Mimi Faust (Love & Hip Hop) Enlists In Media Training, After Purposely Leaking Sex Tape

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It troubles me to even write this. However I don’t make the news I just report it. About 2 weeks ago, Mimi Faust enlisted the help of a media coach to provide her with media training in an effort to get ahead of this sex tape scandal that is about to rock Love & Hip Hop.

For those of you in the dark, as I was, pictures have surface online of Nikko and who appears to be Mimi Faust doing the nasty. The breast on the woman in the pictures look store bought, and the tattoos align, so we are more than confident it is Mimi.  We are also confident that this tape did no mysteriously leak, but that Mimi & Nikko most likely orchestrated this stunt to stay current. It’s worked for everyone else, hell why not? Catch these T’s


When your storyline is fading and the love has lost its shine, what else is there to do but produce a sex tape? Well get in the gym and make sure your body is super tight, go to the surgeon and get some top shelf titties, then produce a sex tape. That’s what Mimi and Nikko did. Hell, quiet as its kept, I ain’t even mad with them.  This reality tv money is some of the quickest and easiest money there is to get these days. Everyone is trying to get it while the getting is good. What I can respect about Mimi & company as that they were smart enough to orchestrate the entire plan from start to finish. Getting Mimi media training so she can nail her answers when the time comes was brilliant.

Do you really believe the tape was stolen or leaked? Why the hell were they recording their escapades in the first place? Chile cheese, we all know that in 2013 sex tapes don’t get leaked or stolen, they get purposely produced and passed out. Hopefully  with this media training Mimi will have a Kim Kardashian outcome. Quiet as its kept, I wanna see the tape.

Just remember when the time comes for Mimi to speak on this sex tape, all of her answers will most likely be rehearsed, force fed, and non authentic. There is no need to get training for your responses when you are keeping it real…

Check out the pictures here (NSFW)

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218 thoughts on “Mimi Faust (Love & Hip Hop) Enlists In Media Training, After Purposely Leaking Sex Tape

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  2. I can judge and I am judging…give me my gavel this slut bucket is guilty of being thirsty. The acting was bad to…poor Eva got Stebie for a daddy, Jocelyn AKA Hoesrus for a step mom, Mimi AKA Obey yo thirst for a Moma and this thing pimping out her moma….

  3. Lmaooo agreed beyond fake! How you make the tape,tell your friends about it,the tape is stolen and media takeout has it..ALL IN THE SAME DAY!?!? Girl gone..I rather watch fine to def Nick Newman on y&r

  4. Mimi… *sigh*… girl just BYE!!! The world completely surrounded by water and you still this thirsty??? You ain´t worth the fake rolex ya man wore last season. You have the standards on a damn dog. Fuckin in public just to show off them chuck e cheese play pen ball ass titties. Old ancient face havin whore. Your daughter deserves better trife ass cunt

  5. I can´t with Mimi….So you and Nikko going to sit and pretend the camera was stolen with the “alleged sex tape” meanwhile everyone can tell it was a porno made with a filming crew. Girl bye….show is so scripted.

  6. That´s exactly what it was…bullshit. Ain´t nobody got time for Mimi to pretend that she didn´t do this shit on purpose. The premiere was so scripted it was like watching an episode of “The young and the ratchet”

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  8. CN Nicholle, No matter what, we all have a hope that when we are of a certain age we are able to not make obviously bad/stupid choices. It was a rhetorical question, and i am fully aware that no one is perfect nor can any of us predict the future. I´m just hoping the child doesn´t get any kickback from this. Life is hard enough w/o having to live down ur mom doin porn in addition 2 whateva other antics her parents are engaging in on national tv . Other than that all of them on that show could go take a long walk off a short cliff.

  9. This shitstain of a chick is two faced n a bad example for all women including the little one she is trying to raise. “Classless prostitute” label is what she used to throw around about Jose n now look, she look way, Way worse… like a low budget smut bag. It aint hate OR “shade” Im throwin, its straight DISGUST. She a porno star now, in her mid to late 40´s (a sex tape has one angle, this shit has many angles, cameramen, makeup team, lighting, etc) n still a single mom n lonely… hell, her fkk buddy on this is one UGLY unfkkable dude #icant

  10. It wasn´t leaked and it wasn´t homemade. It was filmed and sold. Big difference. Yes folks have sex in their 40s and we´re pretty good at it too but we´re not making tapes and selling them for profit and lying about it.

  11. Estralita Richards hitting a certain age doesn´t stop you from making bad/poor decisions. We stop making bad decisions when we´re dead. That´s part of what life is all about. It would be wonderful if we could all be so perfect or predict the future. Live your life, just don´t hurt nobody.

  12. Mimi is desperate AF. A scorned, broken, bitter woman. Joseline and Stevie J got her mad, and she keeps telling it to the world through her shenanigans and this sex tape.

  13. I don´t condone her for doing the video but I think folks need to get off their high horse. People have sex…geesh. Babies eventually find out where they came from. So what she´s a mother. You have mother´s murdering their kids. Mimi was having sex with her man swinging from a shower curtain. Big deal.

