[LISTEN] New Music – Mariah Carey TRIUMPHANT ft Rick Ross & Meek Mill + Snippets Of New Album

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Yes GAWD Hunty! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. One thang I love about Mariah Carey is that she is not a dumb bish. Mariah has no problem calling Jermain Dupree when she is ready to make a couple million. I don’t know what it is, but there is a certain magic that takes place whenever Mariah and JD get in the studio together. Some may say that all of their collaborations together have the same sort of feel, but hey, it works.

One thing that I have admired about Mariah over the years is that she is not afraid to get down and dirty with the hip-hop community. Many would argue that her voice could be used in so many greater capacities like singing boring ass ballads. Mariah clearly thinks otherwise. Yes GAWD Mariah! Go In and let have!

Triumphant, Carey’s newest song off her upcoming album is sure to be an end of summer jam. Undeniably Rick Ross is one of the best in the game and quiet as its kept, new comer Meek Mill ain’t bad either. The trio blend their talents to breathe life into what i would consider a rather dead summer.

Get into it! What do you think? Tell the TRUTH

BONUS – Snippets off the upcoming album


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6 thoughts on “[LISTEN] New Music – Mariah Carey TRIUMPHANT ft Rick Ross & Meek Mill + Snippets Of New Album

  1. hey Dineva…..those “snippets” are actually ringtones that she did for Pepsi (i think) some while back. but i looooooove the vintage throwback remix of Triumphant though. the original’s okay, just too heavy on the rappers. she could’ve left off one of them or cut their bars down.

  2. i like the song but im not getting enough of mariah. sounds like shes the featured artist and not the lead. most of her vocal is a repeat of the hook.

  3. she sound too far back in the song..meaning her voice sound faded,needed to be more strong on the vocal..other than dat its alright..

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