MC Hammer SHOWS OUT At American Music Awards

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Now The Doll did not get a chance to watch the American Music Awards last night, however, I woke up this morning and everyone has been blowing me up about this Psy performance where MC Hammer came out and started to dance his ass off to To Legit To Quit.  So apparently Psy has this song called  Gangman that has been sweeping the nation by storm. I must have had my head lodged in a hole somewhere because I swear this is my first time hearing about this Psy person or this sonf. Oh well. Hammer was looking good. Check out the performance.





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8 thoughts on “MC Hammer SHOWS OUT At American Music Awards

  1. How did something that wasn’t even in English make it on the AMERICAN Music Awards? The performance was cool but just wondering.

  2. CHILE CHEESE …I thought that was Spike Lee, but it was Wil I Am ! Doesen’t he look like Spike ? He don’t wanna be like Mike ? lol !!! But really, I thought it was Spike Lee. Hammer got it crankin’, especially for a 50+ MAN y’all ! Good to see him, but he should have done the right thing (no pun intended) and bring back B.Angie B. with the Hay-HAAY!!!

  3. I’ve heard of this Gangam style stuff, but never cared enough to click play on the video. It’s just not my bag. I’ll leave it to the young and/or impressionable to enjoy.

    That performance was a good look for Hammer. I am so pleased to know that he still has those moves! Hammer was that dude during his prime. That was a great mash-up of the two.

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