Love & Hip Hop’s Chrissy Lampkin Arrested For Fighting Down To Da Club. So Lady Like…

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Chrissy, If you wonder why Jim Jones won’t marry your ass, perhaps its because you keep fighting like a dude and popping off of chicks like your a gang member. Geesh knock it off pa-lease. You are over 40 and too pretty for all of this.

This morning at around 2:30, the police read Chrissy her Mirandas and transported her ass down to da slammer for aggravated assault and disorderly conduct. Loosely translated, Miss Girl was probably drunk a lil tipsy and knocked the sh!t out of some chick much smaller than her because the day was Sunday.

Edgewater PD reports that the victim was beat up bad enough to need hospitalization. Reportedly the victim was bloodied and the doctors had to stitch an area above her eye.

For those of you that may thing this is a publicity stunt for the show, think again. No cameras where anywhere in sight. Its been told Chrissy got pissed that the alleged victim sat on the sofa she was sitting on and accidentally bumped into someone. Sounds like good enough reason to beat a bish down to me!

Chrissy was released a few hours later after Jim Jones bailed her out. Ha




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109 thoughts on “Love & Hip Hop’s Chrissy Lampkin Arrested For Fighting Down To Da Club. So Lady Like…

  1. This is the kind of woman that needs a baby? NOT!!!!!! She does not behave like a mother or lady. I wouldn’t not want my mother at parent’s teachers conference with that behavior. She was just bailed out of jail. Not a good look Chrissy!! I think God knows that you are not ready for a baby with that foolery, you are doing in those streets. I am happy that you do not have a child. For what? To bring embarrassment to the child and then they have low self esteem because you have scarred them and do not know how to conduct yourself as a young lady!! I was loving the change you were making, but I guess it was all for reality TV!!! Please go talk to Reverend Run’s wife again about how a woman/mother behaves? Woman you are 40 years old, trapped in a teenager’s body!! I am appalled!! Case close!!!

  2. Now it´s an age limit on fighting lmao I agree at a certain age u shouldn´t be so quick to fight BUT I do agree that u should protect yourself I wouldn´t give a damn if u was 65 protect yourself at all cost. Cuz 9-10 if it was one of y´all put in a situation to where u felt u had to defend your self like chrissy did you would do the same thing

  3. Is it me or is there a portion of Black women who just thrive and look for any opportunity to be fighting in the damn street? We really as a community have to start wondering why is there this maturity issue, lack there of rampant among us. When do we become men and women?
    I feel sorry for a Brotha like Jim Jones and these Black athletes when they move into position as Execs and the athletes around the coaches, coaches wives and so on. Then they got this Sista , their GIRL on national tv boxing in the street, restaurants, clubs…….ain´t no shame in none of they game. Not enough sense to be embarrassed. Gotta grow up! We leave no stone unturned to be a “bad bish” a pretty package and underneath all the physical enhancements, wardrobe and all is a bunch of garbage.

  4. Chrissy sit ur old ass down. U jest ran into wrong one. Some of these younger girls will beat ur ass. They have youth in them ur an old lady. That person had to b old or weak. She should sue the hell out of chrissy. I’m jest gone say a prayer for chrissy

  5. I think shes a little too old for this nonsense. What use is having money and looking fabulous after 40 if your going to conduct yourself like a damn hood rat. It’s time to grow up and represent yourself like a lady.

  6. You can check somebody but that doesn’t mean that you have to use your hands!!!! Females be too involved in their feelings. Basically by 40, you should have some type of SELF-Ccontrol. Most times, all that fighting is UNNECESSARY. Point, blank, period. It’s NEVER cute to be a thug over the age of 30….

