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Posted on Dec 19 2012 - 10:57am by Funky Dineva

Shout out to celebrity stylist Daniel Hawkins for styling Marlo to the GAWDS

Yes Gawd Hunty!! Say what the hell you want to say about Marlo Hampton, mama can dress her ass off and her shoe game is mean! We all have strengths and gifts and Marlo’s strengths definitely lay in her ability to be any designers muse.  Criminal charges, derrogatory statements, and questionable sources of income aside, Marlo Hampton is the ish when it comes to fashion. Check out photos and a behind the scenes video from her Denim Magazine shoot.

Its not secret, Tho Doll had to read Marlo Hampton some time ago for her crazy comments in Africa when her and Sheree’ were arguing on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. IF you forgot about that or never seen it, check it out here: My Hair Is Layed Like Marlo Hampton

I really want to know where Marlo gets her weaves from. I have never been a huge fan of black women wearing long flowing curly weave in styles in which their hair wouldn’t naturally grow, but Marlo’s weaves always look good.


Here are a few excerpts from the magazine: 

So what or who made you love fashion as a teen?

“As a teen I was in and out of foster care; so having the best fashion was something that seemed unattainable. I didn’t win Best Dressed, but I understood at an early age I couldn’t afford certain kinds of clothing when I was growing up. But, what I do remember about my mother was that she loved nice things. At times, when we did get clothes; we would get them from a second hand store. And she always kept us clean and extremely polished.

What designers can you not live without?
“I think this may be sort of obvious, and a little birdie might have let you know… all things CHANEL. I am very partial to their clothes because CoCo Chanel was an Orphan. I can relate to that. She didn’t have parents to raise her, but look at what she’s overcome. Her story reminds me of mine. She had humble beginnings but Chanel is the Queen of Fashion, all of their pieces are classy and timeless!

What designer would you want to collaborate with on a collection? Would it be high end or price friendly?

“I would love to work with the designers of J. Crew. Their pieces are simply stunning and they have a good mix of everything. Our collection would be what I call “Fashion Affordable.” Nice pieces, for an affordable price, with great style, trend but quality material. There would be something for everyone. We all deserve a piece of Marlo.”

How many handbags do you have?

“Now that is a tough question. I haven’t counted, but I do know too many for sure … actually, I take that back; a girl can never have too many bags”!

What is the most you have ever spent on a bag or was gifted?

“I am always working on my etiquette, lol and a lady never tells prices unless you want to buy one yourself. However, my crocodile Hermes Birkin is my most expensive handbag”!

What fashion accessories does a women need to be fabulous?

“The one accessory that EVERY women needs to be Fabulous is CONFIDENCE. it’s the one accessory that’s Priceless. Money can’t buy it and as long as you wear that; nothing else matters”!

Would you ever give your daughter or son a Birkin bag?

“I would absolutely gift my daughter one under one condition, that it was EARNED! A Birkin is way too expensive just to “give” so if she earned a college degree, was getting married, or achieved a milestone in her life worthy of such a nice bag”

Every woman deserves at least one nice bag whether it’s a Birkin or another bag of their choice.

Have you ever seen other girlfriends’ collections of shoes or bags and felt I have nothing on theirs

“I don’t covet anyone’s achievements or closets! Lol! I applaud all women who are enjoying their luxuries and if they have great taste, then we need to go in to their closet and play dress up with a glass of wine and have a good time”!

Last year, you took one of your best friends Daniel/stylist/ assistant to Paris for Fashion-Week. Tell me how was it to do that for someone else who is as passionate as you are about fashion?

“It was amazing and truly rewarding for both of us. Being a lover of fashion, Paris Fashion-Week is something that is a must. I spent a week in London and then Daniel came over to join me in Paris for an additional week. We shopped until we dropped (literally) or until my cards daily limit was reached. lol. His eye for fashion is amazing; not having him accompany me in the fashion capital of the world seems absurd. We were treated like royalty and I can’t wait to do it all again soon”!

I understand you gave 20 families turkeys along with meals through your Simply Giving campaign. What are you doing for Christmas?

“It’s my way of “Simply Giving Back” to families during the holidays or a special time of the year. I was able to bless 20 needy families for Thanksgiving with a full meal and all the fixins. I will also be giving back during Christmas and recruiting my Glam It Up girls to show them what it means to give back and do good service at at a soup kitchen”

Like most other women around the world is Vogue magazine your second bible?

“Hmmm, while Vogue is an amazing magazine which I read monthly, I would have to say it’s a fair toss-up between Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. Let’s just consider each publication as a different book in the fashion bible.”

What was your first high-end buy?

“My first high-end buy would probably have to be a Gucci bag in college. It was very special at the time because I worked for it, saved my money and bought it!

Since we are in your closet right now give me one fashion secret that you can’t live without?

“ELECTRICAL TAPE. It’s an instant breast lift without surgery. Makes your Breasts look real nice and perky”!



Are you feeling the looks? What would you like to see Marlo do next? Style Network perhaps?  

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    i love Marlo..period.
    she is me and I don’t care bout the rest.
    I’m black/ I’m working it and it’s looking
    real good…real good
    Marlo Love……Love Marlo
    My go fast fashion diva!
    I salute you!

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    …but yet your a fan of black men with beards wearing obnoxious wigs and makeup…

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      THANK YOU! …With his ridiculous ass.

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    She’s bringing the HEAT!!!
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    Marlo do your thang Miss Lady!

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    love love love Miss Marlo Hampton!

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    Great to see Marlo,miss seeing you on Atlanta Housewives.You go Marlo,keep on being the fashionista that you are…You have what it takes to be a great fashion editor and etiquette consultant…Go Marlo!

  10. JW December 19, 2012 at 8:05 pm - Reply

    Ms. Marlo is always impeccably dressed. I wish some local celebs would seek her help. Wait…forget them, help me. LOL

  11. hotlantaboss December 19, 2012 at 3:21 pm - Reply

    Bitch, I concur, I concur I con-fuckin’-cur! Marlo layed all those RHOA hoochies to rest in terms of fashion. That’s one of the baddest bitches I’ve seen chile. Go the fuck in Ms. Marlo!

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    I just love me some Marlo…Yes Gawd Nessa.

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