Model Injects Cooking Oil In Her Face, Now Looks Like Lil Kim’s Aunt

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Y’all are going to get enough of touching y’all s faces. Running around here feeling bad about yourself because you don’t look like Beyonce or Kim Kardashian. Quiet as its kept, they don’t look like themselves either. Anyway, let me introduce to you to Lil Kim’s aunt Hang Mioku. Hang is/was a Korean Model/Singer who has done irreversible damage to her face by injecting herself with cooking oil. Hang became addicted to plastic surgery, and when doctors told her “no more’, she took matters into her own hands.


A former Korean model addicted to plastic surgery injected cooking oil into her face when doctors refused to perform any more cosmetic operations on her.

Hang Mioku, now about 50 years old, has been left with a badly disfigured face following her desperate attempt to attain softer and smoother skin.

Mioku had her first plastic surgery when she was 28 years old, and soon became obsessed. She moved to Japan to pursue her career and underwent several more bouts of surgery, Mail Online reports.

However, after undergoing repeated operations to enhance her looks, doctors refused to provide her with any more silicone injections when her face became noticeably enlarged.

A desperate Mioku then injected an entire bottle of black market silicone into her face and finally decided to inject cooking oil, leaving her cheeks and forehead severely swollen and scarred.

Following the do-it-yourself beauty treatment, Mioku was left so disfigured that her own parents could not recognize her. When doctors analysed her, it was confirmed she was suffering from a psychological disorder. ~ International Business Times

Lil Kim, leave your face alone while you are ahead mama! Glad Vivica Fox already heeded the warning.


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171 thoughts on “Model Injects Cooking Oil In Her Face, Now Looks Like Lil Kim’s Aunt

  1. I was thinking there had to be something mentally wrong with her. The last paragraph pretty much confirmed that. It’s sad that plastic surgery has become what it has over the past few years.

  2. Makeda Boatwright WTH is going on in the world smfh that´s what happens when u try to undo what the good lord gave u purely psychotic, now f a modeling gig she can b in the next saw movie.

  3. That’s not her. That’s to much of a change.that’s hard to believe. Lil kim aunt lol. U funny. Where do u come up with this stuff. Lil kim do resemble her also

  4. She was so beautiful. She didn’t need any surgery.

    I feel bad for people with this disorder. Can’t feel good about them selves. Shame.

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  6. there’s one thing we can learn from this story, that is that beauty is not considered whether you look good outside but more in your heart, personality. KPOP or Korean waves which implicitly set a if-not-a-radical,harsh parameter that somehow induce people to look like what they see on TV. And the overexposure of the plastic surgery done by the actress whatsoever gives just more harm than good.
    Just be happy and proud of what you’ve got.

  7. Body dysmorphic disorder is no joke its sad when someone is mentally ill & disfigures themselves as a result! I really feel sorry for people with this illness & thank God I’ll never know what horror they go through, we all need to be thankful that God wakes us up everyday in a sound state of mind!


  9. I don’t get the reference to lil Kim nor the humor in mocking someone with an obvious mental condition. Would it have been as funny if she were born with that disfigurement? or if it were a result of an accident?…Not funny…Are we having a slow Sheree news day?

    • U jest threw shade at sheree he’s a comic he make jokes out of life situations. He wasn’t nessarily makin fun of the lady lighten up have a sense of humor she does look like lil kim aunt

  10. People are so cruel facebook, they said she look like lil Kim’s aunt! what does cooking oil do to your skin? I mean why inject it in your face!

  11. @ BlackBarbie
    You DO realize that ‘Funky Dineva’ has college degree right? Was thinking of pursuing a Master’s while you yet struggle to get recognition in your own home. I wont even begin to discuss the solid laid plans for Ms.Dineva by Mona Scott for her as well as the forever immortalized shout out by THE ENTIRE DAMN CAST of the number #1 hit show, ‘Scandal’ on ABC. I believe Emmy Nominated actress, Kerry Washington, referred to Ms.Dineva as “Brilliant.” These were her exact words.

    Meanwhile, you sittin at home living hand-to-mouth wishing it was you.
    But, it’s not.

    So, you come HERE and think you are going to try it.
    And, we clearly see how that worked out.
    As Ms.Dineva’s fans check you back into the dust from whence you came.

    Twirl on that.

  12. Dumb bitch! Smh don’t cry now you should’ve been crying when you was injecting that cooking oil in ya face.

  13. I know I’m not the only one who read the background on Ms.Funky Dineva… he is a college graduate !!! Left that industry to follow a dream… get ur facts straight.

  14. “it was confirmed that she was suffering from a psychological disorder” Jesus, ya think?

  15. LMAO-welp at least she’ll be forever moisturized in the face Korin Cherry

  16. Bitch you look like you really are Funky ! you dirty looking bitch. you personify DIRT.
    fuck this gotta do with Kim ! y’all bloggers want the Queen back so
    badly u hate on her for no reason ! get a life.
    you have these wack bitches running round cuz you put down the REAL ONES.

  17. Funky Dineva looks like a burnt piece of bread and talks like a crack baby. you stay spewing hate and negativity on your boring blog. these people you hate on MATTER to people.
    You are simply nothing but a broke faggot with internet access !
    nice to see Kim’s on your mind tho.

    • Damn Lil Kim. Funky Dineva- didn’t mean to hurt your feels sweetie…It’s okay- we know it’s you on here getting upset…But look if you really want to shut ms.dineva down, come out with another song-

  18. Is it me or does Lil Kim look casket-ready? She looks like she’s been embalmed.

  19. That’s so sad that so many women don’t love themselves enough to where they have to subject themselves to somebody else’s standard of beauty….LOVE starts with self….

  20. I can’t even laugh at this…it’s sad…SMH! She has some serious issues if she couldn’t see she was beautiful and didn’t need to do that…

  21. Welp..she gone learn today! You cook with oil..not inject it into your face. I can’t even feel sorry for her!!

  22. Thank you!! “Feelin bad about yourself bc you don’t look Beyonce of Kim K”….you betta get comfy in your own skin and with your own looks.

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