Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Dirty Little Secrets [Full Episode] + The Fight Viewers STILL Didn’t See

Posted on Dec 17 2012 - 7:39am by Funky Dineva

I honestly forgot how the theme music and intro to Love & HipHop Atlanta got my adrenaline running until last night. Monday nights on television definitely have not been the same since LHHATL disappeared from the Monday night line up. As much as some folks would hate to admit, week after week, LHHATL united a large portion of the pop culture demographic as we over indulged in the antics of the cast. It felt good to take a brief trip down memory lane last night, not to mention, The Doll was a part of the show this time, so that added to the hype. If you missed last nights viewing, you can check out the full episode here. Catch these T’s

It is no secret that The Doll loves her some LHHATL. I followed this show so thoroughly, that the LHHATL people found it prudent that I give them a few top 3 list. We definitely had fun coming up with the lists and filming them . I must say, I was very pleased with the outcome. The Doll looked pretty good up on the TV. LHHATL must definitely be attributed for being one of the major catalyst that has propelled my career. My affiliation with the show has definitely exposed me to a larger audience and created countless opportunities. Shout out to executive producer Mona Scott Young. Although Mona has made an ass out of some, she has been good to me!

Now that we have got the housekeeping out of the way, on to the good stuff. Dirty Little secrets did provide a little insight into certain situations, but we really didn’t walk away knowing much more than we did coming into it. The show provided many unseen reactions to certain major events on the show. The largest reaction that until last night was yet to be seen was that of Shay when Scrappy proposed to Erika. I was sitting in the front row at the reunion and Shay stormed right past me as she struggled to fight tears. It was insightful to finally see what was going through her head as things unfolded.

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What is unclear in my mind is the current state of the love triangle between Stevie J, Joseline, and Mimi. The streets and the blogs are saying one thing, while the on screen chemistry between Stevie and each of his ladies is saying another. I’m willing to bet that the 3-way love affair will be dragged out for another season.

I just knew that finally the world was going to get to see the fight that took place within the first ten minutes of the reunion filming. The funniest and most shocking altercation of LHHATL is when K.Michelle dove on Karlie Redd’s a**. K.Michelle got to swinging at Karlie Redd and she laid back on the sofa and started scurrying like a roach. It was hilarious. To date we have not seen it or heard much about. Something leads me to believe that it was an executive decision not to air it because it further exacerbates K.Michelle’s crazy violent reputation. ohh well, i’ve let the cat out of the bag.

If you have been wondering who is and isn’t returning for season 2 and who will be joining the cast, so have I. My predictions are that everyone is returning. I thought that the only people who fit the bill for possibly not returning where Arriane and Karlie Redd. After watching the special last nigh, Karlie Redd made some leading statements that kind of confirmed it for me that she will be returning. She said something along the lines of having unfinished business to take care of with someone next time around. I’m sure she was referring to K.Michelle. Though we did not get a glimpse of Arriane on Dirty Little Secrets, I think she’ll be back because from what I am hearing, Mimi may need her friend and confidant more than ever this go around. I’ll drop those T’s as soon as i confirm a few more facts.


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Is diamond & Soulja boy joining the cast? I honestly do not know. No one knows. To date, no one has scene them around town filming. There are rumors that because Soulja boy is so popular and because there is so much speculation surrounding he and Diamonds involvement, that they are out in L.A. filming for the show as of now. This speculation arose after diamond posted pics from inside Soulja boy’s L.A. home and there was a leading caption and/or a camera crew seen in the picture. Trust and believe I will get the T. Lastly, I’ve heard rumors from the ATL streets of some “light skinned ” female DJ has joined the cast. Note, I don’t have any complexion hang-ups. Repeatedly, that is how i’ve heard this mystery person referred to. Non the less i will definitely keep my ears to the street and bring you guys the T as soon as i get it.


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    I saw the Doll, glammed and bringing much needed narrative to the show!! No shade On Mona Scott-Young (ok shade I just don’t like her manipulative BS ways) but I would much rather hear Dineva narrating the reunion

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