Little Filipino Boy SLAYS Luther Vandross’s ‘Dance With My Father’

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Yes Gawd Hunty. For all of you negros who want to abandoned r&b & soul music for the pop machine, do not fret. The Filipinos are standing by, ready to take your place. Meet Aldrich Lloyd Talonding. This young boy not only sang the hell out of the 2003 Luther Vandross hit ‘Dance With My Father’, but he killed it. Effortlessly hitting every note. Grab your tissue and get ready to cry. Chile quiet as its kept, i didn’t even know they had the quiet storm” over in the filipines. Catch these T’s

What do you think? I’m sure Simon Cowell will make his way over there and sign him…

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40 thoughts on “Little Filipino Boy SLAYS Luther Vandross’s ‘Dance With My Father’

  1. I cried and my Daddy is still alive…and he and my mama are divorced and haven’t danced together in years.

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  3. I just howled NO over my half eaten burger at my office and tried to stop the tears. GO ON LIL ASIAN LUTHA! GO ON! got me all fked up watching this video.

  4. Slayed as in murdered it, shouldn’t of tried, did the song no justice, etc. Granted that young man can SANG, and I think he would have a solid pop artist career but attempting a Luther Vandross song is bold and he didn’t pull it off. As much as I love that song, I didn’t even know what he was singing until the end.

  5. It will def break you down cuz it did to me, but this kids tone has surgical precision! And not just anybody can cover a Luther Vandross song, especially a kid!

  6. This is the only song that will completely make me break down, so I’m going to pass. I’m sure they do a good rendition, though!

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