Kordell Has Another Woman In the House And Is Locking Porsha Out – Has To Call Police For Entry

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Allow me to vent for one second. If there was ever any doubt in anyone’s mind if Kordell Stewart was gay or not, the stunts and shows that he is pulling should be confirmation that he is a sissy. It is bad enough that Kordell blindsided Porsha with a divorce, now he is locking her out of the home. The poor girl has had to call the police on two occasions to gain entry into the home where she lives. Additionally, Kordell has brought another woman into the home. Catch these T’s on why Kordell says Porsha is locked out and who the other woman is. Recently , Porsha  filed a motion that claimed Kordell was locking her out of the house — and bringing another woman into the home.
But in his response Kordell claims he only locks the house at night for security purposes. He claims the real problem is Porsha frequently leaves home for several days straight … and sometimes comes back between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM smelling like alcohol. I can’t verify if Kordell’s words are true or false, but the sure as hell feel like lies.

As for Porsha’s claim of “another woman” in the house — Kordell says it’s the nanny he was forced to hire because Porsha is “neglecting her responsibilities to her stepson.” NEWSFLASH, it probably wasn’t a real woman, but a tranny with a good weave.  This right here has left me feeling some kind of way. A nanny? “Bitch please, he got a mammy. Send his ass back round her house.” Tania nor Sheree‘ have anything to do all day. I hate to sound cold towards children, but at this point in the game, and after being married for only 2+ years, what real duties does Porsha have to Kordell’s son. Is one reasonably expected to go through a messy divorce and continue to take another living woman’s child to soccer practice? Let’s be real Kordell.

SWEET TEA: Kordell Stewart’s Baby Mama Is Sheree Whitfield’s Ex Girlfriend

Wendy Williams gave Porsha the best advice I have heard so far. Loosely paraphrased, Wendy said that Porsha should ask the court for 2 years of spousal support. She explained with that support Porsha should get her a nice 1 bedroom apartment in a skyrise somewhere and put up the rest. Wendy went on to say from there, stay on Housewives for Atlanta, then work the platform to garner her own show called “Porsha around the city.” This show would show Porsha’s life after divorce, her dating, etc. From here she suggested Porsha should be able to parley this into something lasting and sustainable. She also said Porsha shouldn’t try to get anything else from Kordell. To leave the cars, house, and furniture, that the best way to hurt a man is to not want anything from him. I AGREE…

Eww chile this thing is getting messy…

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What are your thoughts on this?

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283 thoughts on “Kordell Has Another Woman In the House And Is Locking Porsha Out – Has To Call Police For Entry

  1. Porsha needs to trip out on his ass!!!!! Boil that water and add the friggin grits cus clearly this man has never respected you.

  2. Don’t feel sorry for Porscha (however it’s spelled). I believe she knew how he was before she married but she didn’t care.

  3. Dang Pork Chop Got put outta the white dammmmmn bong. Now are you sure its another woman, because the way he was arguing with Brandun …. Enough said

  4. I thought I was listening to an exert of the “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” because that was like her life… and it was in the same location. smh. I don’t feel sorry for Porsha. She kept praising I have a husband to Kenya, and she acts like a 20 yr old, who knew she was 31. I am not shocked that the baba mama was the other woman in the house. Oh well. And you claim her husband not about be trifling. ahahaha

    • Get her “cut” ? ha! That dumb heifer didnt earn a goddam thing. She’s dumb air-head,with no career, no life, no nothing. She doesn’t deserve anything but what sh’s getting right now. She knew WTF the deal was when she was courting him.

