Kim Zolciak Claims She Does Not See Color, NOT THE SAME AS BEING ANTI-RACIST

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Kim Zolzciak has been taken to task about being racist since The Real Housewives Of Atlanta started 5 years ago. Is she racist, or is she bi-product of 1 white woman being thrust amongst a cast of 5 other black women? Last night on pt.2 of the RHOA reunion, Nene Leakes opened up the color door again by semi accusing Kim of being racist. Nene later cleaned up her remarks by saying if kim was not racist that she was ignorant. Again feeling the pressure of being the minority, Kim replied by letting the world know she does not see color.

My favorite socially conscious blogger and friend of the site @Anti_Intellect of the Anti Intellect Blog says not seeing color is not the same as not being anti racist. Check out what all he had to say. KimZolciak_900-600-05-03-12

The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post solely belong to Anti intellect – FUNKY DINEVA DID NOT WRITE THIS

Anti intellect writes:

Note to Kim Zolciak: claiming that you do not see color is not the same as being anti-racist.

On last night’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special, Kim Zolciak made her triumphant return to the show. As you may recall, Kim stormed off the show earlier in the season after being confronted by the other women on the show for failing to commit to a pre-planned group trip. Kim’s return to the show was met with tension from some of the other women on the cast who felt that her commitment to the show had been lacking during the season. As the only majority Black, minority White, show in the Housewives franchise, race and racism have always loomed over the production. The subject of race was addressed last night after host Andy Cohen asked whether Kim’s comments about fellow cast member Kandi Burress’ home and neighborhood were racist. (Earlier in the season Kim acted as if she were in grave danger after her “assistant” Sweetie warned her that Kandi’s new home was in an unsafe neighborhood.)

When asked whether she was racist, Kim essentially stated that she felt her comments were always amplified because of the fact that she is the only White woman on the show. She went on to insinuate that she is not racist because she “does not see color”. And it’s this statement that I want to key in on. As I stated earlier, claiming that you do not see color is not the same as being anti-racist. In fact, I would argue that claiming that you do not see color does nothing to quiet concerns that you are, in fact, racist. There is a tendency for non-Black people in our society to believe that they are doing everyone–particularly Blacks–a favor by claiming that they do not see color. I can only assume that the statement makes non-Black people feel good, because it does nothing for me as a Black person. I don’t need people to not see the color of my skin. What I need is for people to not judge me based on the color of my skin.

Most people in our society–Kim Zolciak included–see color. We live in a society where people of different skin colors interact with each other on a daily basis. We also live in a society where people are consciously and subconsciously racist. Respecting our differences in skin color, and not being racist, should not have to come through our pretending that we do not come in a variety of skin colors. The idea that racism will disappear simply because everyone claims that they do not see race is a fantasy belief. On the contrary, I think that racism is heightened when people pretend that there aren’t racial differences. The key to ending racism is not claiming that we do not see color, but rather working to make sure that our differences don’t become barriers to us respecting and valuing each other as human beings.

I would have been far more reassured of Kim’s anti-racism had she simply stated that she is not a racist person. I do not need her–or any other White person for that matter–to pretend that they do not see color. Unless you are colorblind, you see color. To imply otherwise is to come off as ignorant and cliche rather than anti-racist. As the late and great Audre Lorde once said, “It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.”

Kim needs to recognize that differences do exist, and claiming that she does not see color is not going to change that.

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62 thoughts on “Kim Zolciak Claims She Does Not See Color, NOT THE SAME AS BEING ANTI-RACIST

  1. I REALLY HATE that “i don’t see color” bs because YES YOU DO AND SHOULD!!! It’s better to say that i don’t judge or treat people a certain way BECAUSE of their color. It’s a stock and asinine answer for non black people because like the writer said they think that it makes us “blacks” feel soothed in some way, it doesn’t. You should see people differences (race, religion, sexual orientation, creed, handicap) and be able to engage in mutual non prejudicial relationships with them beyond it. Just because she was friends with NeNe doesn’t mean she isn’t prejudiced it just means that she likes some not all; it’s kinda inherent with white people to be racist or prejudiced. Some of them are better at recognizing this and keeping it in check or teaching themselves to change it than others.

  2. People are really stupid you know deep down Kim is not a racist she was friends with nene way before the show came out the people who think she is racist just don’t like her chill out please.

  3. When she says she doesn’t see color she doesn’t actually mean she is color blind LMFAO. She’s saying she doesn’t see hate towards a certain person because of their color. So she doesn’t see their color in a racial way. Duhhh

  4. I am white and I don’t feel as if Kim Zolciak is racist. I feel like she says the comments not knowing they are offensive to black people because everyone knows white people tan and black people are already dark so they don’t really need it. She said it as a joke. However she was being rude about Kandi’s home with the remarks that she makes. Unless you live around a certain culture you wouldn’t really understand it. She lives in Alpharetta which isn’t really diverse. Of course its going to feel racist when she is the only white person on the show and says comments like these so I understand how people could take it that way.

  5. Kim is straight gutter trash. I remember reunions past, if one of the women called her out or insulted her she would say ” excuse me” like she just could not believe they would speak to her that way. I certainly hope nobody will watch that hillbilly fest, and shell have to beg her way back onto rhoa and I hope Nene tells her to go adjust her wig and go to hell with a gasoline thong.

    • Your comment is very ignorant and racist calling people hillbillies so you have no right being a hypocrite. She made a joke because everyone knows black people can’t really get any more darker so it wasn’t a racist issue.

