List of Top Companies That Hire Felons

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I have not earthly idea where this list came from or if it i even legitimate. I saw it circulating on FaceBook and felt that it was my duty to share it with my readers. If you have a felony on your record here you go. If you know someone who has a felony, do them a favor and pass this list on to them. It’s hard out here on these streets. Knowledge is power. ~ Yes Gawd

52 thoughts on “List of Top Companies That Hire Felons

  1. Some companies do hire felons..there is a program its a bond program for felons check with a workforce worker and theycan assist you or look online about the bond program …

  2. Why not a simple solution? 7-10 yrs look back unless moral turpitude. If a person does a crime and is sentenced by the court and they do their time, probation, etc. have they not satisfied their sentence? No, we turn it into lifetime. For the naive person that said don’t do the felony you must live in a very insulated world. It really is much easier to get charged and convicted of a felony than most people realize. Recidivism drops as a person gets older so as an employer the odds of the 20 something committing a crime that would affect your business are most likely greater than a 40-50 yr old felon. They are over the thrill and certainly most would not risk doing something to send them back.

  3. ill start off by saying, wal mart does NOT hire felons. Delta faucet doesnt hire felons either. their website clearly states in all caps NO FELONIES!! Caterpillar has the same policy as the others i listed. to be honest, if the job sucks and pays minimum wage, they MIGHT hire you, but if the job is a good job, with good pay and benefits you will NOT get the job! thats coming from experience, first hand! 22 years ago i got a felony, today, my rights have been restored and i can even legally own firearms!! but no jobs! i have been to college and am well educated in the computer field, and no jobs for me! went back to school for HVAC, still no job. went back to school for electrical, STILL NO JOBS!! i interview well, and have excellent credentials, and knowledge, but no jobs. i will tell you this, and i will also put a disclaimer that you shouldnt do this, but i have lied on job apps, and if they dont check they hire me!! so it IS the felony 22 YEARS ago that is my only problem.

    • Stop focusing on the problem and start finding a solution, I have a felon the first job I applied for I got, and yes I told them about the felon, I work in a restaurant, have been crossed trained and I am working my way into management if that is what I choose to do I make ruffly about 600 a week not a whole lot but it is more than allot of people, I am currently in school for nursing, yes you can get your license with a felon on your record (depending on the felony) you have to look up what they call the nursing act for the state you are wanting to work in, don’t fall into the trap of what every one says and start looking into things your self, I know a few people with felons and they all have jobs, at plants or driving trucks etc. To the gentleman that say delta faucet and Caterpillar doesnt hire felony that isn’t true I know some that works for Caterpillar and they have a felon, sometimes you have to change your environment , situation and location to get to the next level. Pick up a book called 30 in 30 it tells you how to get a job in 30 day no more than 30 mins from your home it helped me.

      • no one is focusing on the negative! the book you are suggesting sounds like a scam, and any crap job will hire a felon. also, you have a “felony” not a felon. it should have a “Y” in almost all of your spellings. you dont sound very educated, im willing to guess thats why you are “happy” to work in a dive, i on the other hand have 4 kids and a wife to raise, so $7/hour just isnt gonna cut it!!

    • For a Fact…. i do have a Felony and I WAS HIRED AT WALMART. 2MONTHS AGO. SO THEY DO HIRE FELONS. It sucks but u have to start somewhere.

  4. well well, isn’t our little people who are afraid of us, felons? that we now are obligated to take what we want and not spend a single second earning what we Need? to say the truth its the ceos of coperations and companies of giants who do just that. too keep us felons (true non- citizens), to keep the “citizens of the states” ( non-felons), as well as their prision complex on a rol, while they undisputedly take what they want from those in need.we are human beings of great capability and with increased fear of DEATH and we comply and become imprisioned in the system regardless of “reputation or felony marks” . many “felons” died freeing those in-need from ancient times to now, and it will continue till “time” stops. we are creatures of great capablity and mass engineerings with complex experiences that we dont need to slave our time to serve the elite, to house our young, to keep the flow of resources. our time is much more valuble and we need to seperate our kind from theirs for one day blood will be spilt again while freeing those in need. but this time its for the kind of man in developing a future far advanced than these slave death inspired kind. my eyes are on the stars. ps. we dont need guns while there are cars.

  5. What about having felony charges, but no conviction, but probation? How does that work with employment options?

  6. My husband is a habitual felon, but this is the longest he has been out of prison, but its hard because he want to be able to take care of his family and he can’t. I can’t put him on any lease that we have because he won’t pass a background check. I’m not one for being dishonest, but where are we supposed to live? People can say I shouldn’t have married him, but God put that man in my life so I’m willing to go trough the trenches. My question is this though, if a man is released from prison and he has nowhere to stay because no one will approve him but it doesn’t matter because no one will hire him so he wouldn’t have the money to pay the rent anyway so goes back to prison because at least there he has hot food and a place to lay his head. Guess who’s tax dollars pay for that? So you can’t complain about felons working at businesses you frequent and then complain about your tax dollars paying for their 3 hots and a cot when the man tried to do something with himself and no one would give him a chance. IJS…can’t be mad about both.