  5. Porsha KNEW exactly what kind of man she was marrying from the GET GO. She did it for the money and social status. He married her because she was young and wanted to be his “House-Barbie.” (“I don’t look at receipts. All I want is my last name”) FUNNY… He gagged his baby momma from being on RHOA but “let” his wife Porsha participate. COULD IT BE that he “AGREED” to let her participate on Reality TV as long as it didn’t interfere w/her “wife” duties? COULD IT BE THAT’s WHY she had to PROVE to him on the show that she could handle a child (her niece) and maintain the household. COULD IT BE THAT the show put Kordell in a bad light when in the background he was cool w/her being on TV as long as she maintained her #1 position HOME? That is what I believed happened and that is why he dropped her as SOON as the show was over. I mean the man supported her career as a Philanthropist/Socialite when she threw her backyard BBQ for women w/a 200k check for her foundation. Kordell was reasonable w/every argument she had from Kenya to Cynthia. As her husband…He had her back. Kordell dint want Porsha to make a FOOL out herself on TV and that’s just what she did. WHAT Kordell doesn’t want to support is a REALITY TV HOUSEWIFE. <<<< That’s the career he doesn’t want to support. (sorry for the blog, but all this unnecessary hate was too much)

  6. He has got to know that he can’t lock her out of a shared residence…c’mon. She is going to win alimony and he is going to freak! I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he has to fork over $50k/month to her AND she gets the house AND he has to pay for that too. #growupKordell

    • Hey dumb ass, that won’t happen. Don’t think just because there was no “pre-nump, that she’s walking away with any $$$ either. Unlike the state of CA, the courts in the ATL favor the rich hubby and/or baby-daddy in these types of situations, even if you have kids. They see whores, home-wreckers,gold diggers, & jump-offs for what they are….Just as Sheree & Kandi. Now her DUMB ass will have to somehow figure out how to support herself off her own efforts. The only option for dumb-bitches that wear too much makeup & weave, is video model or high-priced escort. So good luck to Porsha*lol*

  7. are you serious? ! wow..i knew this was going to get ugly..she need to get her stuff and MOVE BACK WITH MOM if she can’t afford her own place. she need to eat some humble pie, let this man have his house that he worked hard on the football field and paid for….

    • HA! I rich nigga in the ATL will NEVER be lonely…..There is plenty of paid pussy and/or dick that will keep him warm at night HAHA!

  8. There’s no doubt that Kordell is a pathetic human being, and his current actions are 100% wrong. However I believe he and Porsha talked about her not having a career prior to them getting married. This is probably why he close her over educated, intelligent women. Two years into the marriage she decides she wants a career therefore nullifying the previous agreement they had. This, I think is why he divorced her, refusing to pay spousal support stating that she was able to support herself.

    Now she can have the career that she wanted. But something tells me that she wanted to marry and multimillionaire and have a fun career that didn’t really pay. This is what happens when someone is blinded by the cash, and the potential lifestyle and not really looking at the pitfalls of marrying a man who is obviously so controlling and wants a wife was barefoot and pregnant all the time.

    It’s really sad that she’s having a divorce, but she spent the whole season making fun of Kenya for not being married. I guess what goes around comes around, and we should focus on our blessings rather than tearing somebody down.

    • bra—-the fuck—VO!!! I agree totally with everything you said. Although Kordell is an ugly bitchass punk who I could see from the start of the show was a MEAN controlling and heartless man. (He reminded me so much of my ex husband.) porcha is getting a bit of Irony Pie right now. She picked so much on kenya for being old and not married and look where she is now. And she admits she wanted to be a trophy wife… what she didn’t realize is what goes behind being that trophy wife men like that want you to be pretty, obedient and MUTE! As soon as you speak up or get old you are OUT! They turn COLD and mean because they never loved YOU they loved the idea of what you represented to them and the outside world.

    • You’re just as dumb as she is anyways, worried about getting a man with looks. Just like her soon-to-be ex was. Going after a man for ONLY for one superficial quality is stupid (i.e. only dating a man for his money) Which she is already suffering from that mistake…*smh* All dumb birds think alike. Will you Ho’s will ever learn?

