Married to Medicine’s Quad & Mariah FALL OUT! Restraining Orders, Drunken Rants, Gay Husbands, & More…

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You and your best friend thinking about doing reality television with one another? Do your relationship a favor and DON’T. Quiet as its kept, many close relationships find it hard to sustain after reality television comes into play. Well, as much as it saddens me to report this, Quadd Lunceford and Mariah Huq are no longer friends, following season 1 of Married to Medicine. Things have gotten so bad that restraining orders have been filed, production has been halted on several occasions, and network executives have gotten involved. Catch these T’s

reco chapple quad lunceford

If you are curious as to what the central theme of Season 2 of Married to Medicine will be, wonder no more. Season 2 you can expect the central storyline to be the dissipation of Quadd & Mariah’s friendship. Things are pretty bad guys. Ordinarily I would call things like this “fake” and made for tv, but because I’m a lady of the night, I’ve gotten the opportunity to witness some things when the cameras were not rolling. Chile we were down to the steakhouse and things got REAL. Purses hit the floor, someone was escorted out the restaurant, people were called b!itches, all while patrons were trying to tootsie roll down to da bar.

What good is a reality television show without a good gay guy sidekick. Enters fashion designer Reco Chapple. Viewers can expect to see jovial developing relationship between Quad  and college friend Reco Chapple. The gag is, Reco and Mariah WERE Childhood besties. Quiet as its kept, Marriah filed a restraining order against Reco Chapple earlier this month, but lost the case in court yeterday ( 11/25/13)  after failing to convince the judge that she feared for her life.

restrainign order

It’s been reported that non of the cast is really featuring Mariah. The former television producer who once boasted about being the creative genius behind Married to Medicine seems to be losing control of what she has previously refereed to as “her show”. The entire cast minus Mariah have recently returned from a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains that was filmed for the show. Supposedly the cast asked that Mariah not be allowed to attend. Production, having their own issues with Mariah gladly obliged them.

Chile it looks as if Married To Medicine was a prescription for disaster and someone’s “Gay Husband” wrote it. Catch that!  There is so much tea, so many details, so many lies, so many eye witness incidents that have yet to hit the forefront. Ohhh but don’t you worry, The Doll will be sure to report on ALL of them as the time comes.

Ohh if any of y’all care, that white women with all those lips wont be returning for season two.

Why do you think Mariah & Quad fell out?

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231 thoughts on “Married to Medicine’s Quad & Mariah FALL OUT! Restraining Orders, Drunken Rants, Gay Husbands, & More…

  1. So tired of these women acting like they are running for office. Actually like Mariah, but am fatigued by her saying she is the queen bee. Albeit, she was the one who seemingly held everything together last season. Quad is nearly maniacal in her attempt to de-throne her once best friend. Quad was likeable last season. However, she is too ‘caught up’ this season. And….her comments about her own body and butt are ridiculous and incredible untruths. She said her new butt is courtesy of Jesus. For some that is true. But Quad, “you know you had something pumped into that behind”. No one’s butt pumps up that much in a season without the aid of some sort of medicine. Be honest. You say the other women couldn’t buy a body like yours. Why not? YOU DID. It looks totally different than last year. All of you guys are very made up, weaved up, padded up, etc. YOU ARE no different. If your butt is real, so must be your hair and eyelashes.

    • Okay Sherry! You said that. What a read. I appreciate your honest approach and commentary to this season. I agree 1000% with all that you say here. Gone, with your bad self girl!

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  4. Samantha Lewis Are you man, woman, or miniature horse…I´m like wtf is that down there on the floor? Oooooohhh no chile….you tried it but ain´t nothing sexy about a mixed breed animal/human…pick a species!

    • Did Quad go to TSU. She is petty this season; trying to get the other ladies to dis-associate themselves from Mariah. I liked the episode in which her husband had to remind her where she came from. Like Toya, someone not used to having anything.

  5. Two of the most ratchet hoodrat to riches bitches. No gawd! Please Ms Ross, stop featuring this ratchet ass bitches. I hated Mariah´s personality and ratchetness from the very beginning. Quadrea can keep her evilness and her quad-enating plum lip with ha quad-enating plum eyeshadow !… Tied asses people kill me…… Thank you FD for refilling my teacup

  6. Antonio Ferrer-Tancredi and others, can y´all please let me run the business that I started from NOTHING the way I see fit? Its gotten me this far. I THINK I KNOW WHAT I´M DOING.