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  8. I plead guilty in 2006 to an assault charge. Emotions can get the best of us in certain situations, and that is what happenned with me. Anyway, I have a MBA in management and over 10yrs experience as a logistics manager. However, because of my charge 7 years ago, no one will hire me. No matter how well I do in my interview, it always ends the same. It is depressing to think our society is so closed-minded. People make mistakes, some larger than others. But I believe it is how we bounce back from mistakes that should dictate our character. Unfortunately, companies see it differently. What boggles my mind is republicans do not want background checks on gun sales because it violates are right to bear arms….but to get a job at their companies is a different story.

    • I have a degree in Medical Laboratory Technology. I have worked since I was 14. I was married to a man who had a secret life and got in trouble for identity theft and Medicare fraud. When I filed for divorce he told me that if I divorced him he promised to take me down with him. I was charged 3 months after his arrest and challenged it. I was convicted of conspiracy to health care fraud. Conspiracy to money Landry . I was married to a con man and was given more time than him. I was given a chance with a cold company in management but once the hiring manager left and new upper management found out I was fired. Since then I have not been able to obtain a job. I get through interview with no problems but once I tell them of my background or they run it, it’s over for me. No one is willing to help me with a job. I don’t want hand outs just a chance to prove I will work. Sad Lee

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    • That is so true!! Been searching for months and bet myself up everyday for messing up my life!! Thanks for the words!! Always nice to hear someone’s going thru what you are.

    • What about the ones how do have something on their record with violet on it like me. But I was young then and I didn’t have any kids. Now I have two who I am trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.

  10. I think it’s crazy that places won’t hire felons. People can and do change. What gets me is that everyone is so eager and willing to judge a felon and not give them a job but they bitch and moan and groan about them not working or changing their lives…seriously?? Maybe if some of these so called companies would give a second chance they would keep someone from giving up and going back to a life of crime. After so many times of the door being slammed in your face you can’t help but think whats the point. It’s a mistake some learn from it some don’t but that’s life and there are people like that in higher up positions than these companies offer but they still have their 6 figure job don’t they?

    • Dear friends,

      I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 100,000 signatures by April 03, 2013, the White House will review it and respond!

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  11. the list is not accurate at all, i work for one of the companies on the list and they WILL NOT!!!! hire a felon….i see many companies on the list who will not hire felon’s.

  12. Everybody deserves a second chance. I know a guy who served 8 years for nearly beating a man to death who raped his little sister. He came home and it was very hard for him to find a job. He never had a record prior to that but once he checked the box indicating he served time, many doors closed in his face. He was an experienced electrician and handyman, so a mom and pop company took a chance on him. He has not been in trouble since and is working on becoming part owner of the business.

    • So when this turn into a race issue? This was posted for ALL FELONS and the last time I checked blacks aren’t the only ones committing felonies. So please do yourself and me a favor…….SHUT THE HELL UP!

    • Your segment on the Michael Eric Dyson show about felon vnitog rights/rules was extremely useful. Great job explaining it and thanks for the plugging website. I was able to find out about the state which I live.

    • Man, I saw firsthand in prison that blacks are just if not more prejudice of white people that white r of blacks. Save ur fuckin sob stories homey.

    • Allstate hired this felon. I was upfront and honest with them from day one about my record.
      Insurance companies can hire felons, depending on the felonies that they are convicted of. Federal Law does state that they can not hire those with felonies involving dishonesty or breach of trust.

  13. They deserve a second chance.if u want them to be working members of society upon release then good jobs should be open to them!

  14. I know who started this list may mean well, but American Express does NOT hire felons under any circumstances. I personally spot at least 10 companies on this list that will not hire felons especially if it’s drug related, sexual assault, robbery, fraud I could go on.

  15. So people do their time and you want them to come out and be law abiding citizens again yet you don’t want to give them a job?
    If you don’t give people a second chance all they will possibly do it resort back to crime…

    • How about stfu, shit happens in real life. The police set folks up and will charge them with everything they can. While the faulty get to keep their jobs , folks that are willing to break their backs working can’t get jobs cause they messed up . People like you are whats wrong with this world.

    • you do understand what a felony is right? you ever heard of sparklers? they are childrens toys you light and give to little children 4 years old and up. used during the fourth of july celebration and the such. the state of new jersey says if you are in possession this childs toy you are committing a felony! only state in the union that has that rule. thats how easy it is to be a felon. most people travelling through that crappy state dont even know its a felony!!!

  16. Everybody deserves a second chance, sometimes even a third. Except sex offenders who should be tortured and buried alive.

    • You do understand that not all sex offenders did anything to harm anyone… right? I hope you know and understand that. It’s very easy to end up a registered sex offender.

        • Tell me about it!!! I met a guy online, talked to him, things got flirtatious, we shared a couple pics, and I was arrested b/c it turns out he was 17yrs and 9mos! We never got together physically, I am now a convicted felon and registered sex offender b/c he was a minor!!! Never trust anyone who looks young even if they show you an ID, if it’s fake, YOU are at fault! It’s the law! and guess who lost their job and can’t get another! ME! My life is ruined!

  17. I’m surprised Fresh Direct isn’t on this list. Those rough looking dudes look like they JUST got off the bus.

  18. this should have never come out. some assholes will use it to go after the companies and compromise their client list.

  19. FYI, some of these jobs require the felony to be at least 7 years old, particularly some of the airlines. However, this is still a great start for some searching.

  20. On the one hand, I’m happy they give folks a second chance. On the other hand, depending on the offense, that can be a little scary.

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