Lou Myers ( Mr. Gaines From A Different World) Done Fell Dead To Da Bed, RIP

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No Gawd, Mr. Gaines done fell dead to da bed. Y’all remember Lou Myers, the actor that played Mr. Gaines, the sassy queen that worked in the cafeteria on ‘A Different World’. Well he passed away today at the age 0f 77 from complications with pneumonia. Catch the rest of these T’s

Taken from People Magazine

Myers was born in Chesapeake, W.V., the son of a Cabin Creek coal miner, according to the Charleston Gazette. After attending West Virginia State University, he got his first acting break as an understudy in the Broadway play The First Breeze of Summer.

He went on to appear in more than a dozen films, including How Stella Got Her Groove Back and The Wedding Planner.

On television, he had roles on ER, JAG and NYPD Blue, but is best remembered for playing Vernon Gaines on A Different World, which was a spin-off from The Cosby Show.

He is survived by his mother, Dorothy Jeffries, 95, a son, Melvin Myers, and two grandsons, Brayden and Christian, the Gazette said.

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25 thoughts on “Lou Myers ( Mr. Gaines From A Different World) Done Fell Dead To Da Bed, RIP

  1. ;( Mr. Gaines will always be remembered! Nothing negative to say at all! R.I.P. to an amazing man who made going to an HBCU seem like you were home!

    • No, Funky Dineva is correct. I am related to his “wife”, whose name, of course, was not published in his obit but they were “married” for more than 20 years and we considered him as a member of the family. All I can say is that when I hear people argue against gay marriage, I always think of the two of them because they definitely loved each other and had a long term, loving relationship.

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