[LISTEN] New Music – K. Michelle KISS MY A$$ – Song She Sang Mimi On ep. 7 Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta

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Episode 7 of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta starts out with Mimi meeting up with K. Michelle at the studio to hang out. When Mimi arrives, K. Michelle allows her to hear a song that she wrote inspired bt the ongoing drama between Mimi, Stevie J, and Joseline. The few bars that we were able to hear on the show sounded pretty alright. Well, the full song is hear and I must say, the song is pretty dope. Yes GAWD K. Michelle. You did that! GET INTO IT!

Should Mimi Be Proud? What do you think? Tell the TRUTH…

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22 thoughts on “[LISTEN] New Music – K. Michelle KISS MY A$$ – Song She Sang Mimi On ep. 7 Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta


  2. This is a cool song but she should be trying to make songs that will get airplay on radio. She really is talented but from what I have seen on the show regarding her personality, I would never ever put any money behind her. She acted like a child when Karlie was trying to talk to her as a “grown woman” and she way to emotional for the business. Grow up and get thicker skin and maybe someone will be willing to work with you, maybe.

  3. Now please do not take my response out of context,because I like Ms. K-Michelle as an artist. Now with that being said it didn’t take a lot of thought or talent to come up with the hook or the lyrics for this little contradicting jingle. We as Black woman are always portrayed as bitter & angry. I know K-Michelle went to college & she has the ability to select a better choice of words to express her thoughts. Thankfully this isn’t one for the radio,& not ever song that’s written is. just a little food for thought: If music is a form of expression then we really need to be careful on the words that’s selected to express or represent our thoughts and our black woman.
    Ps… Miss Jane says: a remix featuring Faith, Mary J. Blige, Keyshia Cole, Tweet, Missy… hell all of them. These Artist are way to evolve to associate themselves with with the stigma of the message in the music. I don’t ever see that happening,but I would love for K-Michelle’s career to sky rocket by collaborating with any one of the above mention music icons.

    • i totally agree with you chanel. what you wrote is so true an also, i understand we all may have been in a not so good relationship with someone at some time or another.with that being said can we get a postive upbeat happy song instead of a sad love song all the time.

  4. I love it wen she said i ain’t even mad and in the next breath she said KISS MY ASS..LOL..BIG UPS K.M..LOVE IT. Its real,true and funny at the damn say time..

  5. I like the song. She’s got a sense of humor in her songwriting (and in real life.. girl is hilarious on the show!) Auto-tune? Please, this girl is singing for real, for real.

    • do you know what auto-tune is? Listen carefully and you can hear it throughout the song. I’m not saying she is pulling a T-pain or Lil-Wayne, but I would have liked a realer sound for a song that’s aimed at being inspiring. And I think better lyrics could have made this song radio hit-worthy and not just a fun song

  6. Am I the only person who is not feeling this song? Too much auto-tune and the quality of the lyrics is not that great. I like the message, I just think it needed a better songwriter. Love the beat though!

  7. Love it… would be nice with a remix featuring Faith, Mary J. Blige, Keyshia Cole, Tweet, Missy… hell all of them… then add in Azalea Banks and maybe a male version…

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