  9. he needs to be a damn shame of his self; somethings are so ridiculous that ppl have to go through when they are divorcing he obviously went into this marriage with false intentions anyway…… the court system should allow her and any other individual to get whatever they want because of these foolish tactics that he is pulling. She better off without his ugly ass.

  10. Porsha got EXACTLY what she deserved. I do remember her trying to school Kenya on how to “get a man”…perhaps baby girl left the classroom when they discussed how to keep em…Porsha would have seen Kordell coming a mile away had she had the wisdom of a woman “over 40″ but THAT”S OLD for lil miss porsha. I ain’t got no compassion for her, yeah Kordell is a bitch, but he was her bitch and so the plot thickens…

  11. Not surprising….the way he was treating porsha i knew there had to be another woman in the picture. I hope she take every dime he has. They’re still married and adultery is against the law in the state of GA and being that she depends on him to live she will be granted spousal support! Don’t worry Porsha…he will get exactly what he deserves!

  12. Kordell needs an older lady anyway… Porscha was like his daughter! He told Porscha to kick rocks she got what she wanted : TV CAREER LOL

  13. i’m still confused as to how you get locked out your own house. does she not have KEYS? was he blocking every door with a chair? what in the world???

  14. Kordell is such a non-factor with a little boy complex and the sooner Porsha realizes this, the better.

  15. This is just too much Funky Dineva! Porhsa wake up honey, think I’d have to go all in on him! I’t seems as if there were some issues with these to prior to the show, She knows!

  16. Wait a minute! Didn’t Porsha ask him if she could have a nanny? He tells her no, but he goes out and gets one. Who’s taking care of this “kid” when she taping “Housewives”. I’m like Ron Isley..lol There’s a mystery going on and Porsha needs to solve that one.

  17. Wait he filed for divorce but want her to take care of his & another woman’s child……he is as dumb as he look…..smh

  18. Kordell needs a foot in his ass. but he did her a favor because she can do better, plus she dont need 2 daddies!!

  19. This is starting to REEK of male jealousy. Is it possible that all of this is happening now because Porsha could be on her way to making more money than him? His attempt to come off as a controlling man is only a deflection to the fact that he’s nothing but an insecure repressed homosexual whose days of glory are behind him. Thats just my opinion…

  20. I keep remembering this conversation and giggling – Prosha: “Well I’m glad my husband even let me come on this trip! I’m proud of him!” – Ladies: “Let me?” – Porsha: “YES LET ME! And if you understood that, you’d still have a man”…. :) Having a parent-to-child relationship with your spouse doesn’t work does it? She should have followed Nene’s approach then things would be different “If you act up again then Im’a divorce you again!”..amen!

    • THANK YOU! Porsha is so goddamn dumb it’s unbelievable. Remember when Miss “265 days of the year” thought she had to pee on the EPT test stick for 2 minutes? Dumb bitch the test takes 2 minutes for the results not piss for 2 mins!!!

  21. im just trying to figure out where all his dislike for her came from, during filming he acted all protective and stuff and now this… the other woman had to be in the picture before now and portia just didnt pay attention to the signs, women need to watch and pay attention

  22. I wouldn’t go there because the bitch too dirty. But if you was my friend I would not blame you. I mean her came out the bag an that ass!?!? She’s handling well from the looks of it. Because I’d been went into crazy black bitch mode lol

  23. He is a poor excuse for a man! He is just a vile person. Love the Wendy comment in the article and hopefully Porsha and Bravo exec. listen/read and do something! Let him see that she CAN DO IT ALL and more!

  24. This is one of those situation when you gotta thank The Lord for delivering you from a bitch as nigga for lack of a better word. He is showing his true colors. How you such a “traditional family man” treating your wife like that? Please!!! I hope bravo give her a show about this but then again this type of dude would get a gag order. He’s trash!!