  7. She is a whore… But I have been saying for some time now. These broads keep swinging like somebody (who went to college–me) isn´t gonna take the moral high ground which involves sending your bitchass to jail and pressing charges on that ass. Hoes need to learn self control and to stop doing shit that you don´t want to be called out on later… I wish a bitch would. There is a cell waiting for you right now

  8. Chile PLEASE! IDGAF… are never too old to check a bih. Disrespecting me, my fam, or my money will get u directly fucked up! I don´t care where we at either. You have to stand up for yourself because people will try to walk all over you. Not happenin´!

  9. Age ain’t nothing but a number…so she 40 fighting in the club & you 38 fighting in the club…..lmao Jim Jones know who he with……I still like Chrissy

  10. TMZ is reporting that she sent the girl to the hospital with a cut above her eye that required stitches.
    “As for what started the fight … we´re told Chrissy got pissed that the alleged victim sat on the sofa she was sitting on and accidentally bumped into someone.”
    This is rididamndiculous….grow up Chrissy!

  11. I like Chrissy! Free Chrissy, so she can beat her ass again,lol. Some folk act like a man marrying a woman is a prize to win, he should be happy she wants to be with him. She is a lady, and her age has nothing to do with putting a stupid chick in her place

    • And that is why we see so many of you stupid black chicks on the news, youtube, FB, etc. fighting like park apes because of thinking like this. When will grown ass black women start acting like women and not common street thugs. But then again some of my sisters are common street thugs. We are so lost as a gender and a race. When you have people justifying and congratulating these sort of antics, especially from another woman makes me sick to my stomach

  12. Im sure nobody commenting was there.. Black people so quick to judge they own.. Bunch of haters.. No They are not Married But she is Kept and she can handle her own her and her man making moves how many of yall can say that.. JUDGE NOT

    • What are you talking about?!?!?! No one is hating but, a grown woman at 43 years of age fighing in the club is what you should be upset about not the people commening. And you’re damn right I’m judging….thats the problem with black folk we fight for stupid shit and act like it is a right of passage. I can gaurantee that the young lady she beat up did not steal her money, food, or physically hurt anyone in her family. So if she is fighting a random person at the club for anything other than what is listed above then she is a thug and needs to be shamed and hopefully she will grow up one day. Black love to yell how somebody making moves or how much money these park apes have….so I guess those to two factors mean you can do anything you want. Instead of glorifying these antics be upset at the ratchedness that ensues……but then again you’re probably fighting at the club too, so this is right over your head.

  13. I guarantee it was a thirsty heifer antagonizing/annoying Ms. Chrissy, so she had to pop her so the trollop would respect her personal space….if you a’int from New York you wouldn’t understand!!!

    • I’m from NY – I understand sometimes you have to defend yourself – regardless of your age – but Ms.Chrissy – like to pop off for dumb shit – you cant even have a difference of opinion without her spazzing out – so im willing to bet the fight was uncalled for. If it was Yandy – then i would think it was a thristy trollop asking to be popped.

  14. Look I understand if someone hits or slaps u then u got all rights to fucked them up cuz u are not no punk but in chrissy case her ass is too damn old to fighting.And She wonders why don´t nobody wants to brothered wit her krazy ass #sityourassdownandstopbeingabully

  15. I’m willing to bet she went off on somebody for some petty a$$ shit. I’m glad she went to jail – now maybe she will GROW UP and dead that bullying shit!!!!

  16. Chrissy Wake da hell up and stop da damn fighting!!!! What´s wrong wit u.One u are too damn old to be a 40something bully leave dat shit to da young kats and u wonder why Jim Jones don´t want to marry u cuz are too damn a str8 hoodrat.Also what are u teaching jim jones son pudie its okay to fight in the clubs no.Do u see Mama Jones fighting in the club.Seriously her ass need to go in an anger-mangerment class cuz lord knows she´s need it.

  17. That shit don´t have nothing to do with Jim marrying or not marrying her. Jim cuts up his damn self, and quickly bailed his woman out. What I prevent from doing is frequenting bars/clubs cause folks get ignorant & want to try you. Being who she is that´s automatic, don´t nobody know what happened, sometimes walking away ain´t an option.

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