Kordell Stewart a NO SHOW At The RHOA Reunion. Walter Jackson Not Even Invited

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So the T is starting to slowly make its way to The Doll on all the happenings and goings ons at The Real Housewives Of Atlanta reunion show taping that took place this past Wednesday. First order of business, Kordell Stewart was a NO SHOW. Some folks tried to package his absence in a nice box with a pretty bow by saying he had a “prior engagement”. No one is really buying that. We all know why he didn’t attend. Oh and if anyone remembers Walter Jackson or even cares, he wasn’t even invited to attend. Walter is pretty salty about it and took to Twitter to let the world know. Catch these T’s.


In a world where people would give their left kidney to be a participant in a reality show, Kordell Stewart has never been a fan of Porsha joining the cast. Locally, Kordell is remembered discussing on the radio his disdain for Porsha’s interest in participating with the show before she officially joined the cast. Let’s not even pretend like the rumors of him sucking d!ck in the park didn’t weigh heavily on his decision making process either. Somewhere along the way, Kordell must have gave in and allowed Porsha to participate.  I now think Kordell regrets this decision. I stop watching the show about 6 episodes ago because Kenya Moore and her antics completely turned me off. However, from the bits and pieces of Kordell that I did catch when I was watching the show, I could tell he wasn’t fully vested in this endeavor.

We all know that the reunion show stage is where the ultimate show down takes place. I’ve heard that cast members were actually going out of their way to dig up dirt on one another to be equipped with daggers in case they were needed.  I honestly believe that the potential heat in that kitchen would have been to hot for Kordell to handle so he opted to not even enter it.


We’ve got one person who didn’t show up, then we’ve got bitter a** Walter Jackson who wasn’t even invited. Goes to show what Bravo really thought of him. The real gag is, Bravo is who actually gets the side eye for this one. They know good and got damn well that that the first quarter of the show was solely about Kenya & Walter and the SCANDAL that resulted from their arranged relationship. I feel like in an effort to preserve the integrity of the show and it’s casting, Bravo left Walter out because they did want him expose the real truth about his relationship with Kenya Moore. Apparently Walter feels the same way. Check out what he had to say on Twitter:



Although I somewhat agree with Walter, I don’t feel bad for him. At the height of the Kenya/Walter scandal, Walter had several opportunities to really tell his side of the story. I actually recorded one of them when he spoke to Frank & Wanda Morning Show. Check it out if you don’t remember.[SCANDAL: Walter Jackson confesses Kenya Moore asked him to PLAY her boyfriend on Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Says they dated 3 years ago for 3 months ONLY ] Additionally, I along with several other media outlets personally reached out to Walter to try to get his side of things and his response was dismal. Oh well, Walter should have capitalized off of the 15 minutes of hype when it was hot. Kenya Moore’s continued antics throughout the remainder of the season pushed the whole Walter scandal into obscurity. Plainly put, “AT THIS POINT WALTER, NO ONE REALLY CARES


Why do you think Kordell didn’t show up? Should Walter have been invited? Why or why not?





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125 thoughts on “Kordell Stewart a NO SHOW At The RHOA Reunion. Walter Jackson Not Even Invited

  1. Usually I do not read article on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me to take a look at and do it! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thanks, very nice post.

  2. I feel real sick and like I want to faint! Triville video revealed some shocking information about dancers and strip clubs! Dancing half naked in a video and sitting watching another woman do it on stage I’m confused, it really seems like all the same to me!!!!!

  3. Kordell ain’t go cause he was at Bulldogs! Walter is upset cause he never got to speak his side of the story, which I think would have been very entertaining, and he could have bought a date too. That would have made Kenya’s mouth hit the floor. NeNe and Gregg need a wedding special and now Portia can have her own dating show. Candy just needs to switch over to Love & Hip Hop ATL. haha! wait- I don’t think she ratchet enough for that show. HA!

  4. every one who do videos is not a video ho so lets clarify that and porshea should of been in the front instead of that girl in the green dress with her eyes rolling in the back of her head Id rather look at porscha instead of who they had in the front. and they should of invited walter he would of made the reunion interesting so I could see kenya run off the stage lol if he was good enough to be on the show but not good enough for the reunion who does that!!!and as far as kordel we dont know if he is gay or if he sucks dick we the public need to stop we did not see nothing


  6. I know Hosea Washington didn’t go through all he went through for his grand daughter to beard for a gay man. If Porsha was smart she would stay on the show, get her own businesses going, make her own money and go find a straight man…and forget this charade. She is only with him for the money. He knows that’s the only power he has over her. If she had her own, she would leave and he knows it. That’s why he wants her off the show.

    • I think I read Porsha wants to be a singer. Is that true? How does she think she’s going to sell albums without a TV show? Where they do that at without sleeping with a bunch of music execs and going on tour endlessly? Ask Rianna. Kordell won’t even let her go pee. How she think he gonna let her go on tour. She betta stay her behind on that TV show if she is going to be tryna sell albums.