    • You tried it! Funky Dineva is a welcomed fresh of breath air to some of us, and if we want to see the news, that’s what we will turn to, but for now, we are here to enjoy the fuckery of this site. Once you actively follow, you’ll learn that there is a method to the madness. It’s all entertainment, don’t take it so seriously.

    • You tried it! We are just here to enjoy the fuckery of this site. Once you actively follow, you’ll learn that there is a method to the madness. It’s all entertainment, don’t take it so seriously.

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  8. Funky Dineva Ross I witnessed the drama first hand at a fashion show that was given by Raphael Cox here in Atlanta not to long ago. The cameras were rolling because they were filming for the show “Married to Medicine”. All of the ladies were in attendance and you could cut the tension with a knife all of a sudden Reco and Mariah got into a heated argument that almost turned into a fight. Reco had to be restrained and drug out of the venue he was yelling that he made Mariah and that there would be no show without him. She was calling him a thirsty silly queen that wanted some camera time I mean it got real!!! I was looking for my mace hunty I thought I was in Central Station for a minute outside Reco and his “friend” jumped in a SUV and sped off it was all caught on camera!

  9. I was a Reco fan way before I knew about these girls, and I may even cut a biotch about Reco, so they need not play. Since I am speaking about Reco, I didn’t appreciate Toni Braxton going to Michael Costillo last week on the show; I caught that and didn’t like it. #Recofan4life

  10. remember that story about the snake, which my great=grandmother told me years ago(nothing new) maybe ms mariah was talking about herself.

  11. Catch this dirt:
    1. So which husband is gay? Because uuummm, quiet as its kept, all the men on this show could use a testosterone shot or six.
    2. Kari went to go let sum of da air outa her lips. You ever notice how all these white reality housewives got da same bubble yum balloon face? (i.e. Kari, Brandi from RHOBH, Kim Z, the entire OC cast, Tamar Braxton ect.)
    3. Quad is my favorite BUT even I hada get a restraining order from dat five-head. One head butt from her & its lights out, u can cancel Christmas.
    4. Toya AND Mariah weave looks like a “one pack will do” plastic blend (it aint even behind the counter. its just out there in da open between da glue & rubberbands & church hats & baby hair bows
    5. Toya’s outfits also come from da hair store #CitiTrendsCouture #RainbowCorporateAccount
    6. How u gone go to sleep as Lakeisha & wake up as Mariah? o_O Harpo, who dis woman? #AlterEgoFail
    7. I hope they all can swim b/c this ship is sinking fast! THE END #peace

  12. wow im speechless and they wee best friends I bet it had something to do with Mariah and reco’s issues nad Mariah did not like quad and reco’s friendsip lawd! I caint wait fr the next season

    • sorry missed a lot of words lol wow im speechless Mariah and quad were good friends I bet it had something to do with Mariah and reco’s issues and Mariah is having issues with quad cause she is friends with reco lawd!!! this is going to be good caint wait for the next season

  13. One thing I will say is that Mariah need not mess with that girl from Memphis (Quad). Her ass will get CUT. We don´t play that shit in the Bluff City!

  14. Quiet as it’s kept, I was kinda over Mariah towards the end if the first season. Too much with the dramatics. Anyone who do that much to disassociate themselves with their past is trying to hide something. That’s why she couldn’t stand “tacky toya” cuz she seen herself in toya. Lmao try harder LAKEISHA!!

  15. Thank you for that update Funky Dineva oooooh honey I cant wait for the new season sound juicy and glad mrs. Kairy want be back she was too booji for the show anyway she wasn´t ready the sistas was giving it to her chile

  16. They probably fell off because Mariah is fake. It was clear as day she was just using Quad as a yes man after her and ya girl had that fight at Kari’s house. She just needed friends that’s really all that was about. She was a totally different person when she had that dinner in her house, putting on a front for her sister in law, but whatever.

  17. Good for their black asses! Serves them right! My son and his wife are both doctors and they would never act like these Porch Monkey Hood Bugazz. They are disgrace to the medical profession. PERIOD!!!!!

    Damn Clowns!! Andy Cohen and Mona Scott love casting bottom of the barrel black folks and trailor trash. Ain’t enough money in the world that’ll allow me to allow cameras in my home, let alone follow me and my hubby around town. He’ll Naw!!

    • ungabhali ibizo lakho la. Lol. I saw this coming from a mile away. Mariah lied and turned on everyone who had told her anything, plus her mama! Shoo where do I begin??? Couldn’t be my mother

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