Kim Zolciak and Sweetie Hughes Reunite on Season 5 of Real Housewives of Atlanta

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I don’t care what any of y’all have to say about Kim or Sweetie. Both of them are alright with me. Their interactions remind me of Kim & NeNe’s escapades during season 1 of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Wouldn’t a Kim & Nene spin-off show have been funny. I told y’all last week that Sweetie had moved into Kim’s house to help her with the children and help her prepare for the arrival of her new baby. [Harriet Tubman aka Sweetie Hughes Moves Into Kim Zolciak’s House – Real Housewives of Atlanta]

Due expect to see Kim and Sweetie both on this upcoming season of RHOA. On August 11th Kim tweeted:
Filming is always so much fun!!! Especially when it involves@sweetieHughes!!!!!!! :)
Yes GAWD. Glad to see Kim is filming with someone considering all the rumors that she hasn’t been filming much with the other girls and that they were somewhat upset. Word on the street is that the girls boycotted filming for a while until Bravo forced Kim to film just a much as they were if she was going to continue to collect a check. I guess the other girls felt like Kim wasn’t pulling her weight. I hope we do see Kim interacting with some of the other ladies a little more this season. No T no shade, but quiet as its kept, I was so over watching her and kroy and her interacting with her children. The ish was boring… Welcome Back Sweetie!
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