Lord Jesus, Sweet Brown Got A Role On Comedy Central – “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

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Surely y’all remember Sweet Brown from the hilarious news interview video about a fire that went viral earlier this year. Well just like her predecessor, Antuan Dodson, Sweet Brown is capitalizing off her fifteen minutes of fame. Now I don’t know how I missed this, but on October 9, 2012, Sweet Brown appeared on Comedy Central’s Tosh.O . There she sat down and did an in-depth interview with the shows host as well as participated in a bit of sketch comedy.

Funny isn’t event the word to describe this. Oddly enough, watching this made me feel proud, it brought joy to my heart. It felt good to watch someone named “Sweet Brown”, whom probably never thought in a million years that she would end up on tv, smiling & acting and further more, getting paid. Check it out!


Paying HOMAGE to Sweet Brown’s television debut.


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57 thoughts on “Lord Jesus, Sweet Brown Got A Role On Comedy Central – “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

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  2. I think this is great I dont know the woman but I happy for her. look she already has haters. people need to learn thank when something good happens for someone be happy for them.dont say thing like they ignorant or she make blacks look ignorant. no she dont it you feel like that because you want to.

  3. Are you seriously silly enough to think that one Black persons ignorance with make ALL Black people look ignorant? If people see Sweet Brown and want to think that she is an accurate representation of all Black people, they can go get them a piece of the bar and order a Bleach Martini…..because even though we share the same ethnicity, we’re also individuals and should be treated as such, Yes GAWD bitch!

  4. Sweet Brown is the type of foolishness that make all Black people look ignorant on T.V….am I the only person that think she isn’t funny but sounds Illiterate???

  5. Lmao if a duck can pull a truck hook em up btw i know hella ladies that act like sweet brown i guess it’s her lucky year

  6. @ Emelda Johnson-Seagrams…..Shemar Moore Kissed Sweet Brown…. How did i not know that Whattt!! aw yes she in DERE!!!

  7. She is hysterical. She was on Watch what Happens live with Andy Cohen a few weeks ago. She betta ride her 15 minutes all the way.

  8. Its nothing but upward for her now, especially after that wet kiss from Shemar Moore; I was sooo jealous!!!! Get yo paper gurlll ;)

  9. ________/, please make sure my dress and hat match and tell my momma I love her…….Dineva can you sing 7 days at my funeral

  10. I would say she’s the Female version of Antoine Dodson, but he’s already the female version of himself…#Fish

  11. Hey why are you people hating on her hahah buh anyway im not gonna defend her coz all you haters are just wastin your time hatin shes making money now!!so i dont think anybody cares whatchu think oh wait>>>AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT

  12. Good for her. She was a private citizen who looked a little silly on a newscast, and somebody decided to make a video poking fun at her. She didn’t ask them to make the video. Why SHOULDN’T she make some money off of it? She’s the STAR of it.

  13. Dude stop fukin hatin.. Well everyone stop fukin hatin.. I bet if u had an opportunity like that ud take it in a heart beat .. And if produces ask to be a certain way on camera then anyone would act how they wanted, Especially if u got paid what she probably got paid.. Fukin haters I swear.. Sweet brown good for u

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  15. I’m with you, I love that she did this! She’s natural, carries herself with dignity and obviously has a great sense of humor and a good spirit. Bless you Sweet Brown, I hope that you get more work. Folks so confused by plastic celebrities they forget what real folks are like. More power to ya!

  16. All ya’ll trippin.. that shit was funny as hell. Black ppl kill me always taking themsleves way too damn serious. Ain’t nobody got time fa dat!!

  17. Sweet Brown need to get Educated on how to “Portray Yourself In Public”. This is typical “Hoodrat Behavior”…..Sorry It Is What It Is. This is why being “EDUCATED” IS SO IMPORTANT” it’s never to late for anyone……..I digress

    • Go Sweet Brown. Work the American system.

      Education is a blanket term.

      What does education really mean today?

      The USA’s youngest female billionaire has no formal education. She is a white female that’s never set foot on anyone’s college.

      Guess what her inherited fortunes are from?

      Freaking hamburgers…In and Out burger joint to be exact.

      Formal education is for the birds if it’s the benchmark used to determine one’s self worth and value.

  18. Chileeeeeee that Yt man gave Sweet Brown a damn GRAPE SODA when she asked for Sprite. Now you KNOW THAT’S RACIST!!!
    Lawd Hammercy Sweet Brown betta have gotten a HUGE check for this, but don’t matter. I have mixed feelings bout this :/

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