      • That is ignorance…I use to listen to stupidty like…black people can’t really get that much darker. I am a fair completed black person and when I was visiting family in SC I made the mistake of taking a nap underneath a tree and woke up darker and with the worse sun burn. I was warned by my family not to do this but I said black be people don’t sun burn. Myth.

  6. OAN why do people feel the need to respond to this article with comments about how much they love being black? It sounds like self reassurance. I never read white people talking about how much they love being white. Shouldn’t it be a given that we love ourselves regardless of our colour? Why do people look at themselves and see a colour? I love myself plenty but not because of the shade of my skin or in spite of the shade of my skin. Just because.

  7. Yep, she probably is a little racist, but no more so than most of the black cast members on the show who make offensive white comments frequently. #racismworksbothways

    • Undercover racist? As in a conspiracy? Please….I honestly don;t think she gives a shit WHAT color you are…..

  8. i feel the line’ i dont see color’ is on the same line as ‘ i have – black friends’..maybe not racist but ignorant..i have NO doubt that Kroy is racist though..

    • Kroy is racist, look when Kim had the baby shower on wife’s’ of Atlanta. The room was divided black one half and whites on the other half.

  9. I was so mad when she made the comment on the show and not the reunion, if I was black, I would need an indoor pool too. racist/prejudice call it what you want but that was uncaused for

  10. I hate when people say that…everyone sees color. Kim was straight hating on Kandi’s house. I hated every minute of her sitting on stage last night. & bitch quit lying that’s not all your real hair! I know there were some clip ins or something in that up do!!

  11. I don’t think she is but I think her husband Kroy surely is. I think she started limiting her involvement with black people to appease him. Moreover, why does she lie so darn much? It seems like everything she says is a lie or the truth is bent in some form or fashion.

  12. Seeing color and making dense comments are two different actions. That’s like trying to compare Ne Ne Leeks to Kim Zolciak.

  13. If God doesn’t see color why do we? In the words of tupac, some.things will never change.

    • My daughter attends a Catholic school. She understands that most likely Jesus and nearly everyone else in the Bible was a person of color. Not that blonde haired blued eyed picture of Jesus so many people like to show….

  14. “I can only assume that the statement makes non-Black people feel good, because it does nothing for me as a Black person. I don’t need people to not see the color of my skin. What I need is for people to not judge me based on the color of my skin.”
    When Kim made that statement…they all sat there as if she was right for saying that ish!

    • Exactly! You can CLEARLY tell how the ladies will be “understanding” of Kim’s indiscretions while going all in on each other. It was embarrassing how Kandi kept trying to reason with Kim, while Kim sat there like she could care less what any of them felt. As the ugliest one on the show – on any of the shows, Kim somehow still has a sense of superiority and does not hide it. It is blatant and she is ALWAYS condescending. Meanwhile, Black folks kill me backing down everytime someone says they “don’t see color” WTF!!!! That is insane! Anyone who says something like that is certified insane. And that doesn’t mean you have to act ignorant to get that point across, but it should be confronted and silenced as some “get-out-of-the-fire-free card” for whites. Don’t throw me any crumbs, honey. I LOOOOVE being Black, so for someone not to recognize that I’m Black is insulting. Don’t refuse to see color, be able to not judge me based on my color. That is the point.

  15. When someone says they don’t see color, obviously they don’t mean literally that they don’t see color, they mean everyone in their eyes are equal. I say it all the time and I’m certainly not ignorant or any variation thereof. Now as far as Kim being a racist I’ve never seen it, she did mistreat Sweetie from time to time but Sweetie allowed it. Had that been 2 white people or 2 black people that would have been just overlooked as she is rude to her help… I am glad she is off the show though because she seems to have moved into a different more positive direction and so has Nene. I’m all for anyone bettering themselves and doing what makes them happy

  16. all I know is that ass got white real fast once she met kroy and got married.. you saw how she acted..” I don’t know any of you not one of these bitches is my friend”. baby she disassociated her self with the pack real quick. especially when it came time for her to give kandi her began the first season with saying she was black and she was a black woman in a white womans body.. til she met her some NFL got married kept having them babies… bitch thought she was making some money and came in to some and went.. to ne-ne nem’ and said “BITCH WHO ARE YOU” BITCH just retreated and the stick went up her azz.. the end… bitch turned white real quick lol

  17. Kim is not racist…and I don’t even like her….that’s what black people do when a white isn’t receptive to their bullshit…

  18. kim is trying to place nice so ppl will watch her show, that whole segment was a set up by Bravo to place her in a diff light to gain more viewers for her show…i still want be watching

  19. I don’t believe that crap about not seeing color. When I hear that come out of someones mouth instant ignore. EVERYONE sees color.

  20. Kim is a racist that’s why she has dumb ass Sweetie as her flunky and talks to her like she’s Kizzie. probably gave her that name Sweetie!!!!!! Kroy well…….need I say more! he never socialize with any of the other men on the show.Kim is only “friends” with Ne Ne again because she’s an opportunist. maybe Ne Ne can get her on the “New Norm” now????????

  21. Saying you dont say color is stupid. She is racist. She doesnt like Kandi or Nene because they are black women who have more than she does and doesnt have to fuck for it.

  22. Clearly she is prejudice…I don’t know about racist…when she made that comment “get in the house and lock the doors, this neighborhood isn’t safe” I felt like she was out of pocket, being that the neighborhood was predominantly upperclass blacks….

  23. EVERYONE sees color. EVERYONE. Why anyone would deny that really says something about that person, either they’re a racist in denial or they are naive and could care less about the racism in the world, because saying “i don’t see color” is DISREGARDING the racism in the world.

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