Man attempts suicide by jumping out of window WITH BABY IN HANDS. Fireman karate kicks him back inside (Watch)

Posted on Oct 19 2012 - 5:18am by Funky Dineva


If you are going to kill yourself, fine, be my guest, but don’t bring the babies into this.

This Chinese man, clearly unable to cope with life and whatever the hell is going on in his threatened to jump from a sixth floor window with a baby in his arms.

Not sure if kicking the s*** out of people is taught in the Chinese firemen’s training classes, but that is exactly what happen to Mr. Man on the ledge. A fireman lowered himself down from a window above and when he got close enough to the deranged man, he karate kicked the hell out of him, sending him and baby tumbling back inside to safety. The incident happened in Seongdong-gu district, in Xining City, on October 16.

It was an atypical act that saved two lives. Catch these T’s.

Video Inside:

The man was six storeys up, and threatening to jump as emergency teams tried desperately to prevent a tragedy

Ready to leap: The hero fireman abseils from the window above, and then makes a split-second leap towards the man


Prevention: The fire crew also arranged a safety cushion under the window



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  2. Loving Me Some Dineva October 19, 2012 at 12:40 pm - Reply

    It’s sad that he wanted to kill the child as well. Give the kid to an agency or family. If you want to kill yourself, go ahead and do so alone. Preferably in a manner that doesn’t fuck up my commute. I hate when people want to throw themselves in front of trains and off of overpasses, like I don’t have somewhere to be. Inconsiderate ass holes.

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