Mama Jones Perfume Pumkash The Commercial Is Here

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Chile!!! Nancy Jones done pushed it to the MAX with this perfume. Now I don’t really watch Jim & Chrissy’s show because Chrissy and all her complaining works my last nerve. However, i’m not going to lie. I do go up for Nancy Jones. i never really thought that this whole Pumkash perfume concept would ever take off, but hats off to Nancy because she’s now got Pumkash on store shelves.  Check out the commercial!!Ever wonder what P**** and cash smells like? Hell, just visit a strip club. lol. For those that don’t know what it smells like, you can now catch a whiff of it in a bottle. Judging from the reactions of the people in this commercial, it must smell pretty alright. Go in Nancy and let have!


Will you be buying Pumkash?

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98 thoughts on “Mama Jones Perfume Pumkash The Commercial Is Here

  1. This should win the Ghetto Azz hot ass mess award 2013 and beyond! Why would you buy pussy in a bottle. Sad her son and grandkid running around with stacks. Give Mama some on that money to get a box of smokers patch.

  2. Wait. Wait just a minute! I´m over here ROTFLMMFAO @ these comments! Funniest isht I´ve read all day long! Thanks! PineSol & Cigarettes & Falcons Tracey Fractious, chile you won! #DEAD #Flatlined LMAO!!!!

  3. Mama Jones serving up some Benson & Hedges, Newport, Kool (Soft Pack), Virginia Slims Menthol realness……baby if you didn´t have emphysema before watching that commercial, I´m sure you have it now. I´m bout to go down to the bar and smoke me a Marlboro and see if I can find me a bottle of Pumkash.

  4. People kill me taking it so personal I bet half the people ain’t got half the money she got shiddd mess around Romney get his ass in office y’all gone need to hustle cause all hand outs will be stopped…Go mama Jones its always gone be people who think they know what’s best for you.


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  6. NO GAWD!!! LMAOOOOOOO Oh my LORT! Who wants to mist themselves with Poon water? Maybe Drake. I can see him now- he probably would spray it in the air and walk into it

  7. Big ups to Nancy cause she stay hustlin’, but who the phuck wannna walk around smelling like coochie and kash. Mama Jones can walk around with flys glued to her neck if she can,but I won’t be wasting my kash.

    • Ghetto, Ratchet, Hoodrat mentality how sad for an “Old Lady” to display this type of behavior, she’s just as bad as Will Smith’s exwife pushing her Whoop Ash, how low and rachet can you go???? Why is it these “Hood Rats” never try to get an education??? I am so glad that you never see “Oprah and Mrs. Obama” display this type of behavior, thanks for keeping it classy Mrs. O and Oprah.

      • If you have never tried whoop ash please do not comment on it. It’s actually a great product. I thought the name was a little off putting but as someone who suffers from dry skin that product os the shizniyee! She’s also probably not worried about the shade your giving her product! You yourself might actually want to try it and show her products some love because it truly is worth the money better than any other natural, organic or non-organic/no-natural product I have ever tried! Pumkash is ghetto as all heck but she may just make a killing sometimes we don’t need to be so judgemental off bat because Rihanna’s perfume smells like slut and ppl go out and buy it but I still wouldn’t knock her for her endorsement bc she likes it and shes making money off it not me. We won’t always agree with these ppl but they making money and following their dreams!

    • If I can smell your box then ewww. Nobody wants to smell like pussy, not even the dudes spraying themselves down after leaving the strip club.

  8. oooooohhhhhh kay! see, lol, Vh1 done took ratchet to a whole new level! and that commercial was a hot mess! lmao! I goes up for Mama Jones too, but someone needs to tell her to have a seat with this mess! hahahahaha and is it me, or does she sounds like a man?! LOL

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