Mona Scott-Young Producing New Reality Show on Bravo, TAKING ATLANTA

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Yes Gawd Hunty! Y’all probably have not heard me say this before, but I love me some Mona Scott-Young. She has been good to The Doll. For those of you who don’t know much about Mona, she Missy’s Manager and most recently has climbed the ranks in reality television production with the super successful Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Franchise. Looking at all the advertising dollars success the The Love & Hip Hop franchise has brought VH1, Bravo now wants a piece. They’ve green lighted production and The Doll has some EXCLUSIVE Tea…

Here’s an excerpt from the press release issued by Bravo:

Taking Atlanta” (working title)
Produced by NFGTV and Monami Entertainment with Toby BarraudStefan Springman and Mona Scott-Young serving as Executive Producers.

Taking Atlanta” tracks the city’s next-generation movers and shakers as they make their mark in the glamorous arenas of fashion, music, hospitality and real estate while enjoying the city’s sizzling social scene and balancing the demands of their tumultuous family situations.

I’ve said it time and time again on Twitter and FaceBook. There is a very strong television movement that Is coming out of Atlanta and I am proud to be a part of it in the capacities i’ve been in so far plus future capacities.


Here is The Doll and Miss Mona Scott-Young. Hmmmm I wonder what set we are filming on…

24 thoughts on “Mona Scott-Young Producing New Reality Show on Bravo, TAKING ATLANTA

  1. CONGRATS TO YOU FUNKY D AND MONA SCOTT-YOUNG FOR GREAT REALITY TV… I can reached @ CONTACT MS.THOMAS FOR BUSINESS :323-877-7478. We have a great story line and we are willing to share with the world and the best producer in the game. Filming has been taking place with our own camera and we would like to share footage with you and your business partner and go from there. “Storyline” 6 determined young women battle motherhood, school, careers, marriage, children and trying to survive in the streets of California, with having attachments to men in the game it can be hard to stay onthe right track…please contact us…THIS WILL BE REAL REALITY TV NO GLAMOUR LIFESTYLE , NO LIMOS, OR LUXURY CARS….PLEASE HELP US TO THE RIGHT PPL…WE ALL ARE OPEN TO EVERYTHING

  2. I have a great show for mona and its reality all I’m gonna say is three bedroom apartment in queens ny four kids three with one man and one child with the other man and guess what they all live in the same house hold and the 33yr old black westindian woman is what holds it altogether but things are starting to get heated up secrets are coming out to where evryone is asking is she sleeping with both men??? Please email me back or contact me 718 868-0483 email me at pinkberrydiamond@gmail.

  3. they need to do a show in hip hop and love in charleston,s.c we starving for something to come to the plantation state call me at 843 592 5460 eric colleton tibwin entertainment

  4. Hello Mona
    I’m a big fan of love and hip-hop and I have a great idea for a for a reality TV show I would like to talk to the best producer I see on TV and that is you Mona Scott. So I hope this reaches you
    Thank you.

  5. Best wishes to you Mrs Young! You are truly an inspiration. I can proudly say that my daughter can be a great addition with the wardrobe selection. She is a newcomer designer waiting to be discovered. She needs a good ground to set her foot on. She can be reached at the email address. Thank you

  6. Ms Mona I have a great show idea even hooked up with a director. After speaking with every one involved we have decided that you is the best producer that will feel where we are coming from. Please contact me so we can set up a meeting. Thanks

  7. I love reality show!
    Now me and my friend would like to be on a reality show so us Chattanooga people can show you atlanta people how to come hard!
    We have a lot to bring to tv.
    Call us or email us.
    Lynea Ransom

  8. I read your blogs at work, OMG. They get my day started, I wish you much sucess. I wish you the best in all you endeavors; God is good (all the time). Yes, GAWD.. LOL

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  13. I will have a MOP & BLANKET handy to wipe up the SPILT TEA and somthing to keep me warm when the nice cool breeze passes from all the SHADE that will be thrown! Keep makin that cable tv money hunty!

  14. YES GAWD HUNTY!!! The doll we a household name from now on, i will be watching every episode (guess i better start paying my vabel bill) to you go in ad let have hunty! I can respect you’re hard work it payed off. Truth be told dineva you should send a nice holiday card to the job that fired you last year! I laughed so so hard when you said the gag i son them when they see all that work in my desk!!

  15. I almost didn’t recognize you without Nessa and one of your famous hairstyles……LOL…..Congratulations….this shit should be interesting..LOL!

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