  25. Damn shame….when you stand your own ground, then you an angry black woman, but when you’re submissive and try to be a good wife, you get treated like shit on his shoe….smh! Fked either way

  26. WHAT the Raaas?! Jesus take the wheel. This is getting nastier and nastier. He at least couldve waited until they were completely Divorced before he brought another woman around. And honestly he may be doing it out of Spite to hurt her… Oh my… Just terrible…

  27. He gay anyway he got caught sucking a trannie’s dick in a park in ATL so he bi if anything he act like a bitch anyway.

  28. What goes around comes back around. My heart brakes for her, I pray that she;s going to be just fine.,

  29. Wow!!! Bravo knew exactly what they were doing when they put these two on. I think they’ve seen the turmoil already btwn the two. So sad, but glad she got up out of it when she did. He’s too controlling and egotiscal not good. She only married for money but, hey idk the facts. You know how when you see couples together and you know if it’s true love, well hunty it was written all over them that they are NOT. Yes, they are our business because we make them famous. lol! Porsha is young and beautiful just another obstacle in life that she will get over. Keep calm and move on!

  30. I watch this show and I didn’t see the divorce coming. They were just talking about having babies.

  31. TACKY TACKY!!! This is an interesting read, but I must admit, this should not be our business.

  32. I guess that RING DIDN’T MEAN A THING, hunty!!! She knew dat crusty ninja was “all of the above” while they were dating. Yet she said “I Do” anyways. You gold diggers be killin me! What she marry him for? And why is everybody so vocal now? Nobody objected at the Picture-Perfect wedding. This fiasco coulda all been avoided. Porscha knew good and damn well who she dated, married, and laid with every night. Now she wanna act like she got catfished. Gurl, throw yo life up and catch it!
    She needs to take the next 265 days this year to reflect on how she gon lay her hair…..

  33. She needs to take a BOLD step and pack her shit up and leave the house while her divorce is going on. If she wants the house, then get it in the settlement…and then sell it. I don’t think she’s strong enough to really fight him like she needs to…so she shouldn’t try to hold on to him and the house while he’s in it.

  34. yes she is Jillian Knowles Haines he is contrlling and UGLY……she is to pretty to be dealing with him……..

  35. I have NEVER liked Kordell, he is too controlling and treats Porsha like a baby, plus Porsha is just too good for him. He needs to get a life!

  36. Porsha is better off w/o Kordell…I thought he was a douche bag from the get go. He was always talking down to everybody. Good riddance, in my opinion!

  37. “People say I have a picture perfect life…And I do.” Not so much anymore Ms. Porsha. ijs

  38. he had the other woman anyway, the show is a way to set her up for herself so he can move on.

  39. Damn Ms. Porsha told Ms. Kenya she knew how to keep her man…looks like she should have taken some advice from someone over 40….lol Ain’t NO way I’d let a man lock me out of my own house!

  40. Ok, why when something devastating like this happens in one’s life people always say “they deserve it!” Porsha, didn’t deserve that!! Words are powerful, be careful of the seeds you plant…ijs
    RHOA exposed Kordell’s egotistical and controlling behavior to millions and forced Porsha to be deeply concerned about the status of her marriage.

  41. it’s probably his baby mamma…after all, they were seen together the NIGHT before he filed for DIVORCE!

  42. Even though her lawyer suggested that she stay in the house (to show she is without sufficient funds to live independently), with his new allegations, she can deny them, and show that he is lying and attempting to discredit her – but if she is no longer considered his wife, she owes him no duty of accountability. The nigger is insane from taking steroids or fucking a dumb lawyer man; for sho he ain’t screwing his ex-, she said so on her video, she was just a beard. Once he met Porscha, his plan was to take custody of his son, marry Porscha to have a live-in, naive, babysitter for his son. When Porscha said she wanted to do more than be stuck in the house with his son that’s when Kordell went ballistic on her, punishing her most harshly for fucking up his plan. She’da been 45 years old, no baby, sad but still loving a mean-assed Down-low trickster.

