worst thing that anyone can say about Porsha is that she is a dingbat and she doesn’t work, then I think she is doing better than most!

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8 thoughts on “Kenya Moore Throws MAJOR Shade At Porsha Stewart On VH1 Morning Buzz (Watch)

  1. She is pathetic and wants to latch on to nene really really bad. Wonder what will become of her with the fraud she and Walter pulled on Bravo. She’s a sick woman.

  2. Truth be told, if Porsha had half the mind capacity that I wish she had she probably could wipe the floor with Kenya in a Miss USA pageant tomorrow. Porsha is a beautiful girl, and ditsy as she may be she seems very sweet. She would have Kenya’s crown and sash YANKED. With all that being said though, please find some education somewhere Porsha. Swing by the AUC and get a Bachelor’s, a Graduate Certificate…hell, get some continuing education credits or something. And if you already have a degree then do better because it clearly did nothing for you :( . You have a good man who’s obviously willing to take care of you. Let him take care of your mind sugar plum fairy. You are too beautiful, privileged, and young to be that aloof. Funky Dineva, I hope you get a chance to interview Porsha because maybe she needs someone to just reach out and touch her brain. I am rooting for her to make it through this rough phase lol. Bless her heart.

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