[LISTEN] New Music ~ R&B Divas, “LOVIN ME”, Faith Evans Wants Separate Recognition From Group

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The beautiful thing about listening to folks who can sing is that, no matter what the hell it is they are singing, it sounds like joy to the ears. The R&B Divas have released their first single entitled “LovinMe”. Much of it i can’t relate to, HOWEVER, the song still moved my spirit. This single is giving me all kind of Sister Act II T’s. There is some shade being thrown too. GET INTO IT.

The Real Gag IS, whenever you search for this song on the net, it is being billed as “The R&B Divas featuring Fath Evans”. Wait a minute Miss Faith. Are you not one of the R&B Divas? Miss Faith were you not just as washed up as the rest of them? The other four ladies must have really needed this check and resurgence of interest in the media to let you and your camp ¬†get away with that one.

My stance is, if we are supposed to be undertaking this venture as a GROUP, then we are going to receive the recognition as a GROUP. The way this song is being billed is some straight up Diana Ross & The Supremes, Beyonce & Destiny’s Child, Ronald Isley & The Isley Brothers type of ish. Let’s see how long this last. If you payed attention to any of the promo, you can catch little subtleties that imply that the show is kind of built around Faith. Well, just know, when the house is built around one person, when they go, the whole thing crumbles. Let’s just pray Faith does right by these ladies. Enough of my ranting. Get into the song. Let me know what you think.

R&B Divas airs tonight (Monday, August 20th) on TV One at 10pm

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6 thoughts on “[LISTEN] New Music ~ R&B Divas, “LOVIN ME”, Faith Evans Wants Separate Recognition From Group

  1. Syleena and Keke are so under rated it makes no sense I have always loved them especially Keke that girl has a powerhouse voice that gives you chills

  2. chile cheese….. i thought they were gonna give me sum ole nasssty harmonies. This is mediocre at best #dissapointed

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