    See, what Porscha didn’t know was that he already had a vasectomy, but didn’t want it aired on TV…he wanted her to be blamed for no babies. Porscha had fibroids, and so did I – in my lat 30s, but I still had a baby – so it wasn’t her that couldn’t have babies, it was probably Kordell…on purpose.

    I’m sitting here imagining his butt with one of my cheap red wigs, some of that Ms. Lawrence ugly red red lipstick, that ugly hooked nose, and some cheesy woman’s bathrobe, the tailor who made his birthday suit sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for him to walk over and sit on his face…yuk!

  43. he treated her like she was dude…no clue who he was tell the show an i picked up on something tell i heard about him being gay kinda new that haha….

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  45. This is getting real Nasty… I wonder what the hell did porcha do to have all this happen to her so soon.

  46. Nuh Huh!! Kordell aint no good. I got a bad vibe from him from the jump. Porsha too good for him. Hopefully that trick he got in the house is submissive cause thats what he wants….to the left!

  47. hahahaha and she sitting there talking about Kenya: “That’s right honey, and you would have a husband like me if you listen to him, that’s your problem”. Well I guess you don’t have one either or about to not have one

  48. Kordell isn’t dumb enough to have another woman in the house at this time (unless it was Baby Momma) and if he did… He can. They are getting a divorce that “he asked for.” *shrug* If Porsha had a man in the house and Kordell was locked out it would be cupcakes and punch. Yeah Porsha!!! BUT that’s not the case. THERE is more to the complications of their marriage. Im not #TeamPorsha nor #TeamKordell I just think the terms they originally agreed to FAILED and he’s bailing before kids come in the pic. *shrug*

  49. I feel for her. Poor thing. KORDELL and that mistress will get theirs… omg im disgusted about men and how they treat women these days… He is low class and she is too good for him. Money cant buy class, values, and anything else. But Porsha it can buy you a nice loft in the city to plan your next adventure!!

  50. Fantasia sang it best: If you don’t want me, then don’t talk to me! Go ahead & free yaself!
    Karma is a MOFO…

  51. He’s going to do anything that he can to discredit her and run her through the mud, he is trying to break her. right now its a mental thing and he’s trying to make this woman look stupid. its a crying dam shame that a grown man and woman have to go through this childish shit…kordell grow your over grown azz up and take responsibility for your actions. I know y ou want this woman out of y our life but theres a better way to handle the situation. you should start by not disrespecting her and trying to make her feel like shit…Porsha puton your grown woman panties and put yo foot up in his ass…don’t give him nothing to use against you…girl one day just sit down and just look at his ass don’t say nothing ..just look at him….but yall for real she may be leaving that house cause shes scared of his butt..ooooooo,just want to smack the black and stupid outta his azz.. Im done..

  52. I just like to say Porsha I honestly think this was the best thing for u.He tries to be ur father and tries to boss u around, and yes he is very controlling. It so mess up how he did u no one deserves that.But I say baby girl u will bounce back and end up with someone who treats u way better then he did. Find urself some type a hobbie that leads to a good job so u want have to rely on no man for his money you will have ur own. I like Cordell but baby u r so wrong but carma is a monster it will bite u back. I hope through all this nonsense it dosen’t get ugly.I hope u guys go ur seperate ways peacefully. C uz this rite her is crazy.

  53. I’ve been a Pittsburgh fan for years even when Kordell was the quartback. Rumor back then was he is gay. No surprise to me!!!

  54. well well I must say this sounds like the movie “DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN” bahahahahahah I really don’t care about these people and porshas so called perfect life! lol and I really don’t wanna see her or bitch ass kordell on a reality show ever again… this is a waste of me spending money on cable

  55. BOL he is SAD! That ain’t know one but GOD… Let go Let God Girlie! A lot of times we don’t suppose to understand why..

