Kim Zolzciak May Be Having A Fifth Child [video]

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In a true trailer park fashion, Kim Zolciak may be packing out her house with a whole bunch of kids. Ever since Dionne Warrick and Ms. Cleo gooped the kids out of all their coins, I have not had too much faith in these here psychics. However, Kim has had a pretty high batting average with her Little House On The Prairie fortune teller Miss Rose. Well, Rose has predicted a 5th child in Kim’s future. This one a little girl. Check it out.

Do you think Kim should have anymore children?

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78 thoughts on “Kim Zolzciak May Be Having A Fifth Child [video]

  1. When it comes to Kim, I only read the comments. Someone said Ku Klux Kroy and I almost choked to death from laughing….Y’all know they are not racist, and Ya’ll know that Kim’s song Tardy for the Party ain’t about black people…cause we always late lol

  2. If you can afford them, have them. She already got two nannies and a housekeeper who also doubles as a nanny. Plenty of people out there sucking my check dry because they don’t want to use birth control, and they are having babies. So good luck Kim have 9 of em.

  3. Chile I’m not here for trashbox Kim, but I am here for these comments. Somebody said “Klu Klux Kroy?” LOLOLOLOL!!! I give dat one 2 thumbs up. Hell, i wish I had more hands (in Dave Chappelle voice).

  4. Who gives a dam! Why are you slaves concerned about this white trash and whats is or is not in her worn out twat? Better yet why is a black blog even reporting this? Can we just let this bitch ride off into the sunset to never ever be spoken of or heard from again!! Come the fuck on!!

  5. The comments are funny, but I flatlined with this one: “klu klux kroy”. Close the casket. Lmao. #done

  6. Kim said she is going to be at the top of reality tv and secure her some relevance either fuck her way to the top of reality tv by having a bunch of kids or by Kroy’s hardwork or lack there of on the field. Be that as it may, She needs to have 4 more to take the title away from octomom. I bet Kroy treat Kim so nasty in bed. He looks like he would get into some ole redneck gutter country ass shit. You get yours Kim.

  7. Child Kim trying to get a show based off her raising a family lol. Gon on girl yusss married now! Lol.

  8. I could care less if Kim has 20 kids, but the way she treats her parents is despicable, and she better know that at least one of her 25 kids are going to do the same to her disrespectful a**!

    • That’s so true,how you treat your parents will come right back to you…The bible says honor thy mother and thy father for thy days shall be longer.

  9. Hey I don’t blame her, when you marry a young guy with no kids you can expect he wants a couple of his own so she’s compromising for him. Plus she’s not young anymore gotta get birthing all these kids out of the way, then she can enjoy with hubby!

  10. Be fruitful and multiply. As long as she has a loving husband and those babies will have a father in their life. Go for it!

  11. WHat do you mean do we think she should have any more children? As long as she isnt asking for anyone to help her take care of them, she should have as many as she want and can afford.

  12. Slow down Kim! Let it get tight for a minute. It’s going to be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.

    • Ya’ll comments got me dying over here while drinking my cheap Moscato. God I needs me some more money so I could get the good stuff.

  13. As long as shes supporting them… Its her life everyone passing judgements yall live how yall want why she cant

  14. No she should stop popping out babies cause I know Sweetie is tried of being a mammy lol…I wonder does Kroy sneak in the slave quarters and pay a visit

  15. they go run out of money and end up wig slinging to make income she trying to make sure klu klux kroy aint going nowhere too many kids dam lol

    • I hope they arrest you for slaying me with that Ku Klux Kroy!!!

      Chile … that’s one of the funniest comments I have seen in a while!

  16. She needs to stop. Before long she gonna be like Kate plus 8 and standing in somebody’s welfare line if she ain’t careful.

  17. all she do is pop em out! talking about her family comes first and she has to raise her family. she has sweetie along with two other nannies and an assistant or two…FOR WHAT?!

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