Lil Scrappy & Erika Dixon’s Daughter Bit By Dog. Had To Leave The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

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So season 2 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sold all kinds of lies, fantasies, and fairy tales. Since so many people rely on shows like LHHATL to escape the harsh realities of everyday life, I made an executive decision this season to not kill anyone’s joy. I mean who wants to be the the person who tells the kids that Santa Clause doesn’t really exist. Well, during the reunion which you guys will soon see, there is a part where Erika & Scrappy leave the stage and do not return. All sorts of rumors have been swirling around as to what happened. The most popular rumor is that they quit the show. I’m here to tell you you guys nothing of the sort happened. Unfortunately, their daughter got bit by a dog pretty badly and they had to snap into parent mode real quick! Catch these T’s



There you have it. The woman told you herself, “don’t believe everything you hear”.

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44 thoughts on “Lil Scrappy & Erika Dixon’s Daughter Bit By Dog. Had To Leave The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

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  2. that’s right forget what people say aint no reality show money more important before your parenting glad every thing is o kay

  3. people kill me talking about damn proofreading errors in funky dineva’s blogs or whatever…STFU or better yet no…keep posting and reading miss ross gonna get her coin hunty. #next.

    • Because he said he wasn’t really feeling this season, and I agree, this season sucked. It was a redundant mess with storylines dropping left and right.

  4. Seriously, proof read your posts. I find errors ALL THE DAMN TIME. For someone who claim to be oh so smart, it doesn’t reflect in your writing.

    • He writes like he talks. So sad really. Oh and I love this “I’m makin’ so much $$”. Be humble. You are not a celebrity. There is nothing wrong with your fans and followers pointing out the obvious. Your writing needs work. Mr. SupposedCollegeGradMillionaire blogger over here. Come on now. Watch how you respond to fans and followers. You’re 15 minutes is almost up. That shtick you do isn’t going to last long. Kandi will realize it soon. Karma is her name and she is a real Bitch.

  5. Huh? I heard they left because Mona did NOT like how they did NOT want to follow her “reunion script” SPILL THE TEA DINEVA! That show hella fake anyway. Its ALWAYS something crazy or confusing…#unreal!

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