  56. It has been rumored for YEARS that Kordell Stewart is gay. Why deny your true self and marry someone who you’re clearly not attracted to and lead someone on like that? Not cool. As much I didn’t really care for Porsha on RHOA this season, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. Nobody does.

  57. Wow, I actually I am going through a similar situation. I swear if he says the words ‘I’m a grown a@% man’, someone should smack the taste out of his mouth…I’m good :)

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  59. This article mad me so mad cussing at the screen my boyfriend ran up the stairs panicked to see what was wrong, lol, Kordell is a damn fool! I went through a very messy breakup without the million dollar payoff. I hope Porsha cleans his ass dry!

  60. lmao she was so high and mighty about her marriage, she must be so ashamed!! next time you will know not to brag about a man.

  61. Porsha, please take Wendy’s advice, and besides who wants to continue to be connected to a “Tranny Lover”….Please get tested because you never know what that sucker did behind your back…I’m just saying.

  62. Kordell got a lot of damn nerves. She’s not obligated to a child who’s not hers during divorce. He has lost his mind.

    I agree with Wendy’s advice minus the reality TV show part. Porsha is not entertaining enough to carry a show on her own. She can find some other means to make money.

  63. I dont understand how this fool didnt want porsha to have a nanny but now claims he had to get a nanny cuz she was neglecting his child DF!! Yo child got a mama and it nice that u want her to be involved in ur childs life but he got a mammy and if yo child is old enouugh to go to the bathroom and change his own clothes he dont need a nanny!

  64. Well, well, well… Porsha is about to get paid. I’m sorry… but yeah, he is a “different” type of man. However, you never know what goes down within a marriage. A lot of times you have to step out of it and see and then it’s too late. What “if” she WAS running the streets? lol… I mean Ms. Funky Dineva Ross… did you not see the photos of her booty modeling and video popping days?

    I digress…

    • So are you saying that because Portia danced in videos and modeled her body (when she was YOUNGER AND SINGLE), that this is indicative of her behavior now? You sound real insane, everyone does things when they’re younger that they may regret, although I don’t think she’s done anything to be ashamed of!!! Hell, Kordell has done some suspect ish in his younger days too! Oh I wish I had an iota of a f/:& to give!!! I hope she slays his ass in court, and moves on with her life!!!!! I DO NOT AGREE WITH WENDY “my own marriage is messy” WILLIAMS; her phony ass needs to stop. This isn’t reality tv happening to Portia it’s her life. Get everything you can carry because she designed that home and that was THEIR MONEY because that’s what it says in the Bible!!! Georgia law my ass. Furthermore, so damn what if she’s drinking and hanging shit she’s stressed out, humiliated, and it’s all public news. Better be lucky she isn’t my relative, we would show Kordelia how we get down old “smoked almond looking ass”- KidFury lmaaooooo

      • I Co-Sign on that 200%!!!! NO ONE should be taking Wendy Williams advice in regards to this situation or any other situation because she is an: ENTERTAINER………..as a matter of fact all of her “Advice” should have a disclaimer at the bottom that says: “For Entertainment Purposes Only”……Porsha honey, stay where you are, keep doing what you are doing but keep it classy, (no dates until the divorce is final) and come in by 12am etc…….because he just might try to get aggressive or physical but just always think to yourself, “I wish a ninja WOULD raise up on me…” He knows if he touches you it’s game over and he will end up in jail and lose everything, so he is just trying to intimidate you right now…but don’t fall for that, hold your head up, stand your ground and keep it classy until the divorce is final and you can walk away with a clean heart and knowing that you did what you were supposed to do in the eyes of the Lord God. Hold your head up sister, it will be okay!!!