  7. People so quik to judge an tell others what they should and shouldn’t do with there like but can’t even get a hold on there own. Kordell and Porshia are two grown ups they made it this far without us ! Smdh

  8. The problem with Porsha is she doesn’t appear to be that bright. She thinks she came up by marrying this guy but what she doesn’t realize is that she’s a paid beard. Her husband is gay and she thinks its real cute to be a “rich man’s wife” and it can be–unless the whole world knows he’s gay. He’s going to make her leave the show and then all these biz ventures and dreams she has are going to dry up because the only way anyone is going to buy any of her products is if she’s on TV every week. Then when she all of her businesses flop, she’s going to try to stay home, be a traditional wife, raise his son and watch her dreams die. Fast-forward 15 years and she’s going to be an unhappy alcoholic…with a gay husband whose sneaking around catching tail from every gay man in ATL. She needs to pay attention to what Kandi and Cynthia are doing and stop being so dumb. While she’s young and cute she needs to build her empire and find a straight man who will halp her with her dreams and not hinder them.

    • Calm down, Nomatter what happens there life at its worst will be better than some of y’all’s at its best. Think about it

      • @Parker, um not really. My husband is paid AND straight. She could have the same. It’s horrible that Hosea Washington’s progeny and thinks she has to marry a gay man to come up. Chile cheese. Kordell doesn’t have THAT much money. He’s ATL rich but not Hollywood rich. McMansion ballers is what we call those guys in the ATL. Porscha if she applied herself could catch a straight man with money and make her own..and not go through this nonsense. She doesn’t know her worth. He needs her to beard for him and help raise his kid more than she needs him.

        • You think your husband is straight. You dont know he could be on the Down Low. You dont know if Kordell is gay or not nobody commenting does. All this is speculation. And so far as how rich they are you sound like a hating a** black person. Why yall cant never be happy for one another?

  9. Yall please!!! Funky Dineva isnt saying nothing that hasnt been stated way back when!!! He was one of the first top knotch black QB’s & his gay rumors drove him out of Pittsburg, during late 90′s (dont ask dont tell era…if it were now he could suck as much dick & balls he wanted & noone would have 1 fuck to give until he starts losing games Lolololol)! My Girl Dineva Ross knows her history!!! Dont question the DOLL!!!

  10. Ooooh, JESUS!!!! (Screaming) Dineva u going 2 hell for that one mama!!!! He’s married & tried to forget that part of his life (Just like Porshia actin like she dont know how to suck dick & she a former video ho**isnt dick suckin a requirement for the position IJS)!!! Dineva Ross is bringing up all the skeletons!!!! STILL LLS!!! I❤Dineva!

  11. I been knew he got caught with another dude and the football people tried to keep it hush Smh….

  12. They should have invited Walter since Kenya can’t keep his name out of her mouth on the show and off air. They were supposedly in a relationship and everyone else’s “partner” is included and since we had to endure their foolery for 1/2 the season he qualifies. They just don’t want to hear the “I was helping out a friend” mess Walter is going to say. I’m surprised they let the whole “I wasn’t interested in sleeping with her because she’s too old” bit slip into this episode except they are messy and knew they wouldn’t give Walter a forum in which to defend himself against her “he is gay”.

  13. They was never a prof or police report that kodell is gay, The sad thing about this all is that instead of black people support of one another we to. busy putting one another down.

    • Nobody has been able to produce a link to newspaper article. It had of been a rumor. It sounds like a witch hunt to bring down one of the few black quarterbacks. But ignorant Blacks cant see past all that there to busy being happy for the downfall so they can feel better about there miserable lives.

  14. his controlling ass, that’s why her married young, because a woman his age wouldn’t put up woth that shit.

  15. Why gay folks always try to associate dudes with sucking dick in da park? Ima need receipts !!!

  16. OMG…that has been out about him! Not suprised…that’s why he married a naive airhead that believes anything he says! A woman with comon sense could have seen that one!
    “Miss FD…is Walter the same dude that played Thelma’s husband on Goodtimes…Kieth?”

  17. I don’t blame him!!! He’s too real for this high school, petty mess!!! I hope him and his wife don’t return to this show next year RHOA is getting too MESSY

  18. Happened in Pittsburgh, PA @ Schenley Park in Oakland where University of Pgh is on Panther Hollow Road…Source, he is a former Steeler, I am a Pgh native and the whole town was SHOCKED…#YUCK!!!

  19. I wonder why Kordell is a no show on RHOA. Kordell was a cast member on every episode of the show. Maybe the reason why he don’t want to be on the show due to not wanting to be asked the questions about Sharee ex girlfriend was on RHOA a couple of years ago as Sharee friend is Kordell baby mama. DAMN ATL is too small everybody fucks everybody lol lmao

  20. I think a lot of you got this wrong. Walter never said he was being paid by anyone. He said she asked him to play her boyfriend. Then when she started acting crazy, he bounced because he cant act. They should have invited him, but I know why they didn’t. As for Kordell, he is a bitch and did what all bitches do…run!