  14. Smh why do people claim their shit got leaked? No you put it put their for attention. Yea she did a tape with her fiance, but keep it between yall two. Nikko was doing the damn thing but mimi was stiff as hell. Better than Kim K´s tape anyday btw

  15. Ya´ll calling this woman disgusting, a mess, I can´t believe she did that but you got niggas doing the shit to you for free and you got daughters to! And you didn´t gain anything from it but a wet ass…So STFU! Its sex…get over it! And how ya´ll know how much money she made? All in that woman pockets smdh. All this shit talking and Ya´ll asses still gonna watch that video tho Bwhahaha.

  16. I am a youth gospel rapper can I really have a couple people look at the video on my wall. Im trying to spead a message from God in a very special way. Oh yea I´ll accept anybody that adds me

  17. If your shower pole doesn´t screw into the wall, don´t try to be like Mimi if you got dollar store shower rod, lmao, I know I do!

  18. My question is if she was gon sale her on sex tape to the media for that little money why couldn´t she do the tape with a man that has plenty of money cause ViVib ain´t paid her to much of nothing for a whole lot of nothing” (shrubs shoulders…I guess MiMi)

  19. “Go Clean The Toilet Maid!” – Joseline Hernandez lol It´s funny how Mimi was calling Joseline all types of hoes but she was desperate enough for attention to leak a sex tape. hmm

  20. It’s called a publicist… sex tapes are so ’90′s… she may be hot in some circles but she’s not relative enough in most circles that count to pull it off… I pray that her G-Moms or Parents are not still living…. exposing such things is frowned upon in our community and the culture of people of color

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  24. joseline has been saying mimi was out there hoein just as much as she was but no one believed her. everyone thought mimi was so “classy and refined” lmao now look, the truth is out. joseline may be a slutmonkey but mimi is clearly a slutGORILLA.

  25. Poor Little Eva. Just saw Mimi last week. We are neighbors. She’s really a nice woman. She always speak and smile! It’s her business if she wants to make a sex tape, but the problem I have is that she allegedly leaked it. I would hope that she value her daughter’s future morals and values more then her pockets being temporarily full. I guess you never know what goes on behind closed doors. In the next 5 to 10 years I can’t wait to see the effect these fake reality shows have on their children. I can’t imagine my kids coming home crying saying that classmates brought pics of Me & Dad busting it wide open and Dad married a prostitute/stripper over me. Just the thought of that shit makes my stomach turn. #SaveTheChildren

    • I really feel sorry for her she’s has no story line joseline kept her revalant first season he was quiet, navie and jest a worki mom this season she developed potty mouth and it loos fake somebody is schooling her to help he stay on show stevie didn’t care aabout her he got with first hoe to come along he like a hallenge and mimi clearly was to slow for him she allowed him to disrespect her she knows no better now she’s listening. To someone and put video out she needs to b herself and. Move on maybe get a cleaning or cookin show

  26. Or do, probably release one with Joseline to compete with theirs. You know nobody has common sense on that show except for Erica. I can hear K. Michelle now saying this is all a ploy to make Nikko look straight. Jasmyne Woods

  27. She always has been stid joseline took her man somebody must have told her to start usin the word fuck and that didn’t sound right she’s jestvie and slow stevie knew that that’s why got with joeline he wanted strong woman she’s jesst wasn’t in s league

  28. Exactly mimi was very naive and borin in first episode second episode u can. C foul mouth was bein for ced she didn’t sound right tryin to cuss so that made her look dumb and fake because she was doin to much she don’t even look right sayin the word fuck

  29. I mean really…..no offense to you Dineva because I adore you, but this article was even boring. Who cares about Mimi and Nikko…NOBODY.

  30. When are people going to realize the Kim K. road to fame and fortune is like winning the Mega Millions/Powerball Lottery and Mona Scott-Young is no fairy god mother.

    • Kim k became famous because of her butt I don’t understand that black women r born with big butts we should all b famous her but is big but she’s still ot built like a black woman the style use to b skiny like back in the day tiggy now they want big lips big butts

  31. Like you said it worked for everyone else, so why wouldn’t she? She is chasing that paper by any means necessary. She is not thinking about her daughter seeing this and is already setting a bad example for her daughter when it comes to men. Also as a toddler she should not know that “daddy is the problem”. She will be another young lady with daddy issues. Those are the worst women to date, but they make the best prostitutes, porn stars and strippers though.

  32. If I were Mimi, I would have put out a line of Mimi the Maid lingerie; I would have made ends off of being called Maid. This is going to backfire, I bet.

    • Exactly mimi was very naive and borin in first episode second episode u can. C foul mouth was bein for ced she didn’t sound right tryin to cuss so that made her look dumb and fake because she was doin to much she don’t even look right sayin the word fuck

  33. “the breast on the woman in the pictures look store bought” LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO Mimi if you ever see this BITCH YOU TOO OLD FOR THIS TYPE OF SHIT YOU’RE A 40+ OLD WOMAN WITH A FREAKING CHILD. PETTY. BYE MAIDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!

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