  65. Kordell wants to b in control thats y he is locking her out of the house he mad bcuz he thought he cud control Porcha nd once she probably looked back at the season she gt to see herself in a way she has never seen before now she understands wut ppl have been trying to tell her…kordell is a spineless womanizing man nd those r the worst kind. I hope she rapes his bank accounts

  66. Wendy is half right! Cash in with Bravo AND RAPE THE FUCK OUT OF KORDELL’s POCKET!!!! Porshia needs to collect all of her coins for her pain & suffering having to cook& clean then turn around & FUCK the cunt! #Porsha BayBay, Get ALL Your Money! #The best way to hurt a man is to TAKE his money & then One up him, but making your own without him #Trust Me I have an ExHusband, I did this & it hurt him to his soul #Hell has no fury like a woman SCORNED!

  67. I must admit, deep down inside I think this is a ploy to solidify her spot on next season something like “NeNe & Greg’s Divorce”!!! After Kenya & Walter tried to Goop the people down to the Bravo network aint no tellin who trying them Bravo people next! #Chile, Dineva I LOVE YOU!

  68. He didn’t want Portia to get a nanny for her child to be but he gets one for her step child?!

    • I know that’s right. He wanted to make sure Porcha stayed at home busy while he ran around town on the down low.

    • He didn’t want Porscha to have a “career” ’cause she was the free nanny to his little bastard son…he would have had to hire a nanny or send the little f**ker back to his mother and THEN pay child support. He wanted Porscha to do it for free, and she was just gullible enough to believe he wanted her to play mother to his son, so she also thought he would want her to be mom to a new baby, but it was all business to his dusty ass. I’m glad she’s finally going out and having fun, let that bastard pay somebody, or even bring his ex- in there. Porscha, hire you somebody like Kenya and bring HIM in there and screw him loudly so Kordell can hear it! He’s one of those dirty Down-lows…dangerous! But he’s gonna get it one way or the other!!!!!!!Karma is a magnificent bitch at times.

  69. Wendy usually gives good advice, but I dont agree on her with this one….the best way to hurt a man is in his pockets especially egotistically arrogant mofo’s like Kordell, Deion, and D. Wade!! #TeamDrainHisAssDry!!! #You wanted a trophy wife, now pay for it Negro!!! If she was Becky he would’ve given up those coins without a fight! #Why a sista always gotta fight for hers?

  70. I don’t think Kordell is gay but he’s the epitome of a MITCH. Porsha will be better off without him. I hope she has good legal backing (anyone but Phaedra’s coocoo for CoCo Puffs ass will do).

  71. Send your neighbor over who wanted to toss you up to Kordell think he needs it more than you do hunty. Maybe once he get what he really want he will start playing nice. Hell its dark and lonely in that dam closet. COME INTO THE LIGHT KORDELL COME TO THE LIGHT!!!! Chile cheese!!!

  72. Kordell gay or not is a bitch! How DARE him force that woman to sell her businesses to be a stay at home mom to his son, when he’s around town still fuckin his child’s mother. From outward appearances it looked like Porsha did everything to keep that bitch made nigga happy and all he did was run her. I hope she knows this is a blessing in disguise and praise GOD that she didn’t have that boys baby.

  73. For security purposes? Nobody wants his big box head ass…he’s just doing the most. That just shows that he doesn’t care about her as a person to just lock her out of the house like that.

  74. neglecting her duties to his son?? Where the hell is his momma?? She hasn’t pushed out any babies. I damn sure wouldn’t be sitting up taking care of a child that’s not mine while he’s divorcing me. Who does that?? She really should take Wendy’s advice and stand on her own 2 feet and show him that there is life after him.

  75. WTH?!?! Diary of a Mad Black Woman…the reality show! It might be another man knowing Ms. Kordell

  76. He’s just a terrible person in general you can watch ten seconds of the show and know that

  77. If only Porsha was smart enough to capitalize on all his stupid….he’d be one broke bitch!

  78. Well thats what she get. She kept bragging on that man. “My Husband, my husband… you cant be bragging on no men. She need independence!

  79. goes to show he was cheating all along and poor porsha was lying up there looking stupid and being controlled

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