  21. Kordell is above all the b.s and those hens wouldn’t dare bring up his alleged d!ck sucking in the park. He ‘got with the program’ just enough to help Porsha jumpstart her career.
    I am so confused about Walter and Kenya’s shenanigans. If Kenya paid him to play her man, why then did he turn out to be such an a**hole? I would think you’d play the role to the end, get your 15 minutes and the check. Kenya is not that great of an actress, so he’s lying and nobody cares anymore.

  22. And why exactly should Walter show up? Walter threw Kenya under the bus and if he was a smart negro, he would have kept his damn mouth shut and got paid! Kordell…yeah…that negro is gay and boring and I hope this is him and Porsha’s last season. Like someone else said they are NOT interesting. Kenya’s got a new man in her life, so I heard. So Walter needs to go back to his $8/hour job and go tow some trucks…NOBODY IS CHECKING FOR THAT FUGLY NIGGA. I do NOT feel sorry for Walter and Bravo is trying to save their reputation and Kenya’s by NOT inviting him. It makes sense to me. When you are doing a reality tv show, you DO NOT say WHAT IS FAKE!

  23. im still mad that porsha was such a puss on the girls trip. but ANYWAY I think that Walter should have been invited, but i agree that Bravo is gonna take care of that scandal behind the scenes. If Kenya can get enough hype then they’ll probably forgive her and move on…

    I cant wait to see Kandi rip Kim a new one for her CONSTATE hate.

  24. Funky Dineva and Kenya Moore need to start over from scratch. Both are cool as hell. They could be great allies. Twirl and make up.

  25. Kordell doesn’t want to have to answer SEVERAL questions from his gay trysts to his controlling/abusive ways. I bet Porsha won’t be back next season. Kordell is about to shut it all down.

    • you know queen andy knows all the connects, watch him pull out the gay boy kordell fucked with and confront cordell in person, then on TV cordell will have to either admit or just feign dead

  26. I live Porshia she is the prettiest and youngest on the show! Her hair is always laid! For us 30 something’s she is refreshing I’m tired of the Housewives franchise women all being 40plus

  27. I think Kordell didnt show up because he has no interest in participating or being around that petty immature bs that typically goes down at the reunion shows

  28. Kordell doesn’t want to answer “the question”! It has nothing to do with his daughter, opps! I mean wife! Bravo you shady for not inviting Walter to the reunion, while Kenya gets to say whatever the hell she wants!

  29. Now see this some bull how come Walter not coming to tell the truth about him and Kenya because we all know she don’t Andy and bravo is full of it. But I can’t wait to see kandi confront Kim about the baby name.

  30. I’m knew he wasn’t going to go he probably is not under contract like Porsha she has to go..Ike I’m sure told Porsha what to say word from word…And she better take care of that!!!Chile Please!!!!!

  31. EXPOSURE-for both Kenya-Fake Ass,”MsUSAHasbeen-DramaQueen” & Porshia-it will be a Moment of Discovery,”Who am I.”next season.

  32. Bravo need to kick porsha off the show along with her so call king! They do not entertain me one bit. Porsha need to go get a brain and kordell need to see a shrink about his controlling ways. Ugh!

  33. Dineva correct me if I’m wrong but after Kenya was busted she all of a sudden found this new hate for Walter. She then began to catch a fit if Walter was invited to the same events as her and couldn’t stand being in the same building as him. On one episode I can recall her saying, if Walter was going to be at a certain event she will not be attending! So I think it’s her fault why bravo never invited Walter. I think she told bravo that if Walter was invited to the reunion she will not attend.

  34. Oh no, first-why would Walter show up? He appears to me a pu..y freak or DLB for young & tender.Kenya-Don’t like, love Porshia, but apparently she’s never had to put any work, in on a (RealJob), so domanice is what a “Man” may dish out-she can hold her on. I think she just truely respects & loves Her Hubbie, & 4 younger peps she is what show needs-”Hetto Fab”. Hate he didn’t show. Cynt-got issues with Porshia & her not working,(join MOB Cynt-wasn’t that long ago yo hubbie What?) so Funky Diva pour the Tea!

  35. Everyone in Pittsburgh knows why Kordell declined. He did not want cast members to reveal his undercover exploits with rough trade in Schenley Park.

    Mad Queen Walter just wants (bad) publicity for his towing business. He needs to take several seats.

  36. Bravo just makes themselves look suspicious not inviting Walter. & Good for Kordell for not showing up. He clearly didn’t want to be involved in the foolishness…

  37. Kordell didn’t sure because he knows, those cast members would’ve went in in him about being controlling to ditsy Porscha. She’s cute but Idc how much money a man has, I don’t need a father figure. As for Walter they could gave him two minutes to give his two cents, that should Of been interesting

  38. I never understood their story line. It kind of confused me. She looked more like Jessica Simpson in her trainwreck of a reality show with her first husband. I think next season Kenya can come back because we need drama but Porcha need to stay home and have some babies. As a matter of fact Kordell made for more drama than Porcha did. That was a queen move not showing up to the reunion. Try it again queen!

  39. Why would Walter be there in the first place? He’s such a non-factor to the show it’s not even funny. Porsha don’t have a job, and her husband looks like a Black version of Dilbert…neither one are entertaining enough for tv, kick em to the curb.

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